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Merkel’s Germany: 86% want faster deportation of phony asylum seekers

The next time you witness a progressive governor or mayor violating our immigration laws, or worst yet protecting criminal Illegal aliens, as was the case in Oakland California, think how lucky we truly are that we’re not Europe and have Donald Trump as President. In truth, wacko progressives like Mayor Libby Schaaf presiding over sanctuary cities like Oakland, are the exceptions to the rule, and will soon be forced to comply with federal immigration laws, or go to jail.

However, in Europe, the immigration crisis is reaching critical mass. A recent opinion poll just released on Friday in Angela Merkel’s Germany found that 86% of the population support stricter immigration enforcement laws and faster deportation of bogus asylum seekers, while an astounding 62% favor turning back un-vetted refugees at the border.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer sounding like Germany’s version of Donald Trump, is challenging Merkel “open border policy” in what has become open warfare over immigration, and perhaps the swansong of Chancellor Merkel’s government.

The survey spotlights Merkel’s “no questions asked” immigration policy since 2015, allowing more than 1-million refugees, (mostly undocumented), fleeing wars in both Syria and Iraq overrunning the country.

The uncontrolled mass influx has sparked violence within many parts of Germany among the more radical Muslims towards German citizens, which in turn has galvanized a hardcore resistance movement led by Seehofer against Merkel.

Seehofer and his CSU Party of Christian Democrats in the southern state of Bavaria is the main entry point for most refugees entering Germany

The unprecedented split between the two political factions CDU and CSU has fractured the tentative alliance that had once existed between Seehofer and Merkel, with Seehofer now openly defying the German Chancellor, demanding she allow border police to turn back migrants who lack valid identity papers or are already registered in another EU country.

However, Germany is simply a microcosm of a much larger issue taking place all across Europe. Moreover, the issue of immigration is now seen as the most important issue facing the European Union within the entire continent.

Another recent survey conducted for the European Commission in 2018 asked what “are the two most import issues facing the EU at the moment”? Almost 40% of those interviewed said “immigration,” followed by an assortment of other issues.

The number is significant when coupled with the exact same survey in 2017, showing only 26% of the respondents at the time, thought immigration was a major issue, that’s an increase of 14% within just a 12-month period.

Furthermore, the issue of immigration made the top of the list of almost all the countries across the pond. Finland 53%, Greece 50%, Sweden 47%, Italy 47% and in Great Britain 40%.

When it came to the issue of “terrorism” the countries most affected were Poland with 43% of the people fearing a terrorist attack, followed by France 35% and the UK at 35%.

And when asked who caused the “crisis in dealing with the influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq?” The response overwhelmingly was EU, followed by Germany and Sweden.

The survey also asked individuals how “pessimistic” were they regarding the future of their respective countries in dealing with the issue of immigration. France, Britain, Sweden, Greece, and Italy were the most pessimistic, with the numbers ranging between 70 to 80% of individuals believing they have little or no “voice” in deciding the immigration issue.

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  1. Gé van Gasteren

    Could you please give a source for your addition in parentheses in this sentence:
    The survey spotlights Merkel’s “no questions asked” immigration policy since 2015, allowing more than 1-million refugees, (mostly undocumented), fleeing wars in both Syria and Iraq overrunning the country.

    I don’t think you can. Germany is not the USA, after all.

  2. there was way more white criminals before anybody else came to USA….

  3. Not to nitpick but I have a question. If the German people are protesting open borders and refugees to their government, why is that sign written in English? I have no question that the German people are upset about their country being turned into a dumping ground. Perhaps English was used so the message can reach beyond their borders.

  4. Please link to these surveys. I like original sources these days. Too many are promulgating opinion, masked as “news”.


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