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South Korean president believes Trump should receive Nobel Peace Prize

For the first time in almost 70-years, North and South Korea may “officially” end the hostilities between the two divided countries (which seemed like an impossibility just a few short months ago). This is in part thanks to the olive branch extended by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to denuclearize the peninsula and the monumental summit meeting between the two leaders on Friday.

These unbelievable whirlwinds and extraordinary historical events should still be taken with a grain of salt or perhaps the operative word would be with “cautious optimism”.

Moreover within this dramatic backdrop of bluster, threats, saber-rattling and tensions President Trump has suddenly emerged as the driving force for peace between these two nations. The remarkable turn-around by the North Korean leader can best be summed up in perhaps one word “fear.” Fear of losing his régime if he continued on his suicidal course of provocation.

Kim, perhaps for the first time in his 34-years, realized his threats only solidified President Trump’s resolve and the need to use force, which would almost guarantee a régime change.

This President, unlike his predecessor, didn’t speak of red-lines in the sand and then walk away, this President by every indication means what he says, and says what he means.

Moreover the historic moment on Friday wasn’t lost on South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in, who expressed that President Trump should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, regardless of what takes place at their meeting between the North Koran dictator and President Trump expected to be held in May or early June.

Moon’s endorsement for a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump, came while the South Korean leader was meeting with senior staff members Monday and received a telegram from former First Lady of South Korea Lee Hee-ho, congratulating him for the historic meeting on Friday with Kim, when the subject of the Nobel Peace Prize came up.

“It’s really President Trump who should receive it,” Moon was quoted by his office as saying.

That sentiment was even echoed at home on Sunday by South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, who isn’t always friendly to the President, however on this occasion acknowledged if Trump “can lead us to ending the Korean War” while “getting North Korea to give up their nuclear program” in a verifiable way then he “deserves the Nobel Peace Prize and then some.”

No doubt those statements of President Trump receiving a Nobel Peace Prize will have the rabid left exploding and foaming at the mouth

The irony of course is that just 7-years ago the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Peace Prize to Barack Obama. At the time Obama was in office less then one year, however the Committee nevertheless decided to award the prize for what they believed “he would accomplish” and actually NEVER DID. In fact Obama’s “leading from behind” foreign policies and his incompetence in dealing with Iraq formed the foundation for the unprecedented growth of ISIS, and the bloodletting that followed, combined with his disastrous handling of Syria, and the catastrophic nuclear deal with Iran, and his willful disregard of North Korea.

Don’t look for Norway anytime soon to bestow the Nobel Peace Prize to President Trump, they’re a radical leftwing political organization pretending to be what they’re not…”a humanitarian apolitical institution.”

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  1. Dave Bronstein

    A lasting peace? Not likely. The groper in chief wants every prize before he dies.

    • Only a fool, a moron, or a Clinton. Clone Clown would say something so frickin stupid. Trump succeeded in pretty much everything he has done so far to help OUR country to get back on track and your Clinton Clowns just can not hey over the fact that your evil queen fat butt droopy drawyers Hildabeast LOST

  2. He hasn’t done so well with Israel and Palestine has he? He’s actually made things worse so anyone implying he should get a peace prize is out to lunch.

  3. I would be surprised if the Nobel Committee awards medals to people who use fear and intimidation to get their desired results.

    If the Korean’s work out a peace deal, then Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un would likely be nominated for Peace Prizes.

    But there are a lot of big IF’s in that happening.

    Its quite likely N. Korea has created a nuclear waste site that is leaking all over the place and they need help correcting it. And we will help them because its good for everyone to get that stuff contained.


  5. You’re kidding, right? He’s done nothing but antagonize the majority of world leaders since he’s been in office.

  6. I think “cautious optimism” is in order at this time. Since North Korea has broken every agreement previously, a wait and see attitude is more realistic. If Trump pulls it off, then good for him and he will deserve the prize.

    On the other hand, it would be nice, just once, if he could say anything with being compelled to “trash” the Obama administration in the statement. Just once.

  7. Thanks very much, enjoy!

  8. I still can’t believe that humpty trumpty (I used lower case to express my disrespect for trumpty dumpty) is president. We the People, have not only lost the ability to think for yourself and use some common sense and elect people that have some integrity to represent them, or have enough courage to vote none of the above, if all the candidates suck, and they all suck, and have sucked for a long time. You are the most gullible fucking idiots and don’t even know it. This country is gonna’ be unsecure and unstable and will keep going to shit until WE the PEOPLE quit letting the political terrorist do as they please. you hired them and you can fire them. The people you have elected to represent you have no interest in improving anything except their position and financial status. They want too make you think that ISIS, Syria and any other Muslim / Islamic faction are a threat to us, if they were gonna’ attack us they would have already, they don’t give a fuck who they fight, as long as they fight. that is what they have done for centuries and they will keep at it until they are dead. Our politicians, and corporate CEO’s / lobbyist are the real terroristic threat. One last thing, for college educated man trumpty sure is a fucking dumb ass.

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