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MS-13: “a ticking time bomb” within our schools

The public hysteria taking place across America from both sides of the political aisle regarding the immigration issue hit a “fever-pitch” over the weekend with images of immigrant children locked-up in gated pens, splashed all across the internet and on cable newscasts.

No doubt those troubling visuals, whether real or imagined has reignited the emotional debate between those looking for a quick fix, and those wanting a real solution to border security. The crisis taking place daily on our southern border is real and extremely complex.

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This prompted the administration during yesterday’s daily news briefing to call upon Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, to address the countless rumors and politically inspired misinformation, by many within the mainstream media.

The spirited confrontation between Nielsen and a rancorous media was nothing new, however, the information she provided perhaps momentarily stemmed the uncontrollable speculation that has become the hallmark of the unhinged media.

The sobering takeaway from Nielsen’s briefing was that since last year there has been a 325% increase in unaccompanied alien minors crossing our borders and a 435% increase in “family units” entering illegally, and an astounding 600,000 cases that are “backlogged.”

This brings us back to why we have a division of Homeland Security, in that our borders have become a gateway for drugs, human trafficking, and violence within America.

Just 10-miles from the White House, on the outskirts of our nation’s capital, stands William Wirt Middle School in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

An American middle-school, which has now become a war zone, instigated by members of MS-13, who have infiltrated the school, and are now responsible for the daily gang fights, rampant drug dealing, and one reported rape.

Imagine for a moment an invading foreign army overrunning our country, and that’s what is taking place with hundreds of schools up and down the East Coast of America.

The invading army is MS-13, and they’re as dangerous to our national security interests as any terrorist group currently raising havoc in Europe.

William Wirt Middle School is literally on the “front-line” of a growing crisis within our schools, the rapid and pervasive spread of MS-13 within the school system, and the reluctance of administration officials to actually confront suspected gang members.

A teacher in the school wishing to remain anonymous recently spoke to the Washington Post.

“Teachers feel threatened but aren’t backed up. Students feel threatened but aren’t protected. The school is a ticking time bomb.”

The gang aggressively recruits new students who have recently arrived from Central America. Moreover, the players are well known to school officials; however many teachers will not go public for fear of losing their jobs by administrators concerned more about protecting their image and perhaps losing federal funding.

Principal Rhonda Simley declined requests for an interview. However John White, a spokesman for the county school system, posted an email, “The principal is aware of concerns about gangs in the community, but has not experienced any problems in school.”

A police spokesman also acknowledged that a police officer is on site daily at the school stating, “This is their house, so we’re going to defer to school leadership, if school security isn’t telling us about something, then we don’t know.”

However, the “happy-face” exhibited by school officials, stand in stark contrast to the facts. As of May 1st of this school year, police have been called to the school 74-times, according to law enforcement records.

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  1. Build that wall around Trump

  2. Such bul being pushed by the trumpets to justify,poorly, the horrific times against xhildren at the border

  3. This is the type of element our immigration polices are supposed to filter out. That’s why all immigrants must go through the system.

  4. People: I worked MS13 for four years as an Investigator. There were murerers among them like a dozen other National gangs. These gang members are mostly 3rd generation El Salvadorian. That’s right: born in the USA. It’s about time you folks party up to the real GOP and dump the Trump party. This is the most dangerous gang going for us now. It is definitely not Republican.

  5. This is not compassion. This is a sign of weakness. To tolerate this would encourage more illegals coming. Just watch it.

  6. Peter Tomkinson

    The world waits for Americans to stop beating on each other over petty political issues of no real import and to start dealing cooperatively with the very real social and structural problems wrecking their country.
    There is a reason there are drugs flooding into the US, money to pay for them and a desperate need for the oblivion they provide. This is a US internal problem. Fix the NEED for drugs and the problem fades away.
    There is a reason the poorest and often least educated desperates are trying to find a new life illegally sneaking into the US. They have no other option where they are and the hollywood perception of a rich abundant America is drawing them in. Make the reality the image of the US in the poor countries while helping their home economies provide for these poor and the attraction to risk it all getting to the US will also fade.
    Its not rocket science. It is simple sensible and a ‘help yourself’ process. The richest 1% supported by the top 5% of the US population have gathered too much wealth and power and corrupted government at every level to their select benefit. America did not become great this way so re-balance the economy to the one that spread the wealth more evenly. Only Americans can do this – shut the mainstream media off, the cells phones ans social media too and start talking to each other about the reality please.

  7. Nice post. I used to be checking constantly this blog and I’m
    inspired! Very helpful info particularly the closing section 🙂
    I take care of such information a lot. I used to be looking for
    this particular information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

  8. Thanks for finally talking about >MS-13: “a ticking time bomb” within our schools
    – The Conservative Mom <Loved it!

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