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Union-Backed Teacher Accused of Sexually Abusing Student

If you’re a parent of a child in the public school system, where powerful teachers unions dominate over school districts and local community boards, pay close attention to this outrageous incident.

Albert C. Virachismith, 41, was a teacher’s assistant with a long, sordid history of lousy job performance. He was allowed to continue teaching despite showing up for work “boozed up” and allegedly assaulting a “special-needs” child by forcibly putting the youngster in a headlock.

In fact,  his well documented public antics including missing work 21 times, routinely showing up late and reeking of alcohol were all known to the Seattle Education Association.  Perhaps it’s because of political expediency that the union ignored Virachismith’s behavior, choosing instead to protect the “lousy teacher.”

In August of 2017, the school district finally demonstrated some backbone and independence after Virachismith showed up once again boozed up. This time the district moved to fire him. However, the union stepped in and stopped the proposed firing.

Virachismith returned to work on September 2017, less than one month after the district’s unsuccessful attempt to rid themselves of this incompetent teacher.

Instead of firing Virachismith outright the Seattle Education Association devised a plan called a “Last Chance Settlement Agreement” which if broken would lead to Virachismith being fired. However, after “failing two urine tests and repeatedly missing required alcohol-treatment sessions,” he wasn’t fired.  He was even allowed to sub at 7- schools during the 2017-2018 school year.

Then came the stunning announcement by Seattle School District Spokeswoman Kim Schmanke:

“Until Jan. 29, 2018, there were no indications or reports of inappropriate interactions of a sexual nature at SPS involving Virachismith.”

Adding, the union and district “followed progressive disciplinary steps to address the absences, tardiness, and indications of an alcohol problem.”

Nonetheless, once Virachismith was accused of rape, the district “immediately restricted him from taking any assignments and banned him from all schools grounds… We also moved quickly to terminate his employment,” Schmanke noted.

The rape allegation involves a 9-year-old child who told his parents about the five to six times Virachismith allegedly sexually assaulted him inside a bathroom during the previous school year.

Here’s the kicker Virachismith wasn’t fired by the school district on February 7th for the child rape allegation, but instead for breaking his “last-chance agreement”.

Virachismith has pleaded not guilty to both felony counts and is being held in the King County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail. A trial has been scheduled, according to court records, for later this month.

How many more teachers like Virachismith are still lurking and protected within the Seattle Public School System? No doubt the teachers union, the local school board, and the school district should be held accountable along with Virachismith.

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  1. This is not acceptable it’s civil war time with the liberal dem bloodsucker and their unions

  2. The unions job is like a public defender’s – they work to defend and protect everybody’s rights by making sure that the school isn’t violating agreements. That means that everybody is entitled to vigorous defense *even when they’ve done wrong* – picking and choosing who gets defended is a recipe for abuse.

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