How’s Socialism Been Treating You?

Some Americans are excited over the prospect of a socialist president; Bernie Sanders being the top contestant.  “Everyone will have government jobs he grunted in one of his recent speeches.”  Really?

Socialism was introduced in the early 19th century in utopian communities such as the Shakers. It was embraced by individualist anarchist Josiah Warren and labor activists who were mainly British, German, or Jewish immigrants who founded the Socialist Labor Party in 1877.

By 1901, the Socialist Party of America was born.  America has been dealing with socialism in our midst for (over) a century.  Because of our founding documents and principled statesmen in Washington, DC we have been able to thwart off the destructive effects of socialism….that is until the mid-1900s when the social security act was enacted.

This Act signed by then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, a Democrat, was the beginning of the downfall of our Nation as it was intended under the Constitution of the United States, circa 1776.

America had many years of growth, development and prosperity post-WWII, and if the act would have been repealed as it was supposed to be once it reached its sunset, we would probably all be in a better place today. Unfortunately, when you accustom an otherwise prosperous nation to being taken care of, it’s a magnet for complacency.  Instead of saving our own money for our retirement, we give it to the government to manage. How is that socialism treating you folks?

It wasn’t enough that we enacted that monstrosity, but then we also enacted a Medicaid, welfare, food stamp program, along with other so-called social services which only serve the socialists.  There have been billions of dollars in fraud in those programs since its inception, billions of dollars in fraud.

Because again, Americans have allowed this to take place.  I don’t blame the people who take advantage and cheat the system as many do, that’s who those people are.  I don’t even blame the politicians because they are staying in power by giving away these goodies and growing the government. I blame the American people.  We allow it.

We allow it by electing corrupt, weak, thieving politicians and allowing them to remain in office until their retirement.  Some are even dying in office like Ted Kennedy on the Democrat side and it looks like John McCain is going to be the Republican relic to go next.

Socialists are the most patient miscreants on earth.  They slowly poison the society, removing more and more freedom from the individual while amassing more and more power to the state.  Of course, we don’t get to choose who our representatives are.

See, they tell us who will represent and provide for us, because after all, we are incapable of determining what our needs are and how to provide for them.  Socialists are the all knowing advocates of social justice.  Left to your own devices, you are naturally racist, greedy, selfish, unworthy of freedom, and in need of handouts.  In the eyes of a socialist, they are the ones that know what is best and by God, they are going to make you conform.

People who are weak and feeble minded willingly cheer Bernie Saunders, they follow him like sheep to the slaughter.  The ones that balk are immediately shut down, first by limiting your speech (like Facebook and Twitter do).  That’s how it starts.  You can’t say this or you can’t say that, its racist, homophobic, anti muslim, sexist, misogynistic, and on and on.  Then they work tirelessly in the taking of your gun rights.

Notice that in all socialist country speech and weapons are the two rights quashed before the take over starts.  And you have Americans who allow themselves to be shut down, and for their gun rights to be dictated by the same people that are working towards transforming America from a free society, to a socialist hellhole.  It’s absolute insanity.

Read up Saul Alinsky, read up on Karl Marx.  See if it does not sound exactly like what is going on right now.  Open your eyes!  We are at a crossroads folks; we are losing our country.  Our Borders are porous and our immigration laws are antithetical to the Constitution.

By the thousands Hondurans travel through Mexico and arrive at our borders, bringing with them disease, drugs, illiteracy, and who knows what else.  But like idiots, we allow it.  They are winning because we are letting them.  Every single American should contact their representative and tell them enough.  We are too comfortable watching our Netflix, and reality tv, playing video games and watching porn.

Poor pathetic people, they don’t know how valuable their freedom is until they are totally ruled by the State.

About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. The average American is a follower. We need strong people to lead us. I am a follower. I would back any strong leader that shares my values and vision for this country. Go President Trump. #MAGA

  2. Excellent!

  3. It was created in 1935, not 1945. It was created during the great depression. I think the Social Security act is fine for people who have worked their whole lives and have paid into the system as PART of a retirees income, as a supplement to your 401 K and retirement funds and those who are lucky enough to have a pension. When combined with a persons own savings it is fine as a “supplement”. the problem is too many people are naïve and think they can live off of it and do not do adequate planning and saving. Where I agree with you is the “disability” part of it where people scam off of it where able bodied people refuse to get a job because they scam off the disability portion of the act. same thing with Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, etc…Our great welfare state does promote complacency no question. The politicians allow this to happen because they exchange free goodies for votes, that is how they stay in power under the guise of compassion. they do not feel any compassion for the sick and less fortunate or for the illegal immigrants pouring into the country. they allow them to come in and collect free goodies because they know they will have a democrat voter for life. It is disgusting. There used to be a time when people refused to accept charity. it was degrading. people had pride in themselves and were self sufficient. they used their talents that God gave them to take care of themselves. Now everybody is looking for a handout. Anytime the smallest thing goes wrong they open up a go fund me account to beg for money. No pride. no shame. A recent poll showed 46 percent of Americans support Bernie Sanders job and health care program. What a sham and shame on anybody for supporting this. If everybody gets a free 15 dollar an hour job with free health insurance nobody will work. Business will shut down across America. Who is going to work for a wage if the government is going to hand out free paychecks. No business will be able to survive this and as a result we will be faced with a second great depression, possibly worse than the one in the 1930’s.

