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Chemicals and Mass Hysteria

How the debate on vaccinations is still alive and well on the forefront of medicine and childhood development is absolutely mind-boggling.

It’s a prime example of how planting a seed of doubt can turn into a deep-rooted network of paranoia and bad information. Reason has no place here. As more data and studies come out, buttressing the long-standing notion that vaccinations don’t cause autism or other developmental retardations, such findings only seem to add kindling to the anti-vaxxer flames of resistance.

While many people point to the former gastroenterologist, Andrew Wakefield, as the catalyst behind the war on vaccinations, the reason this debate continues to surface is due to something much broader. At the crux of this fear is a societal misunderstanding of chemicals.

A quick history on vaccines and, subsequently, the war currently waging against them:

The first invention of a vaccine occurred in 1796 in response to small pox that was quite deadly. Dr. Edward Jenner took fluid from a cowpox blister and scratched it into the skin of an eight-year-old boy. A blister formed and the boy was infected but he recovered. Days later, Jenner inoculated the boy again, but this time with a tiny dose of smallpox. The boy never got the illness and the method was proven to be a success.

Almost 150 years later researcher, Dr. Jonas Salk, announces he has successfully created a vaccine against poliomyelitis (more commonly known as Polio). In 1952, this crippling – and sometimes deadly – disease was an epidemic. People lined the streets outside hospital clinics to get their hands on this miracle drug.

Fast forward to 1998 and Andrew Wakefield writes a damaging report claiming there was a direct link between the MMR vaccine and autism. These findings were the result of studying the development and behavior of 12 kids. TWELVE. That’s not even enough kids to conduct a conclusive poll on whether chocolate ice cream is better than broccoli. (But in case you were wondering, it TOTALLY is).

Wakefield’s findings were swiftly discredited, but that didn’t stop people from jumping on the anti-vaxx train to crazy town where they all live happily ever after, posting unsubstantiated memes on mommy blogs.

But this particular topic is just a symptom of a wider spread disease that has become a frustrating trend and misconception in society. And that is this idea that chemicals are “bad.”

The word “chemical” instills a fear and distrust in people that is almost as intense as people’s fear of serial killers. Just the mention of chemicals makes people balk in visceral disgust, which is odd because…

EVERYTHING IS A CHEMICAL. The world is literally comprised of a bunch of chemicals undergoing chemical reactions. YOU are a network of chemicals just living a happy, chemical-filled existence. So, this gross misconception that chemicals are bad for us is a little like saying sex is bad for us. It CAN be if you’re having sex with the wrong person. But generally speaking, sex is not only good for you…it’s necessary to continue life.

The ideology that chemicals are bad for us stems from the healthier, cleaner lifestyle movement. Organic farming actually isn’t a new concept – it was coined in 1940 in response to the use of nitrogen fertilizer and pesticides. In more recent times, the concept of organic has extended out to GMOs, man-made chemicals, and synthetic food products.

To be clear, there is A LOT of validity behind skepticism of food, textiles, and beauty products having consequential effects. The pros and cons of genetically modified foods alone warrant its own, in-depth article.

But this flippant desire to act as though all chemicals are created equal is insane and, potentially, detrimental. And it’s the reason cited by most anti-vaxxers as to why vaccinations are so harmful. Admittedly, a lot of the things found in vaccines sound scary, but only if you don’t put them in the right context.

For example, formaldehyde is a chemical that is toxic in large amounts. But the human body produces it naturally during the metabolic process. Furthermore, the trace amounts found in vaccines have exhaustingly been proven safe.

The reality is, both natural and man-made chemicals have actually benefited the human race and elevated our quality of life in immeasurable ways. And, while there is irrefutable proof that CERTAIN things in our food, beauty, and healthcare products are detrimental to our bodies, we have to recognize that chemicals aren’t all created equally.

Vaccines have saved numerous lives. They also don’t cause autism.

GMO has made food products available to millions of people that would never have had access to food, otherwise.

“Nature made” chemicals can be just as deadly as “man-made” chemicals. The two can also be equally beneficial and good.

If chemical structures are the exact same (whether natural or man-made), your body doesn’t know the difference. It will process it the same way.

