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“Erratic” Brennan A Threat To National Security

President Trump created another firestorm among the unhinged left – namely Democrats and the biased media – after yanking the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan last Wednesday.

Brennan, who now works for both MSNBC and NBC as a national security analyst, is an unabashed Obama disciple and a fierce critic of the president. Moreover his much publicized “security clearance” allowed him a certain amount of access to our nation’s security secrets, which was dangerous considering his national exposure on the airwaves.

In fact, his ever-increasing unpredictable tirades against the administration became a source of concern for the president which compelled him, for the sake of our national security interests, to pull the plug on Brennan.

The president’s action predictably sent the left into a frenzied state of uncontrollable rage, accusing the administration of “Nixonian tactics” against “free-speech” and ironically an assault on our 1st Amendment.

No doubt the president’s action in revoking Brennan’s security clearance is highly unusual, however, it is certainly within his powers as president. Moreover, security clearances extended to outgoing government officials is a “courtesy” and not a “right”.

The president’s concern regarding Brennan’s uncontrolled partisan rants on MSNBC, combined with his long history of misconduct and ethical transgressions, should have been more than enough reason for the president to revoke Brennan’s security.

However, there’s another more pragmatic reason why Brennan should not have access to sensitive government information. He’s a vital part of the Russian collusion hoax, and perhaps a key player while still CIA Director within the Obama Administration, after Trump won the presidency in November.

He continues to put out false information, in the hope of confusing viewers, and perhaps framing the president. Brennan is also widely believed to have been a source for media outlets reporting on the Trump-Russia hoax scandal.

To illustrate just how partisan, dangerous and erratic Brennan has become one simply needs to view one of his delusional tweets, accusing the President of the United States of “treason,” a crime punishable by death.

“Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

Days later the president responded to Brennan’s claim denying he was “pro-Russia” and slammed the former CIA Director in a Fox News interview.

“I think Brennan is a very bad guy and if you look at it a lot of things happened under his watch,” Trump told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “I think he’s a very bad person.”

And there lies perhaps the best reason for revoking Brennan’s security. His outrageous claims may be misconstrued by those mindless viewers on MSNBC and within the mainstream media, to mean that because he has a security clearance, his lying words somehow have credibility.

Sen. Rand Paul had called for the president months ago to revoke the security clearance of Brennan, and on Monday he repeated his request. Paul had questioned previously whether the Obama-era spy boss was “monetizing” his access to sensitive information in his new role as a political pundit.

“Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on @realDonaldTrump?” Paul tweeted early Monday. And on Wednesday Paul finally got his wish…Brennan got his “walking papers.”

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  1. “Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance?”

    You do realize that monetizing a security clearance is generally what’s expected. Like, people specifically get them in order to perform their jobs so that they can get more money, because higher clearances allow you access to higher paying jobs.

  2. This is bullshit. Will be investigating who you are. You are spreading propaganda. 100% lies about a great public servant that has served administrations of both parties.

    • Useful idiot, go over to your “Bluffington Boast” and drink the Kool Aid with the rest of your suicidal, useful idiots! INVESIGATE THIS – A$$-HOLE!

    • Your response is bullshit. Brennan’s irrational rants at best are absolute slander that has nothing to do with the actual facts and at the worst they are borderline treasonous bluster that have the effect of compromising the US national security.

  3. Bob: I think you are trying a bit too hard to justify the President’s action. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Brennan has not disclosed secret information or otherwise violated the terms of his security clearance – which is more than can be said for President Trump’s regard for secure information. What the President objected to is Mr. Brennan’s criticism and his bully-boy response was to pull his security clearance. The existence of a security clearance does not in any way limit a person constitutional guarantee of free speech – except as to matters that are deemed secret. As Mr. Brennan has not crossed this line, it is ludicrous to suggest that the President’s action is in anyway defensible on the basis of national security. To suggest otherwise is to enable a president who is behaving badly.

  4. A totally predictable piece from whomever wrote this.

    I’ll take a quote from Trump’s playbook. “Many people” (he never states who, so neither will I) think
    he is the “unhinged” one.
    I am quite sure that you think the NY Times is biased and Fox Network is “fair and balanced”.
    “Unabashed Obama disciple”? He was in the CIA for 25+ years which covered both Republican and Democratic presidents.
    I am quite sure Trump did find it necessary to pull the plug on Brennan, but perhaps it was for political reasons, don’t you think?
    Loss of security clearance is based on actions/deeds which jeopardize national security, not trashing the president.
    Trump’s action “predictably sent the left into a frenzied state of uncontrollable rage”? Really, what is wrong with you? Everyone on his list has criticized him. Everyone on Nixon’s “enemies list” also was a political threat. Security clearances are extended based upon potential need–they are neither a courtesy nor a right. Do you have any idea how many people in the US still have security clearance? Perhaps you might want to look it up.
    Honestly, are Brennan’s rants any more partisan/political than Trumps? I submit that everything Trump says or does is politically motivated. Do you really think that Trump is motivated by patriotism?
    Just because you (and he) call the investigation a hoax, does not make it so.
    Brennan puts out false information????? How about “Truth is not Truth” and “Don’t believe what you see and read”. Go read Orwell’s 1984 and see where Trump is attempting to take this country.
    Show us one incident where Brennan has “monetized his security clearance” before you make unfounded claims. Being hired by a media outlet is no different than every other former politician who wants/needs to continue to make a living. Trump has lied well over 4000 times since coming into office and he has done it on live stages and tweets. Who is putting out misinformation?

    I feel a need to respond to the tripe people like you put out, but it does get old.

  5. When we get out of the military and happen to still have time left on our clearance ( yes, even TS/SCI), we use that opportunity to go right back into the U.S. intelligence field; either with an agency or as a contractor used to meet the government’s needs. That is earning a living in behalf of our POTUS, government agency, etc. Monetizing in the sense that Brennan gets paid, and to spew anti-government vitriol for money is closer to treasonous. Regardless, courtesy or not, you don’t get to keep it if you have “no need to know”. He is no longer helping his former agency in any way. He no longer has a legitimate need to know. Now, the rest of the Obama holdovers who have already been fired need to have their clearances revoked ASAP! They can always reapply should they go back to work to support our POTUS ( regardless of party affiliation), intel agencies, etc. The caveat would be successful completion of thorough background check using SF-86, not SF-85, and successful completion of appropriate poly.

  6. Whoever wrote this article is a liar.

  7. It just baffles me how many people blaming others for what they perceive is dishonest behavior. Wake up America, Trump speaks minimal truth. How people can not see what this man is doing is unbelievable. Trump is he one who risks our security and they maniac could dp a preemptive strick in one if his tantrums.
    Heaven help!!!!

  8. The only secrets that Brennan would have access to are those that he is specifically asked for consultation. Its not like he is going around looking at random information based upon his clearance.

    Its quite common for previous high ranking officials to retain their clearances so they can be consulted with as their experience and history can be valuable tools for the people who currently hold the position.

    The way that Trump punishes his critiques is very un-american. This country was formed by people who wanted to be able to critique their government without fear of repercussions. Trump is too thin skinned to be president. He can not use the power of his position to reprimand his critiques. That would be yet another violation of the constitution.

  9. Beennan is a COMMIE, & HIS TIME IS UP!!/.

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