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Trump bumper-sticker enrages woman

If you’re a Trump supporter, you likely have your own tales of former friends and family members “freaking out” because of your support for the president.

You’ve probably been banished from social media pages and even outcasted at family functions.

However even after becoming accustomed to this abuse, no one would expect to be attacked on the road for a bumper sticker. Yet that’s exactly what happened to one driver in Massachusetts.

The incident occurred on June 30th when 25-year old Chloe Wright, from Taunton, Massachusetts decided to use her vehicle as a battering ram. The unidentified Trump supporter was stopped for a red light at the intersection of Route 28 when the driver of the car behind him began honking the horn, according to a police report.

The man continued driving onto Bassett Lane and noticed he was being followed by the deranged driver — still honking their horn. Thinking something might be wrong with his vehicle, he decided to stop at the next red light intersection and check the back of his auto.

As he stepped out of his vehicle onto the road, Wright suddenly began screaming at him, yelling “you voted for Trump?’” the man wrote in a statement. “I said yes. She called me a racist and several other names.”

Realizing he may be in some sort of unintended confrontation the man began recording the incident on his cell-phone.

However what transpired next should be a warning to anyone promoting the president with a cap, tee-shirt or bumper-sticker…BE ALERT!

According to the police report, Wright began driving around the car, prompting the Trump supporter to retreat back into his auto.  Then Wright suddenly drove directly at him, smashing the open door and missing him by inches.

“She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man wrote. “She also hit the side of my car.”

On Monday Wright pleaded not guilty in Barnstable District Court to a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon. She was released on $1,250 bail and was ordered to stay away from the victim.

Luckily the “hit-and-run” was captured on the Trump supporter’s cell phone. The video also caught Wright’s license plate number, which helped the police in tracing her down.

This incident isn’t an isolated case, we’ve witnessed time and again Trump supporters being harassed and intimidated. Just recently a Trump supporter in a New York City pub was thrown out for wearing a MAGA cap, and who can forget the young 16-year old kid wearing a red MAGA cap who was suddenly attacked by a thirty-something-year-old bully at a burger joint.

We’ve reached a dangerous place within American politics.

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  1. I’m not a Trump supporter, but everyone should support the constitutional right to freedom of speech in any form. This was a crime.

    • Bonnie Andrews, You sound like a Trump supporter at heart. Come aboard – the more Trump supporters we have the better for all.

  2. Something bad is comng. One of these times the victim will fight back. Maybe with a weapon. Here in Florida we have the, stand your ground law. If you feel threatened, you can defend yourself, even if the assailant isn’t armed. And the crazy liberals should know most of us conservatives are armed. And the more these attacks occur, the more will arm themselves.

  3. Deranged “Trump” Syndrome!!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? Sickoes, Mentality Derange, Mental Unstable!! The Liberals ARE Sickoes, Mentality Derange, Mental Unstable!!! Should we Elect These SICKOES, Mentalily Deranged IDIOTS to run Our Country?? Would you Trust These Unstable Airheads with your Life?? This is NOT the Only incident where this woman used her car to cause bodily harm to a Trump supporter!!! Look at Maxine Waters the Mentaly Unstable, Deranged Sickoe – and MANY More wanting HARM [ Just Immagine, NO Debate! NO Conversation] but physical HARM!! WHY WOULD YOU ELECT A DEMOCRAT?!?!?!

  4. Deranged “Trump” Syndrome!!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? Sickoes, Mentally Deranged, Mentally Unstable!! The Liberals ARE Sickoes, Mentally Deranged, Mentally Unstable!!! Should we Elect These SICKOES, Mentalily Deranged IDIOTS to run Our Country?? Would you Trust These Unstable Airheads with your Life?? This is NOT the Only incident where this woman used her car to cause bodily harm to a Trump supporter!!! Look at Maxine Waters the Mentaly Unstable, Deranged Sickoe – and MANY More wanting HARM [ Just Immagine, NO Debate! NO Conversation] but physical HARM!! WHY WOULD YOU ELECT A DEMOCRAT?!?!?!

  5. The liberals are showing signs of mental sickness. They are immature, ignorant, violent, hate-filled DEMOCRATS who should be arrested and thrown in jail. No bail should be allowed and then they should be sent to a mental institution.

  6. All Trump supporters need to display their Trump bumper stickers, MAGA hats, shirts, signs, etc., EVERYWHERE so as to expose the nut cases, bring it to a head, fight it out and be done with it once and for all. If they’re stupid enough to buy the MSM nonsense that we’re all such baaaad people because we love our POTUS then they really do deserve what they get and we are NOT breaking any law by our supporting the president. One thing’s for sure, NO intimidation can possibly cause us to turn our backs on the POTUS ever. In fact, just the reverse is true, we’re more determined than ever to stick with Trump come hell or high water!

  7. If ANYONE tries that on me, theu will have an As A whipping coming or worse. Don’t push me to far Liberals I’ll send your somewhere else besides this Earth.

  8. Guess I’ll have to quit wearing my bright red MAGA hat, if that’s what these sicko liberals want. I have another I’ll wear instead. It’s bright royal blue (bet you snowflakes feel better already) that says : “MAKE AMERICA A SHITHOLE – VOTE DEMOCRAT”!!!

    There… does that lessen my intrusion into your safe space!

  9. You never saw this intolerant deranged craziness going on with the conservatives during the
    eight years when Obama was in office.
    The far left socialist faction of the Democratic party are totally out of control and have taken over
    the Democratic party,itself.
    They are trying to destroy the foundation of what this country stands for and basically getting away
    with it.
    If you don’t like it here,please leave. This is especially directed at the left wing Hollywood community
    who have certainly done their part to bring us to where we are today.
    Socialism has failed in every place it has taken over.

  10. How far can one go to protect them selves against such violent stupidity could they get them selvs shot ??????

  11. I don’t recall conservatives acting this way when the Obama administration was imposing a lot of the draconian rules and regulations that stifled the US economy and made us a laughing stock around the world.

  12. I’ve noticed a distinct difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives live and let live by being courteous and non-confrontational with those who believe differently than we. Those who believe differently than liberals are personally ‘attacked’ by name calling, and worse. This article, while probably an isolated incident, is a good example of the difference of which I speak.

  13. We really have brought the degenerates of America out into the public circus arena

  14. Should have shot and killed the dumb ass nutbag fascist dumbicrap. Got two Trump stickers on my truck, try that sh*t with me and see how quick I end your lunatic ass.

  15. Or how about during the previous administrations rein if you said you did not like the POTUS then you must be a racist! So its all changed because the left has proclaimed Trump is evil or whatever crap they think. It is so hard to conceive the double standards from the left.

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