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First Lady Melania Trump Stands Up For Children

Just when you thought that she was a silent partner in the Trump duo, Melania proved she has the power to heal and help others in her own way.

She has always stepped up when it came to protecting children. Even prior to becoming the first lady, Melania brought awareness to the dangers associated with the internet and how it harms kids through cyber-bullying.  Standing up for those who don’t have the power to defend themselves is her goal and she is well on her way to creating real change.

The big unveil

The president’s better half will be unveiling her policy priorities this week and they all appear to focus on children. According to her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, “there are many issues facing children today and the first lady’s initiatives will try to help them to handle those challenges.”

Melania has stated in prior speeches that our society is too rough on children and that we are not adequately preparing them for the harsh realities bullying online can present.  She is now ready to put it all on the line by presenting policies that will hopefully limit the amount of harm caused on the internet. In a speech to the United Nations in September 2017, Mrs. Trump talked about an array of issues which affect children around the world; like bullying, poverty, and drug addiction. She even visited a treatment center for babies born with opioid addiction in October.

Fighting the good fight

First lady Trump is not only stepping out to fight for children who are being bullied online, but she is also fighting to keep them drug-free. “Addiction affects children in many different ways,” she stated at the White House, “I have taken a large interest in what I can do to help fight this epidemic.”

Although most fail to see how she can make good on her promise to fight these problems, which have plagued our society for years, she continues to remain optimistic about her ability to make a difference. Showing her courage and strength, Mrs. Trump is pushing onward despite any negative press surrounding her husband. She has taken a stand which proved to the world that she is a force that should be respected and acknowledged for what she can potentially bring to the table.

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  1. Biggest crap I ever heard. Melania is merely the naked plaything Donald bought to enhance his ego. Stop bullying? Start with “president”.

  2. This Must be a joke. She doesn’t care who the president bullies with his tweets; has never voiced concern; OR has NO say in their partnership.

  3. So very proud of our First Lady!

  4. Our First Lady is more than any country could pray to have. We are so fortunate to have a First Lady who is smart, fashionable, knowledgeable, influential and beautiful. We are proud!!

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