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Artists Plaster Walk-Of-Fame with 30 Vinyl Laminated Trump Stars

It would appear the deranged wacko who destroyed the president’s star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” last month may have defeated his own purpose.

A group of anonymous pro-Trump  street artists who call themselves “The Faction” recently appeared on Hollywood Boulevard with 30 vinyl-laminated cutout stars – the exact reproduction of the famed originals – and placed them all along the fabled street.

Moreover, the anonymous group has a warning for those snowflakes calling themselves the “resistors.”

“Keep taking down the Donald Trump star, and we will further spread Trump Derangement Syndrome by installing a never-ending stream of stars.”

— The Faction (@TheFaction1776) August 9th, 2018

The group of artists describes themselves as a “rogue right-wing street outfit” that is “100% pro-individualism and meritocracy and 100% anti-identity politics.” The group decided to respond to 24-year old Austin Mikel Clay’s violent act by giving the president 30 new stars.

The anonymous artists also had a message for the unhinged left:

“In Donald Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” the president instructs that if someone f***s you over, you have to f*** them back twice as hard… Rip up the president’s Walk of Fame star or try to have it removed – like you’re the Mayor of West Hollywood or something — and thirty more will pop up.”

The statement continued: “Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine. Keep it up, “Resistors”. We’re going to ride your baby-tantrum tactics all the way to victory in 2020 and beyond. Keep it up, “Resistors”. And your bathroom will be tiled with Trump Stars by the time he boards Marine One on January 20, 2025.”

The statement concluded with; “The idiots pick-axing Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame are the same as the Whining Acostas and High-Pitch Stelters of the fake media. They don’t understand that the Real Trump has infected America with winning fever, and like his star has infected the Walk of Fame — literally massing around and isolating cancerous stars like Blubbering Rob Reiner and Crying Jimmy Kimmel — the fever is spreading.”

“We are The Faction.”

There’s an adage that simply states “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We’re witnessing the beginning of conservative artists and writers – who’ve been silent for far too long – responding to the hateful, destructive antics of the unhinged Left with their own unique message — 30-times more powerful then SOMEONE WIELDING A PICKAX.


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