Organic doesn’t always mean “healthy.” If you buy organic Cheetos, you’re spending 3 extra dollars on crap that your body will hate you for. “All Natural” does not always equate to “all good”. Tetanospasmin is a natural neurotoxin found in certain bacteria that causes tetanus… which is prevented by….

3 chemicals that are injected into the body!

So, please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop with the chemical paranoia. You are essentially spitting in the face of decades of science and research that have saved millions of lives and improved our quality of life significantly. Be vigilant in sifting through fact and fiction before you make conclusions. Otherwise, you’re just contributing to the dumbing down of society.

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  1. Hi, agree chemicals not inheritantly bad. But where does Autism come from? One theory blames mercury in some vacines that affects developing brains and recommends none of these vaccines until 6 months old, mercury poisoning mimics autism to a tee. I’m 72, don’t remember 1 autistic kid, maybe 1 or 2 ADHD.
    We need to put some genuine research to find causes and solutions!

  2. What a bunch of pure industry propaganda!!!!!
    BTW, which pharmaceutical or bio-tech company do you work for?????
    Aluminum IS a Neurotoxin WHICH KILLS BRAIN CELLS!!!!!
    The FDA states that 25 mcg of Aluminum is safe.
    At birth an infant receives 250 mcg
    At 2 months an infant receives 1225 mcg
    At 4 months an infant receives 975 mcg
    At 6 months an infant receives 1000 mcg
    At 12 months an infant receives 600 mcg
    At 15 months an infant receives 625 mcg
    At 18 months an infant receives 250 mcg
    The total mcg of Aluminum that your baby receives by 18 months from the vaccines that they are injected with is a whopping 4,925 mcg.
    “This is all before a baby’s Blood Brain Barrier has the chance to completely develop so this neurotoxin and others in vaccines have easy access to your baby’s brain!!!!!!!
    As Joseph Mercola, MD put it, “Today, children are vaccinated at birth for HepB and begin their long vaccination-journey at 2 months of age, before the blood brain barrier is fully developed. A review of the medical literature around the world will turn up many articles linking vaccinations with many neurological disorders.””

  3. Who bought you out, all of the autism nowadays which we didn’t have years ago is a direct result of these vaccinations that the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls are giving our precious babies; that and all of the prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, that are infiltrating television commercials like the plague! They inform you of the deadly, in most cases, side effects so that the manufacturers can’t be sued. They even make it easier for you sheeple to obtain them with sometimes zero co-pays and medicare paying for them! Yes “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMERIKA”, your being dumbed-down, drugged-up and your gladly partaking in this deliberate attempt to either kill you off or the making zombies out of you and all the while these reprobates are getting rich too; what a bunch of dumb-(m)ass sheeple being sheared!

  4. ON VACCINATIONS: Your misrepresentation of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s research calls your other sweeping assertions into question. He did NOT claim that there was “a direct link between the MMR vaccine and autism.” Quoting from his 1998 paper, which simply called for further study: “We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. Virological studies are underway that may help to resolve the issues. If there is a causal link between measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and this syndrome, a rising incidence might be anticipated after the introduction of this vaccine in the UK in 1988. Published evidence is inadequate to show whether there is a change…” But the mere suggestion of a possible causal relationship between such a widespread public health practice (indeed, a lucrative monopoly) was enough to ruin him professionally, UNTIL the UK General Medical Council’s charges of misconduct toward him were overturned in 2012 by the England and Wales High Court, completely exonerating him. And, yes, the possible relationship of gastrointestinal issues, the MMR vaccine, and neurological injury in children still bears looking into. Your readers might want to hear Dr. Wakefield speak for himself

  5. Attacking science has become a industry of it’s own. Climate change, vaccines, and evolution. When facts and science don’t support someone’s view. Attack them with conspiracies and misinformation. This only makes everyone less safe.

  6. Eyewitness skeptic

    I was standing there holding my grandson when he was given vaccinations @ almost 2 years old. He went from being a normally developing 2 year old to a complete vegetable in less than 24 hours. You will NEVER convince me differently from what my own eyes saw.

