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We Are Failing Children By Teaching Them Hate

These days we can’t turn on the television, listen to the radio, or even look at social media without seeing some form of hate, intolerance, or bigotry.  No matter what you believe, what political party you support, or what color you are, there is someone who believes you’re wrong or unnatural. This type of bullying used to be made up of adult-on-adult aggression, but recently we’ve seen more adults attacking juveniles.

Adult Responsibility

As adults, we are responsible for teaching the future generation—regardless of their age, sexual preference, or race—how to function in a society that harbors people from all walks of life. Lately, this has been a challenge that seems to get worse with each passing day.

We see white women assaulting and calling the police on black children who are merely visiting friends at a swimming pool or selling water on a hot day to people without a permit. Children have no say in the color of their skin, yet they are being punished in the streets for belonging to a certain culture or race. Now, we are even seeing children being attacked by adults for their political affiliations.

Recently, a 16-year-old boy named Hunter Richard was assaulted in a burger joint by an adult who felt offended by the young man’s choice of fashion. The teen boy wore a “Make America Great Again” hat, and as a result, felt the wrath of an adult male who was leaving the restaurant. When the man saw the hat, he walked over to the teen, cursed him out, pulled his hair and then threw water in the teen’s face—all before finally snatching the hat off the teen and leaving the establishment with it.

“I support my President and would rather have a conversation about it with someone who disagrees rather than having them curse me and rip my hat off,” stated Richard regarding the incident.  Although the man who assaulted the teen was later arrested, this is still sending a message to youth that what they believe, support, or value will lead to their being harmed if it does not fall in line with the general consensus.

Intolerance is the new tolerance

Instilling fear into young adults is the norm within a society that now values the art of dictating what a person should or should not value. We punish young people for exerting their independence—something that is necessary for independent living and future leadership—and we teach them that a lack of tolerance toward people who are different in any way is the norm.

This is leading our nation into a hole that we will struggle to get out of if we do not take the time to realize the danger in the lessons that we are teaching our youth. What will adults who practice this intolerance do when they find out that their lessons have led young people to become intolerant of elders later in life? To find that new laws will become enacted that will simply toss them (as older members of society) out to make way for more productive members of society? Adults can’t and shouldn’t ignore the fact that teaching intolerance to children will negatively affect all Americans in the end.

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About Audra L.

Audra L. is an author, columnist and community activist who's dedicated to finding truth through research and effective communication. She received her degree in Public Policy and teaches Community Development, Public Speaking and Communications Law to youth throughout the nation. She is the recipient of over 23 awards and honors for her commitment to community outreach initiatives.


  1. We failed our children ever since schools were integrated! This is a proven fact. I realize how it looks, but truth cannot be misdirected. American education used to rank in the top 3% of the world. Today we rank in the lower 40 percentile. Come on, someone tell me why. WHY?

    • said just like a good provocateur. Russia much?

    • Because in the post-war period, our nation was one of the only modernized nation to have had little to no fighting or bombing on our lands, which let us have a headstart. Since then, the other countries in Europe were able to re-build and improve their education faster than we’ve improved. In addition, Americans are reluctant to look to other countries’ successes to model – we generally prefer coming up with our own solutions rather than using solutions that have worked elsewhere.

      • Oh right. Of course. Hawaii isn’t part of American lands. How silly of me… /smh

        • We had one attack here, which focused on the military targets. Compared to France, Germany, Italy, Poland, the UK, China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Russia, etc. we had “little to no fighting”. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was bad, but it wasn’t the kind of sustained devastation of cities that other countries endured.

  2. If only President Trump would teach tolerance, respect, and civility towards everyone. Instead, he teaches fear, loathing, distrust, hatred, and vengeance. His followers eagerly emulate him. It’s small wonder they occasionally discover how it feels to be on the receiving end of nastiness.

    • Unfortunately our government is suffering from COPD Chronically Obstructive Political Derelicts. Conscience is a window to our spirit; evil is the curtain.

    • Your words are those of a cyber bully. Check your facts – obama was the original divider. One of the few ways to bring a country down is to divide it, and of that, is to divide by race. Schools are run by democrats, who teach intolerance of anyone with a different point of view. There are over 400 incidents of harassment, incitement and violence by leftists to the right simply for having a different point of view.
      What you have stated of President Trump, is a perfect description of the extreme left. Please do a little research before you attempt to spout false statements and bald face inaccuracies.

      • President Obama did not divide the country. The country divided because he was black. The racism that had never gone away began to resurface. Now Mr Trump gives
        permission to have this racism escalate due to his own behavior. This is in addition to all the other behaviors Lynn Smith stated. Trump is not a Republican, he is a dictator.
        I can’t for the life of me understand how so many of you can over look his behavior. Have you listened to the news on how he has treated our allies and the Queen of England this past week? He is an embarrassment to the US. I travel frequently to other countries and am constantly asked “How in the world did he get elected?)

        • How did he get elected? First off, he was the lesser of two evils. We never have good choices. Second (and more importantly), people are tired of the same-old career politicians doing nothing, and he was an outsider.

