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Filth riddled Frisco loses medical convention

It was simply a matter of time before a once beautiful and pristine city like San Francisco stopped attracting businesses and organizations.

Recently, a major medical association announced it will no longer hold its annual convention in the “bay city” (an event attended by over 15,000 conventioneers yearly) because of the unsafe and squalid environment which now permeates the city.

The Chicago-based medical association’s decision to hold the convention elsewhere may finally signal the beginning of the end of San Francisco’s lucrative $2 billion annual industry.

Moreover, its self-destructive progressive policies have reduced one of the most affluent cities in the country into a third world environment, leaving many to wonder when will it end?

The announcement regarding the medical association convention leaves San Francisco with a $40 million loss and the potential of other organizations following suit. Especially, after a 20-pound bag of human feces was dumped last week on a city sidewalk.

The incident was compounded further by a New York Post expose, “Human waste-related complaints in San Francisco have skyrocketed 400% from 2008 to 2018, according to data from the city’s 311 system. In 2017 alone, more than 21,000 reports were received, due in part to the thousands of homeless people living throughout the city without regular access to restrooms.”

Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, 57, a former actress and business owner appeared Friday night on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“I’m third generation Californian, born and raised, and this is not the California I came from or knew for that matter,” acknowledged Pelzer, who is running on the Republican ticket for Congress, in the 36th congressional district against incumbent Democrat Raul Ruiz.

“I have people coming into my stores on a regular basis stealing items that my employees are later finding on Craigslist, and the police can’t do anything about it,” she said. “They say they won’t show up because, where do you send a ticket for someone who is homeless?” She added, “they simply don’t show up any longer, and they’ve made crime okay in the State of California.”

Pelzer said San Francisco, which is “Nancy Pelosi’s backyard,” is at the epicenter of a “liberal agenda that is driving California down the path that it’s going and Raul Ruiz, who I’m running against, is doing the exact same thing.”

Joe D’Alessandro, president and CEO of the San Francisco Travel Association, whose core responsibility is to attract new business and organizations to the city, lamented “It’s already hitting San Francisco in the pocketbook.”

Adding, “We don’t want San Francisco to be seen as a dirty, unsafe, unfriendly city, and we need to do what we can to counter that.”

However, according to D’Alessandro, the “handwriting appears to be already on the wall” in that the Chicago-based medical association specifically referenced the city’s “dirty streets” and “unsafe” atmosphere as the reason why their members decided to walk away from San Francisco

“They just said that the conditions of the streets, in their mind, had gotten to the point where their delegates don’t feel safe coming to San Francisco,” he said. “They see harassment on the street, and it’s not a pleasant environment, so they have reconsidered all future years in San Francisco.”

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  1. We were in San Francisco two years ago and it was awful. There were people shooting up right on the street in the middle of the financial district, in front of the corporate headquarters of some of the largest companies in America. The streets smelled of urine. There is virtually no police presence like there is in New York for example. It used to be one of our favorite cities to visit but I don’t think we’ll ever go back.

  2. Disgusting people, disgusting Liberal DNC, Criminal Organization should be shut down! Classless Negros should not be in politics! They are an embarrassment to themselves, their race, and we’re never meant to be in political office!

  3. Norman Staples Sr.

    San Francisco is probably dirtier now than after the earthquake of 1906. The difference is back then they cared but today they don’t.

  4. This essay offers zero evidence that “liberals destroyed San Francisco.”

    Why do people live on the streets? Because San Francisco rents are too high for most people to afford, even when working full-time. Once people lose their homes, their hygiene suffers. Bush had one good idea–he made it easier for these desperate people to acquire a cell phone, since there’s no way to respond to a job offer without a phone. But not having an address is even worse. Homeless people have little or no access even to toilets. Where would *you* relieve yourself, if you had no home and no access to a toilet?

