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Why Today’s Left No Longer Supports “Freedom Of Speech”

The core values among 60’s liberals was that the right to “FREE SPEECH” was sacrosanct, and regarded as much too important or valuable to be interfered with. It was considered the bedrock of our democracy by our Founders, and essential to the health of our nation, and so crucial to our democracy that it became our “First Amendment” to the Constitution.

And for well over 5-decades, “liberals” and the right to “free-speech” became almost synonymous within their core belief structure. However all that’s changed within a remarkably short period of time beginning with the election of Ronald Reagan in the 80’s, and continuing to a lesser degree with President George Bush.

However with the election of President Obama, the most progressive President in America’s history, the left seemed to once again embrace the idea of “free speech” until that historic night in November when the political world for progressives changed overnight, rattling once again for them, the underpinnings of the First Amendment.

New York Times Author and Professor of Ethics Thomas Williams, chronicles in a frank and honest exposé, how today’s liberals who once championed our First Amendment Rights for all, now are ambivalent and outright uneasy regarding freedom of expression when practiced by conservatives.

Most conservatives didn’t need Professor Williams, to tell them what they’ve already known. Simply witness the antics taking place on our nation’s college campuses as far-left students and paid political activists use violence as a political tool in harassing conservative speakers or the unconstrained and false news coverage by a majority of the press, in how they cover national issues, regarding the Trump Presidency.

Williams’ exposé lays out how the left purposely attempts to abandon the very fabric of our democracy through a series of contrived and convoluted assertions.

As an example, Lawyer Floyd Abrams notes the left once led support for First Amendment protections, are now “at least skeptical and sometimes distraught at the level of First Amendment protection, which is being afforded in cases brought by litigants on the right” to the Supreme Court.

The fundamental differences between then and now, is that progressive dogma has moved radically to the left over the course of a decade. Today’s progressives view the rulings of the Supreme Court “as being far more likely to embrace free-speech arguments concerning conservative speech than liberal speech,” writes Williams.

Remarkably Georgetown Professor Louis Michael Seidman, an advocate and defender of free speech now sees his prior position as a “mistake”.

“When I was younger, I had more of the standard liberal view of civil liberties,” Seidman said. “And I’ve gradually changed my mind about it. What I have come to see is that it’s a mistake to think of free speech as an effective means to accomplish a more just society.”

Moreover, the outright bias of  yet another educator, Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon regarding free speech goes even further then Seidman’s in her contempt for those with a different political point of view, stating that free speech reinforces injustice, because of ideas “she disagrees with.”

“Once a defense of the powerless, the First Amendment over the last hundred years has mainly become a weapon of the powerful,” writes MacKinnon, who teaches such courses as “Evolution of Gender Crimes” and “Sex Equality.”

Moreover, the biggest “wake-up” call for progressives has been the Supreme Courts rulings on pivotal issues regarding the most progressive President in American history. The Obama administration, by historical standards, has done exceedingly poor against the Supreme Court. A significant part of Obama’s problem was his continued attempt at overreaching his constitutional authorities.

Another pivotal issue is the recent 5-4 decisions by the court in favor of more moderate and common sense values such as the ruling supporting anti-abortion pregnancy centers and California’s attempt to mandate those religiously oriented “crisis pregnancy centers” provide information on how to kill an unborn child.

Justice Clarence Thomas, writing for the five-justice conservative majority wrote in the opinion, “Licensed clinics must provide a government-drafted script about the availability of state-sponsored services, as well as contact information for how to obtain them,” Justice Thomas wrote. “One of those services is abortion, the very practice that petitioners are devoted to opposing.”

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  1. The 60’s leftist NEVER promoted free speech. It has always been free speech for them but not their opponents. I was a student at Berkeley in the 60’s and can say unequivocally that the leftist back then were just as quick to shout down a conservative speaker as they are today.

    The so-called “free speech movement” was ONLY about allowing communists to speak on campus, not any other group.

