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Restaurant Dumps 2 Unconscious Women On The Street

Two unconscious women were dumped on the street by the staff of the Gangnam Station restaurant in Sydney, Australia after they were allowed to drink 16 shots in less than 40 minutes. As a direct result, they were charged $2,200 AUS and are now facing sanctions for breaches of NSW liquor laws.

The women reportedly entered the Korean restaurant at 7:55 pm and were served shots repeatedly by the staff, despite the obvious struggle of the women to sit upright after their seventh shot. Additionally, the women were seen visibly swaying from side to side and slumped back and forward at the table, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

When the women drank their last shot, they both collapsed and became unconscious. It was upon seeing the incapacitated state of the women that the restaurant staff decided to remove them from the premises, rather than calling for assistance. To clear them from the establishment, they were dragged out onto the street and left slumped over in front of the restaurant.

Although they were easily noticed and surrounded by individuals passing by on the street, they did not receive assistance until police patrolling the area noticed them and called an ambulance. “It’s hard to imagine a worse case of a venue failing in its obligations to prevent misuse and abuse of alcohol,” stated the Liquor and Gaming Authority director of compliance operations, Sean Goodchild.

The NSW Government has a three strike rule that places establishments under immediate remedial action, including suspension of the establishment’s license. Needless to say, this event caused Gangnam Station to receive its first strike. The Liquor and Gaming Authority changed the restaurant’s closing time from 2:00 am to midnight and are also pushing for the restaurant to have a trained security guard who would be responsible for the service of alcohol each night beginning at 8pm.

“It’s just unthinkable,” stated deputy secretary Paul Newson. “For staff to think that it’s acceptable to carry unconscious patrons out of the venue and dump them on the footpath, that’s unconscionable in any measure,” he continued.  The women were unidentified, and there were no further reports on whether or not they were doing well or not.

The Liquor and Gaming Authority are clearly appalled by the actions of the restaurant staff and are currently seeking additional sanctions and punishments within the law that they can impose. It goes without saying that they are truly hoping to make an example of the establishment so that this will never be repeated.

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  1. Why is it the restaurant’s job to be the nanny of irresponsible adult patrons who choose to behave inappropriately?

  2. I believe the restaurant, as well as the women, could very well have been culpable in getting those two drunk.

    This article leaves me wondering if NSW has a hard, fast and enforceable rule or something on limits for how many shots per a set amount of time (or even per visit) – maybe something like an average of four shots in one hour for women, six shots in one hour for men – that they somehow came up with (e.g., legislated).They probably do, but it sure doesn’t seem like it.

    But it is a Korean restaurant; so in that light, it’s kind of understandable that they dumped the women on the footpath in front of the establishment. But despite that, the staff must be truly punished according to the law instead of getting any possible special treatment.

    Hope the Liquor and Gaming Authority can find something in the law to let them do that.

  3. SIXTEEN SHOTS in 40 minutes? What were these women thinking (before the 7th or 8th shot that is)? And every bar in the States knows you have to cut people off when they are too drunk to sit up straight, take their keys, call a cab. Passed out? I’ve known bar owners to put their customer in their cars to ‘sleep it off’, keeping their keys until morning. One time, a customer was laid out on the pool table. But dumped in the alley? These women could’ve been robbed or raped by multiple thugs. Not exactly good service! And not exactly good sense by the tourists

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