  7. You Very Conveniently leave out the testimony of many other doctors & specialists (not to mention your misrepresenting Andrew Wakefield’s words & ignoring his later EXONERATION) who tell of infants who started showing symptoms of autism HOURS, at most a few days after being vaccinated. (See
    You also Very Conveniently leave out that the vaccine industry in the US has NO legal Medical Liability (unlike with other drugs!), no it’s you & me tax sheeple who cover this…..if vaccines are really so harmless, why must Big Pharma be shielded by the poor tax extortionees ???
    Have you been Soooo dumbed down (to use your words more fittingly) by Big Pharma or are you perhaps on the Glaxo/Novartis/Merck/etc etc payroll???

  8. Whenever I took my children to get these vaccinations
    as they were scheduled for I had to sign off on them
    regardless of the possible side effects of giving them
    to them. Although they were mandatory for going
    to school; I always felt Leary about them and the
    possible side effects which were provided to me in a pamphlet even before the pediatrician administered
    them. Now I have come to learnt mercury contained
    within these vaccines is highly toxic to developing babies and children. This whole vaccination process
    of vaccinating puts new parents in a very awkward
    pisition one way or the other.

  9. Peter Tomkinson

    You might want to check that claim that the boy Jenner gave cowpox to did not suffer any ill effects. I have read in reliable publications that at least two boys under Jenner;s care died as a result of his ‘treatment’.

    When something that is meant to be doing so much good needs defending with a religious type fervor then a full open public enquiry is a must. If vaccines are so safe then there should be no problem with full public disclosure – so why is it not happening?

    • The CDC actually lists what’s in the vaccines on their website. I haven’t look into that yet, but that’s what I was told by a doctor. Ask your doctor to tell you what is in the vaccines, and I’ll bet the doctor won’t be able to tell you. That’s because doctors don’t know what’s in them, they just know they are told to push them on the patients.
      You’re correct, vaccines are not safe. At best they don’t work, and at worst they poison you.

  10. Thank you Susan Morris for telling the truth about Andrew Wakefield.

    The early vaccines I don’t believe contained mercury. Mercury is highly neurotoxic and there is no place in our bodies that benefit from it. I had all my amalgams removed by a trained dentist who knew how to safely remove mercury amalgams.

    I was vaccine injured as an adult when I was in the military. They gave me 8 vaccines all at once and I don’t know what the vaccines were for. I had already had the chicken pox and measles and mumps which gave me lifetime immunity and had the vaccines for polio and smallpox. I had mononucleosis 3 months later and had it for 6 months before it was ever diagnosed. My liver was enlarged and I had pericarditis. I kept going to the doctor week after week complaining that I was tired. He asked me if I had a sore throat. I answered no so he told me I didn’t have mono. Unbeknownst to me, the XO had told him never to find anything wrong with me. I wouldn’t succumb to his sexual advances so he denied the doctor to ever find anything wrong with me. I also had an ulcer that was discovered after I had been out of the military for about 4 years. The radiologist saw the scar on an upper GI I had for epigastric pain.

    I think those vaccines they gave in boot camp was the beginning of the end for me. I developed chronic fatigue syndrome. I had CFS before they ever had a name for it! When I received my honorable discharge I went to a technical college and became a Physician’s Technician and medical assistant eventually ending up with my own practice testing people with chronic illness. I did a plasm amino acid test on me and I was deficient in almost all of the essential amino acids. That is where you get your energy from. The lab that did my test also calculated a formula from your test results that you could consume on a daily basis to correct the amino acid that you were deficient in. It took me 4 years before I could stop taking the formula and still keep my energy.

    I will not ever get any more vaccines. I worked in a blood testing lab and they wanted me to have Hep B vaccines and I refused. My VA doctor wants me to get the flu shot and I told her to put in medical records that I don’t ever want another vaccine for anything for the rest of my life. I have a little card that tells you what’s in the flu vaccine and I gave her one. She didn’t even look at it (at least not while I was there).

    Big Pharma is all about vaccines because they are money makers. They are not required to go through all the testing that other drugs have to go through proving that they are safe and effective. If you’re vaccine injured you can’t sue them. Talk about a double standard!

    For parents out there refusing to vaccinate your children I say good for you. You know how to keep your children safe. So what if they get the chicken pos or measles or mumps? Having those conditions give you life time immunity. The vaccines only protect you for about 10 years and then you need a booster. Your doctor does not even know what is in those vaccines. They don’t read the package insert that come with all drugs. Don’t be bullied into vaccinating your children. Stay strong.

  11. The CDC owns several vaccine patents. That’s a big conflict of interest.

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