More Sex Scandals In The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has been plagued with accusations of sexual abuse for years, and unfortunately, this trend doesn’t seem to be ending soon.  In fact, just this week a grand jury report released a comprehensive account of widespread sexual abuse by more than 300 Catholic officials in the state of Pennsylvania.

The 800+ page report, which dates back to 1947, accuses church officials of brushing victims’ pleas for help aside to protect abusers and the reputation of the Catholic Church.

“The main thing was not to help children, but to avoid scandal,” reads the report. “Priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing: they hid it all.”

Until now, the report has remained sealed pending Supreme Court challenges on behalf of more than 20 individuals named in the report — sections of the report pertaining to them will remain redacted while litigation continues.

In July, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court set August 14th as the deadline to release the report. Days earlier, State Attorney General Josh Shapiro asked Pope Francis to encourage church leaders to stop “efforts to silence the survivors.”

“A comprehensive investigation by the Office of Attorney General found widespread sexual abuse of children and a systematic coverup by leaders of the Catholic Church,” wrote Shapiro. “Last month I planned to release the findings of our investigation. As I prepared to do so, anonymous petitioners implicated in this report went to court to stop me and silence the victims.”

Shapiro this week celebrated the release of the report.

“I will continue to fight to ensure every single victim is heard and every priest, bishop, and church official is held accountable for their abhorrent behavior. No one victim’s truth is any less important than another and no one’s criminal conduct any less loathsome.”

Earlier this month, the leader of one of the largest Roman Catholic dioceses in the state published a list of 71 church officials accused of sexual misconduct over the past 70 years.

Most of the men on the list are accused of sexually abusing children. Other charges include improper communication with a minor and the possession of child pornography.

This report should be a wake-up call for parents and the leaders of the Catholic Church. These marks on the church leave a horrible legacy and show that offenders of child abuse are often those we’d least expect.

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  1. Coincidence, hardly, when do the Supreme Court nominee begin? Timing is everything; in this case it is perfect timing to discredit the nominee and the Catholic Church! Wake up dummies, your being played like a fine fiddle by the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls! “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMERIKA” is playing checkers; these Satanists are playing chess!1 WTFU!

  2. Satan is everywhere. I condemn the evil priests & stand by the good ones. I have never known any priest that has done the things that is being reported.

  3. I’m afraid if my child had been sexually molested by a priest, who is supposed to represent God on earth, I would be picking up my kitchen butcher knife and personally neutering that priest!

  4. The Catholic Church has been the one inflexible force for Good in this society, and the so-called Left (read: Satan) and its ignorant and unwitting religious and secular allies have been intent on attacking and corrupting the Church’s influence for many many decades. The Church is not the problem. What surrounds it, is the problem. This was hellish quagmire released by the courts and the politicians when they “freed” practicing homosexuals from the iron-bound laws that any well-run civilization puts in place to protect its public health, welfare, children and, of course, its moral climate. Added to this was the dark intent of homosexuals and  to infect seminaries and schools. How were these sodomites able to get into the seminaries? Very simply, naivete. Seminaries back in the late 1960s and early 1970s had no psychology, or other tests to determine if a candidate was a normal human being.  So, it was a murderous attack by the guilty upon the innocent–a completely corrupt society and its monstrous dead upon the sanctifying influence of Christ and His Church.  

  5. This has been going on forever. How blind people are, not to see how the unscriptural demands of this abominable institution, have created monsters that prey on the weak and defenseless. Judgement day is coming…..

  6. When the Church said “come, let us pray” the Homosexuals thought they heard “PREY!” 98.5% of the abuse in the Church is HOMOSEXUAL! The real SUPPRESSED story about the clergy abuse story is a HOMOSEXUAL story, and has nothing to do with the Church other than She is a hapless Victim too!

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