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California DMV worker slept 4-years while at work, and is still on the job

The assault on hard working Americans continues in “La-la land,” where Governor “Moonbeam” rules. This time it’s from a state employee working for the scandal plagued California DMV – who was allowed to sleep on the job for years while her supervisor looked the other way.

According to a state audit conducted recently and released on Tuesday, a DMV employee slept three hours a day, between February 2014 to December 2017, all while her supervisors knew and condoned the infraction.

Moreover, this cost hardworking California taxpayers more than $40,000 in lost wages, and an estimated 2,200 hours of unproductive time.

The unidentified state worker is reported to be a data operator tasked with updating information such as addresses, new vehicle registrations, and ownership forms

According to the audit, the incompetent data operator managed only 200 entries a day (far below the average of 560 documents a day), which left other data operators to pick up her slack. The audit also uncovered complaints from her co-workers regarding the employee’s error prone work.

However, the most troubling aspect of this incident, aside from the overt misconduct of the DMV employee, is the cavalier attitude shown by her supervisors in “failing to take disciplinary action against the employee after initial efforts to address her conduct proved unsuccessful,” the audit concluded.

After this incident was made public, state auditors recommended the DMV take immediate action against the supervisors who failed to follow the state’s guidelines, recommending that supervisors be retrained  “on the importance of following the State’s progressive discipline process.”

The key word being “progressive,” which of course California’s DMV is well noted for. Aside from having incompetent supervisors ignoring snoozing employees, the DMV in “progressive California” has given out more then a million driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Under the leadership of Governor Jerry Brown, the state has been granting illegal aliens driver’s licenses since 2015 under Brown’s “Assembly Bill 60” dubbed “The Safe and Responsible Drivers Act”.

This gives illegal aliens the right to drive and perhaps even vote through California’s new “auto register” system that began in the spring, allowing adult individuals to automatically obtain or renew a drivers license while at the same time registering the individual to vote.

State officials are of course disputing any concerns that illegal aliens can vote, reminding Californians of the safeguards in place preventing non-citizens from voting.

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, a national organization that unsuccessfully pressed Governor Jerry Brown to veto the law allowing automatic registration said in a recent interview:

“You’re setting the state up for a disaster. They don’t seem to have a process in place to verify that people are who they say they are.  It’s a free-for-all, a process that can be manipulated.”

In a system that allowed a DMV employee to sleep three hours a day for nearly four years while supervisors ignored the practice,  why would anyone trust this system to safeguard California’s vote against illegal aliens?

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  1. California is certainly in the running for the title of “Most Corrupt State”!

  2. Some years ago, I’ve been fired in a bakery (in Germany), because I was not fast enough for them (we had lack of staff), while that lazy woman can sleep for hours for years and still keeps her job. A real shame. 🙁

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