Memorial weekend in Chicago: At least 8 dead and many more wounded

Imagine for a moment if the “gun carnage” that took place over the weekend in Chicago, was a mass shooting at a high school, a shopping mall, or perhaps a movie theater somewhere in America. No doubt there would be 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage on all the major news outlets across the nation, experts would immediately be pressed into service giving their analogy of the carnage, and investigators would begin setting up a command post to inform the public with hour to hour coverage.

Moreover, advocates for both gun control and Second Amendment proponents would be campaigning passionately and politically for their respective causes.

However none of that took place in the “windy city” over the 3-day holiday, in fact, most of the major networks hardly reported the carnage, and if they did it was simply a tagline.

The few news outlets that did report the bloody weekend murders did so because of the overlapping news coverage involving Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city’s Fraternal Order of police who came out in large numbers on Wednesday coinciding with their demonstration dubbed “Blue Wednesday in Chicago” protesting the mayor’s growing ambivalence towards them at a City Council meeting to address their grievances

The growing animosity between the mayor and the rank and file police officers was evident during the meeting because of a purposed federal court decree mandating the Chicago Police Department comply with federal oversight, which if instituted gives the federal court jurisdiction over the cities police department.

Chicago police have argued that the decree is more evidence of Emanuel’s bias and incompetence, regarding his anti-police policies, which have turned the streets of Chicago within the inner city into a “killing zone.”

The bloody rampage comes only days after the President tweeted how Chicago police are prevented from doing their jobs because of the mayor’s progressive policies regarding effective police tactics which are no longer being utilized.

“Chicago Police have every right to legally protest against the mayor and an administration that just won’t let them do their job, the killings are at a record pace and tough police work, which Chicago will not allow, would bring things back to order fast … the killings must stop!”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 25th, 2018

The random victims ranged in ages from a 20-year-old young mother shot and killed on her doorstep while celebrating her 2-year-old’s birthday, to a 31-year individual who got into a fight with another man, and was shot and killed.

Among those wounded was a 15-year old kid, walking Sunday night just after 11:00 p.m., off West Cullerton Street when he was suddenly ambushed by a passing dark minivan, and someone in the van shouting a gang-related slogan before firing several rounds hitting the lad twice, once in the back, the other in the hip.

Patrick Murray, union vice president, referenced the mayors disregard for Chicago’s finest stating, “You are more concerned with consent decrees, settlements, pandering to police-hating groups than negotiating a contract with us.

Adding, “Our members are starting to believe you have no intention of negotiating a contract with us until after the next election.”

Ironically Chicago has one of the strictest firearms laws in the country, and yet in 2017, the city saw more than 2,700 shooting incidents, making it one of the leading cities for gun violence in the country.

Political analyst and Chicago native Gianno Caldwell summed up what most critical thinking individuals already know, criminals don’t obey the law.

“That’s where this narrative is so false and is so incorrect. And I don’t understand the insanity of those, especially the Democrat legislators in Illinois and in the city of Chicago,  who believe that if you have the most comprehensive gun control laws on the books, that that will prevent this gun violence that continues to occur,” Caldwell said.

Emanuel is in the midst of an election and running for his third term as mayor.

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  1. I say let’s send David Hogg up there. He can solve all of the gun problems of the world. Just ask him.

  2. Massive shootings are not normal. Our bureaucrats are
    reluctant to take a stand on gun issues which are “ in
    the news” almost everyday.and there is no place these
    horrific actions haven’t occurred.

  3. Franklyn De La Barrera

    Regrettably it’s business as usual, as long as the police Tip Line is silent this will continue to happen. Rohm Emanuel doesn’t seem to be doing anything that is helping. President Trump would no doubt have a solution, but it would not be popular with the bad guys or their families. He could bring those numbers down for sure. He’s the 21st century answer man

  4. Gun control laws only control gun in the hands of legal gun owners. Criminals will NEVER comply with these laws, just as they ignore other laws – which is what makes them CRIMINALS…

    Taking our guns only makes for a target-rich environment for the criminals, who refuse to turn in their guns, or go through background checks.

  5. Oh—just one point of clarification. Mr. Trump, in his May 25th tweet, said that, in referring to Chicago, “the killings are at a record pace”.

    Check your statistics, murders were down 16% in 2017 as compared to 2016 and are down, year to date, 21% in 2018. Also, killings and shootings are down 13 consecutive months as of April 2018. Dubious numbers, certainly, but it might be better if Mr. Trump based his tweets on fact rather than just spraying out misstatements, inaccuracies, lies (call it what you want) that he can be sure will incite his base.

    • Well, John Miller,
      If the numbers are dropping that much we won’t need any gun control will we. Or were you just finding something to pick at Trump with? Don’t waste your time whining like a Democrat get conservative and start shinning.

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