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Homeless man “hungers” for a job and gets hundreds of offers

Just when we were beginning to believe Millennials are content living in their parents’ basements forever, along comes 26-year old David Casarez. Casarez was recently found standing out on a street corner in Mountain View California, holding a white cardboard sign proclaiming in block lettering “HOMELESS. HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS, TAKE A RESUME”.

The young man was dressed for success in business attire as he passed out copies of his resume to anyone who stopped during the morning work rush.

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Casarez, a homeless web developer, struggled to find a job in the tech capital of the world known as Silicon Valley after migrating from Texas to pursue his dream.

Down on his luck, the Texas native had blown through his savings and was forced to sleep on park benches — describing his existence as the “lowest point” of his life.

Until in desperation, a spark of innovation took hold and he suddenly began to write on a piece of cardboard what countless homeless individuals had done before. However, he wasn’t begging for a handout, but rather creating a unique hand-written billboard advertising his expertise in the world of technology.

It didn’t take long for the drive-by commuters to take notice of the young man dressed sharply and standing under a stoplight on the street corner, holding his sign and handing out copies of his resume.

One commuter, in particular, was Jasmine Scofield who coincidently works in the tech industry and decided to tweet out David’s plight.

Scofield recounted her story to CBS News. “I was driving to a restaurant… and I saw David,” she says. David Casarez was holding a sign that read, “Homeless, hungry 4 success. Take a resume.”

“As I saw his sign, the light turned red and I said, ‘This is perfect,'” Scofield says. She rolled down her window and called Casarez over to her car. “I grabbed a resume and asked him what he did,” she says. He said he was an experienced web developer and, like a lot of people in Silicon Valley, was looking for work in the tech industry.

Scofield says, “He’s at this make or break moment. It’s Hail-Mary for him. This is his last opportunity and he’s going to shoot for it. And I saw that and I was like I need to help him.”

Adding, “I checked my phone and was like 10,000 shares. And I was like oh, ok, so I called him and I was like it’s going viral. I hope you’re okay with that?”

Needless to say, the response online was overwhelming and within hours he did indeed go viral.

Suddenly, David was fielding calls from major companies, not just in Silicon Valley, but from as far away as Saudi Arabia and Japan. They told him they liked his perseverance.

He says, “I’ve had employees, recruiters from Apple, Linkedin, Netflix all reaching out to me.”

Since Friday Casarez has received over 200 job offers and counting, he’s now put his sign away, spending time going through the job offers, and setting up job interviews. One company has even offered to put him up in a hotel while he goes through the interview process.

“I didn’t expect it to have turned out this way. The support has just been so overwhelming, very positive,” he said.

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  1. Ingenuity and good people!

    This young man will go far.

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