  4. I love my socialism! I drive my children to socialist public schools in a car paid for by a union job, on socialist roads. I call the socialist police when there is trouble and rely on the Socialist Fire Dept in case of medical or other emergency. All in all, life is pretty good. Thanks for asking.
    In fact 9 of the top 10 most socialist Countries , Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zeland , and Belgium sound down right idyllic compared to our country of guns , violence, and Ayan Rand’s “ every man for himself “ culture.
    Besides, taking care of the weakest amung us seems to be the Christian thing to do. Feeding the weak and needy, providing healthcare to those incapable of providing or taking care of themselves seems like something Jesus would want us to do. Even President Trump campaigned on “ everyone is going to have big beautiful healthcare that is better and cheaper”.
    Call me crazy, but I love the direction this is taking in emulating more progressive Coutries.

  5. Check your history. Constitution was not “circa 1776” but actually not in effect until 13 years later.
    Check your facts – “in all socialist country speech and weapons are the two rights quashed before the take over starts.” Examples? And how is your speech being quashed?

    • Sounds Pretty much like Britain to me… No guns, No freedom of Speech and Obscenely Politically correct. Before you go telling me I’m Wrong.. Do some Research.. They Don’t have a per-say Bill of rights that Is even close to ours and Yes they are a Socialist Country.

  6. Yes, We The People approved of the Social Security robbery from the very beginning. The 1936 election was a referendum for the Social Security Act of 1935, in which We The People re-elected FDR with 523 electoral votes to Landon’s 8 electoral votes. It was 61% of the popular vote for FDR. His Democratic congress was also re-elected. The Social Security Act of 1935 was CLEARLY an intentional move by Government to increase government revenue without calling it a tax, which it has done very successfully nearly every year since then. We The People returned the quintessential socialist of his day to power in 1936, 1940, and 1944 just as We The People did again in 1964 with LBJ and again in 2008 and 2012 with BHO — and along the way many Republicans who weren’t substantially different.

    To solve the problem of recurring SS revenue shortfalls, Congress has repeatedly increased the Social Security tax burden on both employers and employees to keep the system solvent. The Social Security tax started out as two percent of the first $3000 of earnings of each employee (one percent paid by each the employer and the employee). Today the tax is 12.4 percent of the first $127,200 of earnings (which is 263 times the original amount or a 26,000% increase — yes, that’s twenty-six thousand percent).

    During its first ten years (1937 to 1946), the Social Security surpluses increased Federal receipts by an average of 14% and reduced the budget deficit by 8%. This is exactly what the politicians of the 30s expected. But there was so much more revenue to come. During the Kennedy/Johnson administration (1961 to 1973), Social Security surpluses reduced the budget deficit by 14%, and during the Clinton administration (1993 to 2001), by 5%. George Bush struck it rich reaping an average Social Security surplus windfall of about 172 billion dollars reducing his annual deficit by 40%, while Obama had to struggle along on 54 billion per year reducing his deficit by 6%. The bottom line is that Social Security has been monumentally good for growing government — much better than the originators could ever have imagined.

    We have known since 1936 that the SS Trust Fund was a scam. The funds were maintained as a special federal debt that was not marketable, and the money was immediately spent for the expansion of the US Government. The problem is that, in a time when the Government budget is running a deficit, which has been consistently the case for the last fifty years and appears to extend indefinitely into the future, the Government can repay these Social Security bonds only by borrowing the money. In other words, the 2.9 trillion dollars presently in the Social Security Trust Fund isn’t really there. It has all been spent on Government operating expenses over the last eighty years. Our grandparents, our parents, we, and our children have all known this. We have all known that once SS benefits exceed SS revenue, every dollar we take out of the SSTF will have to be matched by one dollar borrowed by the US Government — unlike the real assets backing up liabilities in the hated-by-socialists private sector. This makes the SSTF just another worthless lie in an annual government report. We are headed for a cliff in the 2020s when one or more of the following will have to happen: 1) SS benefits will be dramatically reduced, 2) SS tax will be dramatically increased, or 3) federal debt will be dramatically increased.

