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IG Report: Horowitz And Wray Summoned Before Congress

The ghost of James Comey seems to have inhabited the body of another Washington bureaucrat, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Horowitz’s blistering 500 pages within the IG Report (like Comey’s) details a laundry list of major infractions and criminal actions committed by former FBI Director Comey, and those directly under him. Including several FBI agents tasked with investigations of both Russia’s interference within the 2016 election and the Clinton email scandal. Horowitz chronicles through a series of emails incontrovertible incriminating evidence of outright biases by agents conspiring to take down President Trump.

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Perhaps the most damning which apparently was purposely hidden from congress by the Justice Department and just released through the IG Report, came in an email sent by FBI Agent Peter Strzok to his lover Attorney Lisa Page in August 2016 stating, “we’ll stop” Donald Trump from becoming president. At the time Strzok was the “Chief of the “Counterespionage Section” during the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

However the report much like the harsh investigation of Clinton by Comey, chronicles in precise detail the countless acts of criminality and malfeasance committed by Clinton, taking us to the brink of her inexcusable crimes, only to be exonerated in a bizarre illogical conclusion that still baffles the mind.

Both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified before incredulous members of congress and explained their bewildering conclusions; which were that the systemic bias within the leadership of the FBI did not directly impact the 2016 election or the Trump Presidency.

Most notably, Horowitz found that anti-Trump text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page “potentially indicated or created the appearance that investigative decisions were impacted by bias or improper considerations.”

However, the report also noted the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Clinton in July 2016 was not motivated by political bias against then-candidate Donald Trump.

Which to most critical thinking individuals who have been following this twisted political drama; it’s become obvious the “deep-state is protecting its own.

The fireworks are scheduled to begin Monday afternoon with Republicans likely to grill Wray, regarding his less then forthright view of his troubled agency, insisting after the IG Report was made public that “nothing in the report impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole, or the FBI as an institution.”


No doubt this is the kind of whitewash we’ve come to expect from our government since that historic night in November. Most critical thinking Americans had already surmised that the Obama Administration had politicized and weaponized numerous departments. The most notable, the Justice Department under then Attorney Holder and the IRS targeting conservatives, however most never imagined to what extent our government had been compromised, until Donald Trump became President, forcing the “deep-state” to respond with a vengeance.

The Horowitz report sounded eerily familiar to Comey’s in its conclusions, exonerating the FBI, stating “no evidence that the conclusions by the prosecutors were affected by bias or other improper considerations.”

Which raised eyebrows on Capitol Hill, and in particular that of congressmen Trey Gowdy who appeared on Fox’s Chris Wallace Sunday news show.

The interview began with Wallace asking preliminary questions regarding the Mueller probe, then about halfway through the interview Wallace asks, “You are co-chairing a hearing on Tuesday where the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, who issued this damaging report, will appear.
What are the main questions you want to ask him”?

Gowdy; “There are a lot of questions I have for him. Number one, you know, the Hillary Clinton failure to prosecute was predicated upon two things. Number one, that her emails were not exposed to foreign actors. There’s some evidence that that’s not true”

Wallace: “So, when they say the final judgments — yes, there may have been bias, but that didn’t affect the final judgments — are the inspector
general, Michael Horowitz, and Christopher Wray, the current FBI director, are they wrong”?

Gowdy: Well, I’ll say this, why did Loretta Lynch ask it to be called a
matter and not an investigation? Why was Cheryl Mills in the room when the target was being interviewed? Why did you write an exoneration memo six weeks before she was interviewed? Why did you start playing in your press conference two months before the investigation was over?

Gowdy continued “Here’s where I depart from Chris Wray — I don’t think it’s my job to prove the bias impacting the investigation. I think it’s his job to prove that it did not.”

Adding; “Here’s what I know: they exonerated her before the interview. They said she did nothing wrong before they even bothered to talk to her and the same group said Donald Trump should not be the president and/or should be impeached before the investigation even began. If that is not textbook bias, which is the prejudging of an outcome, I mean, that’s what bias is. We are prejudging the outcome. We’re prejudging her innocence before we talk to her. We’re prejudging his guilt before you even began to look into the fact pattern. That’s bias, and, yes, it impacted the outcome.”

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  1. So many lies in this essay, all aimed at preserving the presidency of Donald Trump, who is determined to become America’s first dictator.

    • Lynn, with a closed mind you’ll never recognize the truth no matter how it’s presented. The points Senator Gowdy raised are easily proven true if you’d just take the time to do your own research and not rely on the biased media.

    • You are a horribly misguided and duped by the Left individual. Brainwashed by your bias, it would appear that you are incapable of seeking out other opinions or critical thinking before you proclaim your faulty verdict.

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