    San Francisco’s challenges are shared with every US city that has fallen victim to the largely Republican policies that funnel our nation’s wealth away from ordinary people and into the pockets of the ultra-wealthy. Inequality of finances, health care, and every sort of opportunity has been running rampant since Reagan.

    Trickle-down economics is a total failure, and pushing it on our country over and over is just plain evil. Trying to blame Republican failures on liberals is a transparent attempt by conservatives to avoid taking personal responsibility for the results of their votes.

    • So then why does it continue to get worse every year? Why don’t your democratic friends change things when they’ve had ample opportunities to do so?

    • Spoken like a true brainwashed liberal. Blaming it on the Republicans that have had no influence in San Francisco or any other coast States like New York . These places are a direct result of the Liberal politicians that run these cities. You don’t see these problems in conservative run states and cities. So stop blaming it on Republican policies.
      These filthy cities are that cater to drug addicts and homeless derelicts whom are mostly illegal criminals are a result of liberal brain dead policies. Grow up and take responsibility for your idiotic party’s policies

    • Thank you Lynn. Well said. People who put all the the blame on the homeless are living in their prividged bubble. These people need to get out and volunteer to see the challenges these displaced persons face in life. Homelessness is the main reason many of these people are poor.

    • Philip Kershner

      1.) We’ve had 8 years of Clinton and 8 years of Obama since Reagan versus only 4 years of Bush I, 8 years of Bush II and 1.5 years of Trump. If I’ve done my math correctly, that’s 16 years of Democrats in the White House versus 13.5 years of Republicans. But let’s blame Reagan.
      2.) If it’s Reagan’s fault (or the federal government’s fault, for that matter) why aren’t all the other cities around the country – which also languished under Reagan – having the same problems? Gee… do you think it could have something to do with California politics and San Francisco politics? Visit Indianapolis and Houston. They were cities when Reagan was president. They, and many other cities, are doing quite well. Look at the sites you get when you Google “Best and worst run cities in America.” On the two sites I looked at, the best cities were overwhelmingly in red states. Interesting.

    • BULL!~! Look at the POLICIES of the OBUMMER YEARS~! Hey, do you have any idea who the 1% er’s are!!! Let’s take a looky! CLINTONS, OBUMMERS, Hollyweird elites, Bill Gates, Warran Buffet, Steve Jobs and 95% of those in the senate and Congress of democrats! Wake up and buy some coffee from someone other then the elite Starsucks!

    • It’s so sad to see another liberal who lost their brain on the streets of San Fransicko. It is TOTALLY the fault of the moronic socialist/liberal agenda put in play by the Democrats. Get some serious help immediately. The evidence & truth is right up in your face and you still deny it!

    • Wow, you have been brainwashed to the max. Just take a hard look at cities like Gary, Indiana, Detroit, and I’m sure a number of others. Democratic politicians have laid those cities to waste. The two I mentioned ( I have recently visited both), looked like bombed out German cities after the war. People must have rules and they must be followed, otherwise you have anarchy. San Francisco being the latest example. Stop drinking the cool aid and get your own head in the game.You CAN think for yourself!

      • Wherever there are a majority of DemocRATS you can expect the living conditions to go down to worse than Third-World nations…We lived in Detroit where, except for the near East Side, it was a Great City and then WORKING Class Whites moved out… Welfare recipients moved in & Bingo a Very DEAD Community.. BECAUSE NO ONE Works at ANYTHING !!!

    • Just stop. People are living on the streets because they are either drug addicts or have mental issues. There are tons of people that are unemployed but don’t live on the streets and use the streets for bathrooms and places to do drugs

  5. Californistan is and will become more and more of a sh!t hole as long as the citizens vote demoncrat. They will get what they deserve because of their inability to except truth and facts. Please secede, please. No foreign aid and don’t migrate to Texas. Stay where you are and fix your own problems. Don’t move here and contaminate the greatest country in the world, TEXAS!!!!

