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Philadelphia “De-Friends” ICE

It appears that the “City of Brotherly Love” has no love for ICE agents who are tasked with the awesome responsibility of protecting America’s borders.

On Friday, Democratic mayor Jim Kenney announced that his administration would no longer cooperate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) in regards to sharing the cities arrest database.

The progressive mayor is perhaps best noted for being caught on video recently doing a “chicken dance” and “high-fiving” his chief of staff after a federal judge ruled in the cities favor allowing federal grant money to continue regardless of the cities sanctuary policies.

His decision in no longer allowing ICE agents to access the cities “Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (also known as “PARS”) came after Philadelphia police dismantled a makeshift encampment of demonstrators calling themselves “Occupy ICE” outside the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Center City.

However in less then 24-hours, the protesters re-emerged in front of City Hall condemning the mayor for forcibly closing down their makeshift encampment in front of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices.  They reassembled their “cardboard shantytown” of tents, beach umbrellas, and duct-tape in front of the mayor’s office, vowing to occupy the area until their demands to banish ICE were met.

The protesters numbered around two dozen Friday afternoon when Mayor Kenny took to the podium to formally announce his decision to terminate the city’s contract with the premier immigration enforcement agency, tasked with the responsibility of confronting criminal illegal aliens such as MS-13.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the mayor’s decision came after he was shocked to find out that ICE was using the arrest records to investigate and deport people who were in the country illegally, by using the cities database in an “inappropriate ways.”

The mayor’s office claimed that ICE would search the database to find Philadelphia residents born outside of the U.S. and target them for investigation, even if they had not been “accused or convicted of a crime”.

Which of course begs the question, how can an individual who isn’t accused or convicted of a crime end up within the Philadelphia PARS database?

Obviously, the mayor is being a bit disingenuous when he claims to be shocked; the decision announced Friday by the mayor came after he was pressured further by his unhinged anti-ICE progressive base, which mirrors his radical sanctuary policies, similar to that of San Francisco and New York.

Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman called the mayor’s reckless action as “needlessly compromising public safety.”

Adding, “An irresponsible decision that results in the city harboring criminal aliens.”

“Sanctuary city policies make American communities like Philadelphia less safe by putting the rights of criminal aliens over the safety and security of American citizens,” she said in a statement. “Despite the misguided action taken by Philadelphia today, DHS will continue to work to remove illegal aliens and uphold public safety.”

It’s also worth noting that because of ICE the violent crime rate in Philadelphia has actually decreased since 2016 (when it was 150% above the national average). The mayor’s decision to hamper ICE agents from doing their job in targeting criminal aliens will inevitably reverse that trend going forward.

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  1. The mayor of Philadelphia should be arrested, 1. The OATH of office he took when elected has been violated.
    2. The refusal of not working with ICE is despicable!
    3. The support for illegals over American citizens shows this mayor is interested in illegal votes.


  2. ICE doesn’t protect the borders, that’s Customs and Border Protection (border patrol agents).

    • The I in ICE means IMMIGRATION and yes ICE has the power to arrest ILLEGALS anywhere.

      Border Patrol has a 200 mile range limit from the nearest border. Which if you consider our boundry includes the Great Lakes, both the Antlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico all rivers, the wiggly Canadian and Mexican Borders, and especially near the Great Lakes pushes that area to be even larger.

      I may be wrong but because of all the cargo and other ships traveling the Mississippi and the wiggly winding way it is may total up to 300 miles from the East bank and 300 more from the West bank

      That’s a helluva big enforcement area


    Plus 3-5 were newspaper reporters and at least one newspaper photographer who took the pic used for this story that shoulda been titled

    What if we threw a demonstration and nobody showed up?

    At least 3 were very young kids far too young to have any idea what was happening and most likely won’t be able to vote for 5-12 more years. That’s if they are here LEGALLY, but odds are better they are ILLEGALS

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