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Blockbuster Report: FBI misled FISA Court in obtaining warrants

Friday’s “document dump” by the Department of Justice regarding the Russian collusion hoax also included FISA applications “signed off” by the Obama Justice Department requesting surveillance warrants against little known ex-campaign aide Carter Page.

The “dump” helped to shed light on how the Obama FBI used an investigative technique called “Circular Reporting” in which a published news article or investigative report by the media, along with corroborating evidence justifies a FISA Warrant to spy on a “target.”

Moreover the evidence gathered in justifying the surveillance must be vetted for its accuracy, which is at the core of the Russian collusion hoax. In that, the Obama Justice Department along with the FBI perhaps knowingly used a phony YAHOO article and a bogus anti-Trump dossier (BOTH created by a discredited foreign ex-spy named Christopher Steele at the direction of a Clinton backed research opposition firm called Fusion GPS) to obtain the warrants.

The blockbuster report describes the countless actions taken by both the DOJ and FBI to hide their attempt at stopping the duly elected candidate Donald Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States.

This may have included the FBI along with the DOJ, either lying directly to FISA Court Judges or purposely leaving out the truth about the dossier.

A House Intelligence letter by Republican lawmakers in June was just obtained by Fox News. The letter asks the President to “declassify” key sections of the Carter Page surveillance warrant application, which would clear up once-and-for-all the extent of the Obama White House involvement in directing his Justice Department in obtaining “illegal surveillance” against ex-aid Page, with the ultimate goal of framing then-candidate Donald Trump.

The letter dated June 14th states, “Because DOJ and FBI continue to obstruct the Committee’s investigation, it is time to put the facts in the public domain.”

Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., along with 13 House Committee members acknowledged within the letter that declassification should be consistent “with the need to protect intelligence sources and methods,” adding that the declassification will “enable the public to understand the DOJ’s and FBI’s basis for obtaining the FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals.”

“[W]e respectfully request that you declassify and release publicly, and in un-redacted form, pages 10-12 and 17-34, along with all associated footnotes, of the third renewal of the FISA application on Mr. Page.”

The letter continues, “That renewal was filed in June 2017 and signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.” This would make Rosenstein a potential co-conspirator, witness, and someone with a conflict-of-interest if he knowingly misled the FISA Court by signing off of on “discredited evidence.”

“The Committee’s investigative findings include DOJ’s and FBI’s use of an unverified dossier of memoranda that was not subjected to proper U.S. government verification and was not handled according to FBI procedures,” the letter continues.

In a series of tweets early Sunday, President Trump called the FISA documents proof of a “witch-hunt” and praised Judicial Watch for obtaining the documents.

All that’s required now is for President Trump to finally “declassify” those documents and finally get to the bottom of this attempted coup committed by the Obama/Clinton gang.

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  1. First, this anonymous article is disingenuous from someone who won’t identify himself for accountability.
    Then this piece draws on propaganda, perhaps some from Russian sources, to discredit a partially VERIFIED report by a former reliable British spy, Steele. Only partisan Republicans refute this evidence because it was commissioned by opponent Hillary. Nevertheless it’s confirmed, not bogus as billed by Bob A. Once notices that neither the Steele report nor Yahoo article are cited for truth here.
    Finally, there is ample evidence of Trump and company campaign and Oval office hires acting to abet election intrusion by Russian principals. That taints the proposition that FISA court judges, appointed by Bush2, were misled by conspiracy minded ultra-rightists seeking to shield Trump from accountability in his policymaking and communications which jeopardize national security he claims he’s protecting. Following Trump’s lead, key congressional leaders including committee chairs, are working hard to discredit the special investigator Mueller who is moving toward indictments of close Trump advisors whose contact with Russian interests suggest treason and impeachment articles of Trump himself who violates laws and our Constitution virtually daily with his disdain for democratic principles and institution. This article is simply more propaganda.
    All Americans should view our president in the light of his running and acting as President to enhance his personal brand and willing to do anything to advance himself and family at the expense of America.

    • You forgot to “cap” PARTIALLY. So…. you want to educate us dummies on your PHD? Education and common sense are not equal opportunity players. You want to see the half half full and the ones angry about the situation are seeing it half empty. Both sides have some concepts of what is right and what is wrong but neither will look at in the eyes of why things are the way they are. You hate Trump and the
      Republican party. I get that. But try to look at in the context of seeing things as what they are and not emotion. The political left is always in the game of feelings before facts. You know.. after writing this and rereading it, I am full aware of the tongue lashing I am going to get because the Progressive stance is never wrong and Conservatives hate everybody. But trump has accomplished some pretty amazing things on his watch and just because you do not agree with any of them does not make them wrong, it only makes them good for SOME.

    • Not many politicians could stand the digging that has been done on Trump and not be found to be immoral liars and seeking to add to their net worth from lobbyists and insider trading. The idea they vote their own pay and don’t live by the retirement and health care they expect us to live under is so wrong!

      • I mean, he *has* been found to be an immoral liar who adds to his net worth by not paying contractors he hires, and borrowing money to invest in failing businesses while he draws a salary and declares bankruptcy.

  2. “a phony YAHOO article and a bogus anti-Trump dossier” What evidence do we have that they were known to be false?

  3. Sorry, Mom you are totally wrong on all counts. You should leave your partisan biases out of your news research.

  4. Who does your spin. The released documents show Devin Nunes lied and there was no FISA abuses.

  5. Americans know for certain that Comey and Macabe lied
    Why haven’t they been charged. General Flynn as indicted
    within days. The question is why hasn’t Comey and Macabe been indicted

  6. It just baffles me that so many Americans over look what is happening in Washington. The moral values of the GOP are going to hell in a hand basket. Please tell me how Christianity or any one else with any moral compass can over look this behavior. Doesn’t Trump’s constant lying bother you? Does his verbal abuse to just about any one bother you? Does’t his abuse and rhetoric to our allies bother you? We are not an island. This man has probably never entered a church and now praise be to god coming from him. What a hypocrite. He is a con man and like P.T. Barnam said: “There is a sucker born every minute”
    Unfortunately there are a lot of suckers in the USA.

  7. Wow! Your article really brought out the misled leftists who only drink the cool-aid that left wing media nuts serve.
    If these imbeciles were as smart as they think they are they would get some real facts instead of basing their opinions on the soundbites produced by the media for people who apparently don’t have the time or inclination to find out what is really happening in the world. So sad!! Some of these wingnuts are actually in positions that allow them to influence the young.
    It is probably Trumps fault that they are mentally deficient. I’m sure they would agree.

  8. All FISA warrants follow a protocol. Of course Rosenstien signed off otherwise the warrant wold move forward. Why did you not mention that the FISA warrant was renewed 3 times. Therefore, 4 judges (not Democrats) approved and signed off. Is that biased? Forget about Nunes. He has no credibility. Further, the public unvailing of a FISA warrant is unprecendented- never before done. Please disclose who Bob A is.

  9. Very sad indeed to see the numbskulls who made the above replies. It’s a well documented fact that the whole Russian collusion fairy tale involved huge abuses of power from Obama on down. Liberals are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, for sure pathological liars.

  10. When an investigation has over twenty indictments and several guilty pleas, it can no longer be called a hoax, can it?

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