    • Catherine Mary Hall

      I agree with Mike. Sure there are drug addicts etc but California has unleashed upon its citizens explosive regulations and policies that make it almost impossible for businesses to perform and grow. The number of illegal immigrants that they allow into the state (AND PROTECT) is a burden that leaves every child woefully lacking in every subject from kindergarten through high school. Too, your politicians have voted their salaries more than quadruple (and 10xs that in many cases) from other states leaving the state in dire financial jeopardy. So yes, California has it’s share of drug addicts but only just. What plagues it most…sanctuary cities and the Democratic policies that accompany those immigrants. Who will pay for those misdeeds? Who all happen to be DEMOCRATS. ZERO AID TO MEXICO….THAT IS HOW WE PAY FOR THE WALL.

  6. I guess my post was to offensive to print. Oh yeah, it was the truth. My bad. I keep making that mistake.

    • Your post is there, this site takes a while for comments to get posted, but we can all see what you wrote.

  7. A wonderful screed, devoid of any mention of the contributions to homelessness resulting from: 1) increased population, 2) rising cost of living, 3) ridiculous housing prices, 4) the make up and causes of homelessness (veterans, addicts, mental health, economic homelessness, etc.), 5) lack of sufficient facilities for the homeless, etc., etc. Likewise, the author offers no solutions to mitigate the Bay Area’s homeless problem, other than to somehow blame liberals for causing this problem.

    Complex problems do not have simple causes, nor do they have simple solutions. Homelessness has been a problem in the Bay Area for years and has reached new heights resulting from a variety of demographic and economic factors. However, finger pointing to place blame without serious suggestions for solving the problem is a waste of time.

    Too often, cities and neighborhoods merely want to move the homeless elsewhere – a classic NIMBY response that does little but punt the problem elsewhere. If we really want to solve homelessness, we need to recognize that homelessness is a social rather than a law enforcement problem, and avoid “band-aid” solutions (more porto-potties) that do nothing to address the underlying causes of homelessness.

  8. They don’t call call it SanFransicko for nothing!

  9. You know that things are bad when a Chicago based organization says that San Francisco is too dirty.

  10. I have to laugh, why is it so hard for the suicidal useful idiots to see that the Communist Party USA – not democ-rat/progressive/liberal – would like to see the rest of “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMERIKA turn into a third world SH!T-HOLE. This is what communists do, make everybody equally poor and destitute but them, the Politburo which live as the kings and queens as they currently are doing on the public’s dole far removed from all of the SH!T that they have created; and they do this behind WALLED fortresses with armed, gated security detail as they laugh their diabolical asses off at the dumb-(m)ass sheeple that are committing political suicide! WTFU!

  11. I migrated from a third world country to the US (legally of course). I know what life in a third world is first hand, not by reading the news or opinion pieces. I lived through it. Crime, public hygiene, public safety/security, public health, public curruption, environment, fake medications, poverty, unemployment, and so on, are great issues without anybody thinking about solutions.. President Trump should do whatever it takes to prevent this country from becoming a third world country, but please do it with politeness. I vote independent of party affiliation. If unchecked illegal immigration will turn this country into shit hole and there must be a brave leader to halt it not minding the hate that would be spewed onto him. Political correctness will not do it. San “Fransiko” problem may be the symptom of unchecked illegal immigration. Majority of US citizens would appreciate Trump if he is persistent and getting results. I am yet to hear from his opposition on how to prevent this country from becoming a third world country if illegal immigration is not aggressively checked. There must be political intervention in San “Fransiko”.

  12. Seattle isn’t far behind. Stupid liberal city and state government! When will it turn around???

  13. Philip Kershner

    Many of the homeless have mental health problems so severe they should be institutionalized. Try getting that done in San Francisco (or California, for that matter).

  14. Could the filthy conditions in San Francisco from homeless people defecating in public (which I have heard about from various sources) be the beginning stages of a new Bubonic Plague that could spread to the rest of the country?

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