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One Man’s Fight To Educate Our Youth

There is a man who is making it his personal mission to save the planet, all while teaching young people how to do the same.

He has taken his fight to the United Nations, created a global organization, and is continually creating new initiatives to help teach young people how to fight for environmental sustainability.

He’s not a bird, he’s not a plane, he’s a doctor yielding from Africa who goes by the name Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem, and he fights like hell for your right to breathe clean air.

It all began with a child

Unlike most organizations which focus their attention on improving the environment by discontinuing the use of fossil fuels, Daniel has taken a different route that he feels will embrace a new generation of fighters for our environmental future.

“I make it my mission to teach young people the issues that the world faces regarding our global climate because I understand that they are the future and will continue the efforts long after I am gone,” “It is this belief that young people can take the initiative of improving the changes of our climate that propels my effort to keep them as the forefront of our teachings.”

Daniel isn’t one to simply speak of his desire to improve the environment—he acts on it.

As if being the founder and CEO of the environmentally conscious Team 54 Project isn’t enough, Daniel is a regularly invited speaker for the United Nations Youth Assembly. Additionally, he is organizing his second event to be held in Africa called the Team 54 International Climate Change Conference.

He is excited about this meeting that will include government officials from all over the world.  “This conference is important for a number of reasons,” Daniel stated. “This event will empower young Africans to learn technology as it pertains to the environment.”  The technology that Daniel speaks of consists of hydroponics…something that will cultivate the plants in Africa without the use of soil.

Say hello to environmental bionics for a stronger, faster way to cultivate

Hydroponics is not as widely accepted as it should be. The process involves growing plants without soil by using liquid and nutrients from the stool of fish, as explained by Daniel. “By placing plastic over the land, filling it with water and fish, we will be able to grow vegetation and have it fertilized by the stool from the fish,” Daniel shared.

“This process will create a regeneration of vegetation that will rely solely on water and the fish. The fish will live off the plants and will fertilize them at the same time to ensure that we harvest in only 30 days!” As it turns out, this process can also be completed with only the utilization of air known as the aeration method.

The fight must go on

Conferences mean nothing to Daniel without the support of the nation. For this, he has partnered his efforts with the “Let’s Do It World” organizers who are responsible for the World Cleanup Day—involving 148 countries with over 18 million volunteers who will all clean up their immediate surroundings in their country on September 15, 2018. “This is not just about cleaning up waste…it’s about uniting the global community, raise awareness and implement true change to achieve a clean and healthy planet,” according to the website for the Cleanup Day campaign.

As anyone can see, Daniel takes the issue of global warming very seriously and he makes it his mission to ensure that his fight continues long after he leaves this earth, himself.  “This is a personal mission of mine…I do this for my children and the children of others all over the world,” Daniel said with compassion. If that doesn’t prove his love for an environmental future for all, then nothing does.

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