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Democrats Invade India’s School System

Am I alone in wishing there was a “safe space” from Democrats?

Happiness has always been something that comes from within, a deep feeling of security, confidence, and satisfaction.  As humans, we have emotions ranging from depression, anger, loneliness, wonderment to exuding happiness.   These emotions are quite personal and aren’t something that can be pre-planned and added into a school curriculum for noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

So why do school-aged children have to be taught “happiness?”  Don’t they already know what it feels like to be happy?  And, what if the children are happy enough? Why force more happiness in their lives?

According to New Delhi, India this radical experiment on kids is something they feel will help children become emotionally happier, and possibly one day help reduce the countries ever growing suicide rate.

“We have given best-of-the-best talent to the world,” said Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s education minister, to a stadium full of Delhi teachers attending the launch of the happiness curriculum. “We have given best-of-the-best professionals to industry. We have been successful so far. But have we been able to deliver best-of-the-best human beings to society, to the nation?”

The minister is known for his unorthodox policies, including promoting public over private education. His Aam Aadmi Party — founded in the aftermath of a grass-roots anti-corruption movement in 2011 — has ramped up spending on Delhi’s government schools.

So far it seems that Sisodia’s approach has worked, with upticks on public schools outranking private schools.

Children in this class are taught that if you’re not happy, your output (in school) will not be good.  Children in these 35-minute classes learn not by opening up their textbooks but instead learn through inspirational stories and activities, as well as meditation exercises.

Some teachers, though, remain unconvinced. For one thing, they say, the public schools are too crowded for a curriculum based so heavily on classroom interaction.

“If a person is going through our education system for 18 years of his life and is becoming an engineer or a civil servant, but is still throwing litter on the ground or engaging in corruption, then can we really say that the education system is working?” said a resident.

Since 2009, at least 12 countries, including Peru and Mexico, have experimented with similar classes in schools.


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  1. Promoting public education over private schools is “unorthodox policy”? Surely most of the western democracies have instituted public education as a right that all citizens need to enjoy. Poorer countries of the world remain in difficulty because education is available only to those who can afford it–and is offered most often by private schools that seek to make money out of a people’s need for education.

    And I’m puzzled by your title of “Democrats Invade India’s School System.” If promoting education for all is a Democratic virtue, then the world is full of Democrats. Shouldn’t this also be a “Republican” goal?

  2. Why is this a case of “Democrats” invading the Indian school system? There is nothing in the article to suggest that the American Democratic Party had anything to do with the decisions made by the school authorities in India. Why is promoting public education over private schools an unorthodox policy? If this is the level of intellectual activity displayed by conservative moms, please count me out.

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