    And we have all agreed to this. Decade after decade, we have voted to increase the amount of our SS-stolen earned income. Can you imagine? Thieves steal your money, year after year, and frequently asks you to allow them to increase their theft, based on their promise that they will give it back to you some day — and this goes on for 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years — and we keep giving them more and more. And now we say it belongs to us? What kind of numbskulls (I’m being kind here) are We The People?

    This is a profile of socialism at work.

  7. I agree that we need to elect people who represent us. I think there is a disconnect between the government and the people. In a democratic republic like ours, we are the government. But most people do not feel we have a government by the people, for the people, anymore. Too many congress people are beholden to large campaign contributors, they are not working for the people anymore. it creates a government that is separated from its people. And gerrymandering has created congress people who are not beholden their constituents. Congress’ approval rating is 20% or less, yet nearly 90% of congress is re re-elected every year.

    Something is definitely wrong, however I do not think having programs that help elders, children, and disabled will turn our country socialist.

    Social Security is not a retirement plan, its poverty prevention for Seniors and the disabled. I am glad that we do not have a bunch of poor elderly, disabled people and children begging in the streets. I have done mission work in countries who do not have programs like social security and medicare and it is not pretty.

    I know several people, who at one time were very successful independent business people, whose lives were turned on a dime by a serious health condition. I for one am glad that we have programs like medicare and social security for people who are ill and disabled and can no longer work. I hope that I never need those programs, but am glad they are available for the people who do need them.

    I suspect if you look around, there are people all around us who are benefiting from these programs. Our parents or grandparents?, friends, children of friends, Do you know any disabled people? How do their families afford their medical care, rent and food?

    My retired parents use medicare, I think we would be bankrupt, or they would be dead, without it.

    Are you fully funding your parents medical care? 99% of working age Americans would not be able to pay for the medical care that their parents get.

    Unless you are native american, the porous border has served you and your ancestors well.

  8. Trevor Bending

    Is this rubbish what Conservative Moms want to read?

  9. Do you really believe citizens of Scandinavian countries have lost political freedom? They have not. But they are free from suffocating costs of medical care, student loans, and fear of no one caring for them when old age senility or infirmities occur. Oh, And their children 5 year olds do not have to endure shooter drills cowering in the corner of their classroom because the likelihood of someone having a gun is so much less because of gun restrictions. They do not fear their governments because government is of the people as it is here.

    • Jane,
      I pray that you are right in the long run. I believe that your hybrid form of free-market capitalist socialism can work in your small, monocultural society. But now you are growing your multicultural component that does not share your foundational values. No society can host two dominant cultures or even a second large, growing, and aggressive culture that rejects the basic tenets of the dominant culture. In a couple decades we will know how your hybrid socialism culture is working out in the new society you are growing into. Good luck.

  10. Melody Thompson

    Why can’t I share your articles on FB?

  11. Dave Bronstein

    So Candy: will YOU accept your Social Security payments when your time comes to collect? Or reject them for consistency’s sake?

  12. Excellent article. I agree, and have been trying for a long time to wake up those around me. Letters to my representatives and senators have done precious little but I continue to write anyway. We each have to do what we can and work together as much as possible to preserve our precious freedoms and save our nation from those who would snatch it from us. I am so grateful for what my dad and many other brave American soldiers did in WW II to protect us. Now we must do our part to protect our children and grandchildren. May God help us and give us success.

  13. I live in a democratic socialist country, which has free hospital, medical & subsidized dental.
    We also have proved that it is possible to get rid of guns and have survived quite well since that occurred.
    It may well be too late for this in USA, however, we have not had a mass shooting since and we have never had a school shooting in the history of white settlement, some 200+ years.

  14. Well if encyclopedias and word-smithing were your “thing,” Candie, you’d know that FDR signed the Social Security Act in August of 1935.

    And if our current Constitution came about “circa” 1776, then how come Washington didn’t become President until 1789, nearly 13 years later? It’s because the U.S. Constitution is the Second Charter of the United States. What was the First Charter, and why was it replaced? Read your history, Candie!

  15. BRAVO! Agree 100%!

  16. Right on!
    But a couple of the dates you mentioned are wrong. FDR signed the Social Security bill in 1935, not 1945 (that was the year he died.) And the Constitution was written in 1787, after the United States had won their independence from England.

