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Leftist Actress Milano to Trump: “Leave My Boobs Alone”

The short cryptic email directed to President Trump by leftist Alyssa Milano, had all the earmarks of another Stormy Daniels replay. However, upon closer observation, Milano was simply following the script of a misinformed celebrity engaging once again in selective outrage.

“There’s nothing this man isn’t trying to fuck up. Leave my boobs alone.” Milano was apparently accusing the president of opposing a breast-feeding resolution by the UN.

The “quick-to-judge” actress once again took to social media without doing any fact checking or due diligence regarding the President’s stand on a woman’s right to breast-feed.

Which once again demonstrates just how deranged the left has become regarding President Trump and how committed the media is in derailing this president with fake news reports.

According to the New York Times, U.S. officials sought to remove language that urged governments to “protect, promote and support breast-feeding”, along with language calling on policy-makers to limit the promotion of food products such as infant formula (which can be harmful to young children).

The paper also claimed the Trump Administration had threatened Ecuador with trade restrictions and the loss of military aid if it didn’t withdraw the resolution they originally introduced.

Once the president was aware of the bogus article, he took to social media to set the record straight.

“The failing NY Times Fake News story today about breast-feeding must be called out. The U.S. strongly supports breast-feeding but we don’t believe women should be denied access to formula. Many women need this option because of malnutrition and poverty.”

Moreover, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) went on the record informing the Associated Press that there is no opposition to breastfeeding in the administration’s criticism of the UN resolution.

“The U.S. opposed a World Health Assembly resolution to encourage breastfeeding because it called for limits on the promotion of infant formula, not because of objections to breast-feeding”, President Donald Trump tweeted Monday.

Breitbart News also reported on the controversy citing: “Caitlin Oakley, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services, said it’s ‘patently false’ to portray the U.S. position as “anti-breast-feeding.”

However that didn’t stop Rep. Carolyn Maloney from holding a press conference outside City Hall in New York City alongside a breast-feeding mother and City Councilman Robert Cornegy.  Maloney started by  stating she was “absolutely shocked” by the U.S. position at the World Health Assembly.

The drama continued along with the selective outrage as Maloney continued her monologue, “This is unconscionable. I am calling for hearings, we used to be the beacon of light and hope for the world.”

Adding, “When we spoke, people listened because we were talking about helping people, helping their health, helping their children.”

Maloney will recruit the Women’s Caucus to lead congressional hearings on the issue. However, she acknowledged it might not happen as long as Republicans remain in control of Congress.

“I will be working with Council-member Cornegy to have hearings here in the City Council because 10 to 1 they won’t have them in Congress,” she said. “It is a scandal.”

Perhaps the true scandal is that the American tax payer is being forced to support this “dog and pony” show.

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  1. I think the issue is protecting Nestle and Mead Johnson, not breast-feeding mothers.

  2. Who is Milano? And who cares about her opinion?

  3. Norman Hinderliter

    Not that Ms. Milano is “perfect”. None of us are. Still, I would stand with Ms. Milano, OVER Trump, any day. The man has proven completely IN_competent, for the Oval Office.

    • Norman, your hatred for President Trump has blinded you from reality; President Trump is accomplished great things for the middle-class! He is very competent for the Oval Office; far better than Obama was as he destroyed the respect America used to have!

    • The only thing that’s been proven, is that the previous guy was not only incompetent, but openly hostile to anything the USA stood for. Additionally, the Evil Queen that you idiots supported has been shown, repeatedly, to not only be incompetent, but truly dangerous. Milano is just another Hollyweirdo shooting off her mouth over something she knows nothing about!

    • Apparently you are a bigger idiot than she is

    • I just wish you finally let me opt out without putting myemail back in your system.
      Male 60 years old, no children , no longer interested in having children, live in different country where political problems have been resolved because we banned most weapons. Apparently just doing the opt out doesn’t work even when you say it has.

  4. I think Hollywood is jealous of the rest of us because we’re doing better today than they are because of PRESIDENT TRUMP. 😛

  5. Maybe Ms. Milano is not “perfect”. None of us is. Still, I would stand by her, seeing as how Trump is so in-competent, in the Oval Office. An orangutan could do as well as Trump is.