          We want someone who will serve the people, not just do what they think will get them re-elected. Our first leaders served (sometimes reluctantly) and then returned to their normal jobs. We need to go back to that model. Political parties are worthless. Platforms are inflexible. Those of us who actually research candidates evaluate them based on their stances on the individual issues. The public wants an independent that they think will not be a lackey for various special interest groups. Mr. Trump was not a good candidate, but he was the closest thing to this ideal that we’ve had for a long time. Give us a better candidate; we’ll be glad to vote for him or her.

    • Well said, Lynn, but what would the Anti-Christ know about tolerance, respect or civility?

  3. We have evil all around us, and stupid democrats that are retarded, and neanderthal cave men. you have to stand up for your rights, we don’t want the brain dead, Alzheimer, murdering, alcoholic, traitor, hillary, as president, she would be just a puppet, and her sex offender husband ,and the criminal democrats, would be stealing our tax money, audit all the Senators, and congress men, and make them pay back all the money they stole,and tax them also.

  4. I liked your post, I want to add to it. To see color is to be ignorant and we are all guilty even if we don’t think of it that way. Here’s a great example: School forms require a field for ethnicity. Even if you choose not to enter it many states require the information for funding purposes. Case in point my friends children are bi racial. Mom is Caucasian dad is biracial (Caucasian mom African American dad) he grew up labeled African American because of his skin color. His children look like him. Their school insists they are labeled African American. Both parents have requested their ethnicity be changed I think white/non European or whatever the choice was). The school argues that’s not correct, why? Where does any law state the color of your skin determines your “ethnic label”? Which parents ethnicity determines this. President Obama was biracial yet we specify he was our first black president, why black because of his skin color? As a society we impose these divides. Federal State and municipal Government encourages this through funding vouchers reimbursement etc tied to the reported demographics. It all boiled down and how much of it you get based on how you label yourself. If I label myself as African American on a college app does that qualify me for more finial aid grants, if I label myself as Native American (which I am) does that qualify me for certain tax exemptions, etc. I’d love to read other’s viewpoints.

    • Man! So many questions 🙂 So, there are reasons to see color, and reasons not to. It’s important to acknowledge that it wasn’t that long ago (within 2 generations) that the law allowed for some fairly extreme discrimination, and that discrimination perpetuates through generations via things like inherited wealth and local schooling. Neither of those things are inherently discriminatory, but combined with actual discrimination, they can make life harder for some people *just because their parents/grandparents were black* and easier for others *just because their parents/grandparents were white*.

      You’re right that the school cannot argue you into choosing a particular label, especially if it’s a public school – if you’re still struggling with it, I recommend contacting a local ACLU organization, they may have better access to resources to aid you.

      As for why Obama was considered black and not white? Well, that’s for some pretty strong historical reasons. First, it’s important to acknowledge (as I’m sure you’re aware) that “race” doesn’t actually exist in a biological sense – it’s all a social construct. What we consider “white” and what we consider “black” (I’m using just those two races for simplicity throughout, but it applies to more) has changed over time with society. The reason, historically, that generally people with one black and one white parent are considered to be black is because of racism in the 1800’s. In the 1800’s, racism was much more explicit, and “black blood” was considered to stain “white blood”, and so the so-called “one drop rule” was commonly used – anybody who had “one drop” of sub-saharan ancestry was considered black. In practice, this generally meant having at least one grandparent or great-grandparent who was black.

      If we ignored history, then you’re right – we probably wouldn’t label Obama as black, but as bi-racial, but our history and culture do exist, and they inform real decisions.

      And if you are black, and in the US, then there’s a good chance that you can trace your ancestry back to slaves, or at least to a person who lived before the civil rights act was passed. The lack of freedom for those ancestors to own property, to compete equally for jobs and wages, to vote for their own interests – it trickles down to you in both small and big ways. I don’t know what the right remedy for that kind of historic disadvantage is, but pretending it’s not there won’t end it.

  5. Jeffery L. Surratt

    We have all been lied to, we are all the same race, the human race. If we teach our kids that they will be better off.

    • Exactly… what I have been spouting on about in New Zealand for the last 12 months or so.

      Lots of forms request your race and there is a box called other. I refuse to be called European because European is not a race it is people from a categorised land mass.

      So, I put Caucasian… because that is truly my ethnicity. But I prefer to be classed as a citizen of planet Earth.

  6. Intolerance can also take the form of failure to respect other people’s views and an inability for people with different beliefs(political, religious or otherwise)to speak with one another.Bashing and bullying instead of focusing on issues and solutions is counterproductive.

    I believe that we need to have more effort on bringing our divided nation ( family members and friends with different beliefs alienated from one another) some unity. More thoughts from different perspectives can yield more ideas and solutions to different problems that are taking place in our society that both conservatives and liberals want to see resolved. Let’s strive for Building Unity Twogether rather than staying in fixed positions leaving no room to understand others ideas. Understanding through dialogue and listening could only be beneficial and allow for more tolerance.

    Keep up the good work in reminding us all to help end as much intolerance as we can.

    Dave Wolffe

  7. Reply to Lynn Smith’s comment:
    This is the typical reply I’d expect from a far, far left liberal. You can’t just read an informative, truthful article without making your political statement. If the same thing had happened to a Clinton supporter you would be up in arms. However, I doubt that an adult conservative would have even considered doing the same thing to a child. You folks have all gone off the deep end and need to start acting like adults. It’s really a sad thing what is happening in our country now and we all know who is to blame.

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