  17. Over the Next Decade

    All of us “little people”,
    Yes we, the normal folk,
    Must live within our meager means
    While you laugh like it’s a joke?!
    Because for all your talk
    Of fiscal responsibility,
    Your actions to that end
    Reveal you stubbornly determined inability
    To live up to those words!
    Yet you continue to bloviate and blather
    To justify your plan over the next decade
    With all the sincerity of Dan Rather.*
    …and it’s all our fault
    Because we let them get away with it.
    Because while we pay, they are bought
    …and all we get is shit
    As we hypnotically, robotically
    Throw more good money after bad.
    It is time for us to wake up
    And authoritatively demand,
    “All of your smarmy, asshole, jerkoff, scumbags work for us!”
    “And you had better fix this now or we will crush”
    “Any hope you ever had”
    “To occupy the People’s House”
    “Because we too have a plan before the next decade”
    “At the ballot box to vote you out!”

  18. Excellent article, I will send it to a bunch of left wingers that I know.

  19. Your article is complete trash. There is a big difference between Socialism and Social Programs. Do you want a country of non-educated poor people? Do you want the elderly out on the street corner panhandling for money? Do you want to pay for your own private police, garbage pickup, education, fire department, and all the social services that you currently receive? If that is what you want just take a look at any of the poorest countries in the world to view the conditions they live under. You would have been the same had it not been for social programs. What United Statesians need to do is call for more and better social programs, like universal healthcare just like every other first world nation in the world has.

  20. Mike DeMoss, Attorney


    History of the Communist Party and 4 Questions.

    During the Second World War, when the United States and the Soviet Union were wartime allies, membership of the Communist Party in America reached 75,000. After the war the situation completely changed.

    The “Alien Registration Act” was used against the American Communist Party.

    On July 20, 1948, twelve (12) Communist Party leaders were arrested and charged under the “Alien Registration Act”.

    This Law, passed by Congress in 1940, made it illegal for anyone in the United States “to advocate, abet, or teach the desirability of overthrowing the government”.

    After a nine month trial, the leaders of the American Communist Party were found guilty of violating the Alien Registration Act and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

    The activities of the “House on Un-American Activities Committee” and “McCarthyism” also had a detrimental effect on membership, and by 1957 membership had fallen to 10,000. The “Daily Worker” also ceased publication in 1957.

    After his release from prison the General Secretary of the Communist Party ran for president in 1968, but received only 1,075 votes. He was also the party’s candidate in 1972 and 1976 when he obtained 58,992 votes. In 1984 the vote dropped to 36,386 votes, and in 1988 the Communist Party gave its support to Jesse Jackson in his bid to obtain the nomination of the Democratic Party.

    Question 1:

    Where is the Communist Party (in America) today?


    At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, by a voice vote, “God” was removed from the Democratic Party Platform, but the voice vote was overridden by a political maneuver.

    In 2016, Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, would have been the Democratic candidate for President, but removed by political maneuvering.

    In 2017, Antifa * (see note below), commonly identified as a “Neo-Communist” (Anti-Capitalist) Anarchist Group has been embraced by many Democrats.

    Question 2:

    What are the basic tenets of Communism?


    Socialism (Anti-Capitalism) and Atheism.

    Question 3:

    Is it possible that the Democratic Party is being secretly infiltrated?



    Question 4:

    What will you do about it?


    Fill in the blank: _____________________ !

    Note: See THE EPOCH TIMES newspaper; August 24-30, 2017 pages A1 and A12 – Issue 161 ( ). This article is entitled: “Communist Infiltration: The Communist Origins of the Antifa Extremist Group”, written by Joshua Phillip; and Christian Watjen contributed to this story.

  21. Mike DeMoss, Attorney

    “ Socialism works . . . Until you run out of other people’s money. “. Margaret Thatcher, Former Prime Minister of England.
    The reason socialism fails? The slow, but inevitable, erosion of incentive.
    The solution to most problems ( poverty, lack of education, etc ) is a 4 letter word : WORK.

  22. Quote: There have been billions of dollars in fraud in those programs since its inception, billions of dollars in fraud.

    Yet you deliberately refuse to mention the umpteen trillions that BIG BUSINESS has fraudulently stolen from the American People over the years. Most especially evident from post GFC with all the (cough, cough) financial dogs of Wall Street creaming it from their corrupt dealings.

    Sorry to say this but… Hypocrite much?

  23. Mostly are missing the MESSAGE… Ben, Paul, Dave etc…. The country is in the ‘sheeter’ because in part of these 80+ SOCIALIST programs that tax the hard working and let the riff raff slide due to no accountability. Ex. Massachusetts, perhaps THE wackiest state along with CA, held a celebratory party in their social services dept for signing up a RECORD number of people to WELFARE. W-T-F. So, get your heads out of your micro bubbles (correcting a date, or saying socialist countries are great (nope – Canada healthcare, personal experience), and see the global pic being mentioned. How Do some of you function daily, wow. jmho.

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