    • Clearly I don’t get the comment. Isn’t Ms. Milano had breast cancer and if so perhaps this comment relates to some type of surgery, if not it makes no sense. Why would President Donald Trump have anything to do with her breast. From her, and her colleagues, she doesn’t like President Trump, but he has done a myriad of good things for this nation. He is a man who can get things done. His influence has been world wide and he keeps moving. He is the man of the hour notwithstanding all his criticism, threats, catcalls. Watch him as he is moving fast.

  6. Well, there is more to the issue here.

    Nestle has distributed “free” formula to new mothers in developing countries. The children that consumed Nestle’s infant-formula and had mortality rates five to ten times greater than those who were breast-fed,
    -Uniformed nurses distributed the baby formula to poor mothers which caused lactating mother’s milk to dry up.
    -This caused the mother and child to became entirely dependent on Nestle’s infant formula,
    -Most of them could not afford the formula and gave their children an insufficient quantity of the formula.
    -The formula also required clean water, which most mothers did not have access to.

    The UN Resolution was aimed at stopping this so-called “free” formula.
    It was like crack, the first one is free and now they are dependant upon something that they cannot afford and do not have the right infrastructure to use effectively.

    The Trump administration cares more about the pressure from Nestle than it does for mothers and babies in developing countries.

  7. Milano who the hell cares about youtTiny overused boobs! Get over it! Advice: Before you rattle off your mouth make sure You are Right! I hope you don’t take Maloney divisive words as fact! She is another deceitful woman who takes a lie and spreads it!

  8. It doesn’t limit access, only government promotion of formula. In the US, WIC is a huge pusher of formula in ways that some ( feel is unhealthy and leads to less healthy babies. With a tagline like “Family is Our Future!” I would think that Conservative Mom was in favor of healthier babies, and generally breastfeeding is the way to go there.

    • And how exactly is this President Trump’s fault, since it was going on for years before he even decided to run for President?
      Just as in all things, he gets the blame for all of Barry Soetoro’s screw ups!

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, the US government has been on the wrong side of this for years, but that doesn’t mean that staying on the wrong side of it is a good thing.

    • David, I seriously doubt that Conservative Mom is against healthy babies and breastfeeding. I think they were just reporting the story for the most part and stating only some facts.

      I think I see where you got confused. It was probably where they stated the fact “According to the NEW YORK TIMES, U.S. officials sought to remove language that “protects, promotes and supports breast-feeding”, along with language calling on policy-makers to limit the promotion of food products SUCH AS INFANT FORMULA (WHICH CAN BE HARMFUL TO YOUNG CHILDREN).” My emphasis.

      So, by what I can tell, they are actually all for babies and breastfeeding, but recognize the need for infant formula as a last resort, especially when mothers aren’t able to give sufficient, if any, sup from the breast for whatever reasons, including, but not limited to, malnutrition of the mother which would eventually be passed onto the baby.

      • Yes, it limits the promoting of infant formula, which as you agree, should be used as a last resort, not something to push for. It sounds like you agree with the UN and disagree with Trump – you think formula should be available, but that breastfeeding should be the first choice, the standard choice, and the promoted choice.

  9. Once again Hollyweird jumps to a conclusion without due diligence. I guess if you are an actress or actor you are not required to listen correctly. You only have to hear the words you want so you can slant the subject the way you want,

  10. She is right and most of the UN went against the US position despite threats from the US.

    Come on. It’s ridiculous to continue to issue clarifications and corrections on behalf of a grown man. Let his words and actions be judged for what they are; terribly uninformed and horribly biased towards industry.

  11. Keep away from your FAKE boobs is what ms Milano should have said as she was not born with much and when in her early 20s had them ‘resized’ to fit what she thought America wanted – then she proceeded to show the new boobs anywhere she could – She is at best a ‘B’ list actor and spoiled brat thinks anyone cares about what she has to say – why is it since ‘who’s the boss ‘ went off the air every show she’s been in has been canceled ??

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