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America celebrates July 4th…while the left meltdowns!

The contrasts in celebrating America’s independence couldn’t have been anymore defined, as progressives across the nation angrily took to the streets in what can best be described as a universal progressive meltdown.

On the Coney Island boardwalk in New York, the traditional Nathan’s Famous July 4th hot dog eating contest had just concluded. With Joey “Jaws” Chestnut winning his 10th competition by eating a personal record of 74 hot dogs, while just a few miles away an angry protest of about a dozen individuals holding up signs denouncing America’s premier immigration enforcement agents known as ICE became the focal point for the mainstream media.

As deranged progressive activists took the peaceful anti-ICE demonstration to another level by scaling the base of the Statue of Liberty, sparking a nearly four-hour standoff with authorities and putting “New York’s Finest” in harms way, Therese Okoumou sat near the foot of the statue threatening her rescuers with violence (by knocking down ladders they were on). Eventually, the police prevailed, however for many who had tickets to visit “the lady in the harbor” their Independence Day was ruined

The unbridled meltdown on the left continued as America paused to say “thank you”. President Trump along with the First Lady, bedecked in a blue and white summer dress adorned with a red sash, made a brief appearance on the White House balcony, thanking those who’ve served and are still serving.

While in Hollywood the unhinged celebrity class decided to outdo their “ANTI-AMERICAN” demagoguery by coining the phrase “Happy Resistance Day” by apologizing to the world for President Trump, which is eerily familiar to their hero former President Obama apologizing for America.

Former Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler tweeted out, “To every country on the 4th of July. We’re sorry about our President. He doesn’t reflect all of our views, and we hope you know that the majority of us are ashamed.”

Adding, “We will rally each other and come back to the world one step at a time.

However not to be outdone beefy filmmaker Michael Moore also took to tweeter posting to his mindless minions, “Happy Resistance Day! The revolt continues, some 242 years later. C’mon, people! Let’s finish this!” Which actually sounds a bit ominous…

Moreover, Moore is one of those activist progressives who actually believes in putting himself out there. Exercising his constitutional right to protest Friday on HBO’s “Real Time” Moore outlined his plan for continued resistance to whomever President Trump decides to nominate for the Supreme Court.

Moore continued; “The idea is…we first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening.”

Host Bill Maher then asked how Moore intends to stop the process, “I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol. I will stand there. … Bill, let me tell you something, this judge goes through, for the rest of at least, well, all of our lives, it’s a right-wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

Later, Moore stated, “We’re going to get to a point, my friends, where we’re going to have to circle Washington.”

However the insanity didn’t stop there, in Washington D.C. only blocks from where President Trump and the First Lady stood, open border rallies attacked the president with images of the Holocaust, branding him a racist, for separating children, a practice that every President since Bill Clinton engaged in.

The hyperbole from the unhinged left depicting the president as Hitler with the words, “History has its eyes on you” reflects the desperation the left finds itself, on this Independence Day.

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  1. How anti-American to question the government – where would we be if the founding fathers had done that?!

    • Philip Kershner

      There is nothing anti-American about questioning the government. There is something discourteous about mocking a day that is special to many people. And there is something downright vile about making comparisons to the Holocaust and Hitler. I don’t like Trump, but those comparisons are beneath contempt.

      • You’re right – it is discourteous. That’s part of the point of the protest – courteous protests generally don’t draw any attention or change. The most effective protests are ones that are non-violent and aggressively in-your-face – think the woolworth’s sit-ins, or the Selma-Montgomery marches.

    • Re-read your comment , you might be able to see the stupidity of it

  2. Philip Kershner

    I like much of what you have to say, but is it really true that other presidents have separated children from their families? I have seen pictures of children in camps during the Obama years, but I understand that those were children caught trying to cross the border themselves, not children separated from their families. Do you have other evidence? If so, I would really appreciate it if you could share it with me. Many thanks.

    • If you commit an illegal act and are arrested, are you not separated from your family? My understanding is that these children are not separated for very long and in that time are well treated. Good housing and well fed.

  3. What a snowflake! “Oh the left is exceeding their Constitutional right to free speech “
    I hope your fainting couch is near by.

  4. I think it is very unAmerican for these people to deny that Bush and Obama separated illegal children from their parents. The Democratsare the ones who passed this law during the Clinton administration. Now, they are the ones blaming President Trump. They are hate-filled idiots who, every time they open their mouths, shows that they DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA. THEY ARE TRAITORS!

  5. Philip Kershner

    Let me rephrase the question I asked above. Does ANYONE have evidence that previous presidents have separated children from their families?

    • The difference between Trump and Obama/Bush is mostly the scale and duration. Obama and Bush did not choose to detain every civil offender of immigration, and instead released them on their own recognizance, much like when an officer gives you a ticket that requires showing up in court at a later time. Trump felt it necessary to detain everybody. Both Obama and Bush would separate parents from children the same way as Trump, but they would release the parents after a maximum of 20 days separated, where Trump was not doing the same. So the difference was the scale (Trump is imprisoning many, many more parents) and duration (he is imprisoning them for much longer than 20 days).

    • If you think about this for more than a second you will realize that criminals are always separated from their families. Our prisons for example are not full of family members only criminals.

  6. Hey wait a minute!! Those that are apologizing can’t for this country. Do you so easily forget that those of us that ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP are in the majority? Duh. Also it is the STATE of California NOT the COUNTRY. Another duh.

    • Those who elected Trump are in the minority. They control the majority of the electoral college, but that doesn’t make them a majority of americans, or american voters.

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