  2. charlie Davenport

    One critical erroneous assertion: Obama was not the most progressive President in history; That would have been FDR, followed by TR, or even Richard M. Nixon (of the Earned Income Credit) Obama did not say of the moneyed classes “They are unanimous in their hatred for me, and I welcome their hatred” Obama was a corporatist, and as most politicians regardless of party, subservient to the interests of big money and the Financial Sector


    In 2014, Obama signs farm bill which cut $8.6 billion in SNAP benefits. Later he fights for Cromnibus which cuts $93 million from WIC (Women, Infants, Children) benefits. Legislation hailed as examples of “bi-partisan cooperation.” Meanwhile, the stock markets, corporate profits, CEO compensation, are at record levels.

    Obama says nothing as banks steal the homes of millions of Americans after the financial crisis, while the mortgages of millions of others go underwater. The banks have paid their billions in fines; nobody got their homes back.

    Obama says “we’re going to let it play out” as Energy Transfer Partners and the Fascist state of North Dakota attack “water protectors” objecting to the DAPL pipeline that violates a treaty, desecrates burial grounds, and threatens their source of water, using rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, and sound cannons, and subject hundreds to illegal arrest and detention. Things didn’t “play out” very well for one 21 year old Bronx woman: her forearm was blown apart by a compression grenade hurled by police.

    While claiming to be a leader in the fight against global warming, Obama permits offshore oil exploration (now in the Gulf of Mexico), permits offshore fracking in California, and pushes the Transpacific Partnership agreement, which will allow corporations to ignore climate regulations.

    Signs the GMO “non-labeling” bill, the Monsanto “DARK ACT” on July 31, 2016

    On the issue of black people being summarily executed (murdered) by those who “protect and serve”, an issue now recognized as a national epidemic, Obama tells Ferguson activists “think big and go slow.”

    While expanding DACA to the sound of trumpets, the fact remains that Obama has deported immigrants in record numbers.

    Pardons only 197 of the 8000 primarily minority prisoners in federal prison on non violent drug offenses; Obama has issued the lowest number of presidential pardons since James Garfield (who died from an assassin’s bullet in 1881 barely six months after he had been sworn in).

    Helps former Clinton staffer and chief-of-staff Rahm (Mayor 1%) Emmanuel get elected and re-elected Mayor of Chicago. With billionaire help, the “Rhaminator” outspends progressive Democratic 2014 primary opponent 12-1.

    Consistently favors the interests of Banks, Wall Street, corporations, and the 400 richest citizens of this country, to the detriment of the rest of us.
    Consorts with the Devil–Jaime Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase; and vice-devil–Brian T. Moynihan of Bank of America.

    If Obama succeeds in implementing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we’ll be going to hell with him, only we’ll get there first.

    • Charlie Davenport, I am so impressed with your accurate response.

    • You missed that he also signed the law that allowed our oil to be shipped overseas and sold in the international oil market, instead of using those resources exclusively for the USA. This was boon to big corporate interests while allowing America to essentially join Opec in staking a claim against the American consumer. So rightfully it puzzles all Dems as to why Obama is so despised by the GOP. He gave in to every Wall Street demand at the expense of middle America and helped corporations reap historically excessive profits by any standard. This suggests today’s hatred of Obama by the right is being fueled by something other than historical facts. For sure, it is being fanned by a desire to make more money for corporations.

  3. Bottom line is that the bereft Left is anti-God, anti-American, anti-life and if that is not PC than too fuk’n bad because it is the truth, something the Left is allergic to! EVIL against GOOD is being played out in these end times and to think not is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that! WTFU!

  4. What’s up with the blanket rationalization that ALL liberals are anti free speech (& according to Mr. Nuff, a bunch more anti-stuff). I think a big problem with politics is with the extremists-those to the far left & those to the far right. From the dictionary, Liberal:
    *** of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism, especially the freedom of the individual and governmental guarantees of individual rights and liberties.
    *** favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression.
    *** open-minded or tolerant, especially free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.
    Dictionary def of Conservative:
    *** a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.
    *** disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
    *** traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness. (Trump not an example of this! (;

    Now personally, I tend to be somewhat open-minded when learning about new things, I try to make logical judgements based on available facts. Does this make me evil?

    BTW: I’m a HS math teacher

  5. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

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