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God is the Ultimate Home Stager

On April 3, 2018, I wrote about Rose and her family (When God Shows Up) who arrived in the U.S. from Venezuela in December 2017 on a medical visa for new treatment through the MS (Muscular Sclerosis) Foundation.  The family arrived to an empty one bedroom with two air mattresses and their suitcases.

A friend of Rose’s contacted the WSW Ministries in Weston, Florida to see if they could help the family, since Rose was wheelchair bound and they had limited means.  Rose’s husband began working in construction to cover the rent payment, but beyond that, they had no means to furnish the apartment.  After visiting the family on April 2, 2018, WSW Ministries set the wheels in motion.

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Only food and household goods were paid for by the ministry’s funds. After purchasing the needed food provisions, we formed a prayer circle at the apartment and prayed.  We asked God to open the way for the rest of the needs of this family.  Before we left that afternoon, Pastor Christine, took a picture with Rose. Although she was smiling, you could see the worry on her face.  The greatness of God’s providence showed up through the WSW Ministry.  Rose was speechless when the next day a bedroom set (including two nightstand lamps) was donated and delivered to her apartment.

It didn’t stop there, last week, a living room and dinette set was donated to the ministry as well as two counter stools, a recliner, sofa pillows, end tables, lamps, television, DVD player, tv table and even wall decor for good measure, all just the right size for the space Rose had to be furnished.  These items were delivered to Rose and her family this week.

But the gifting continued.  On Monday, the ministry received a pac n play and stroller.  Because no one had asked for these items, the ministry was going to prepare the donation to be shipped to the Bahamas.  The next day, WSW got a call from Rose letting us know she could use….you ready for this…a playpen and a stroller for her baby.  We had literally just received that donation, the day before her call.  If that is not the Hand of Providence, then what is?

The apartment looks completely different and things are looking up for this family.  As we serve our neighbors, we grow spiritually.  This is not something the government can provide, our nation was not established for government to provide for us, but for us to be self-reliant.  The Bible calls on us to help thy neighbor and friends. Through faith in God, the ultimate home stager and provider, all things are possible.

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About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. God always guides us…sometimes, before we know of the needs, sometimes, after, but HE never fails!!

  2. Beautiful! I love how The LORD works and answers our needs before we even voice them.

  3. Gary A. Fowler

    The United States is still a rich nation. At $21 trillion in debt, however, not even counting future liabilities, it won’t be for much longer.

    When people who have, know that legitimate non-profits are asking for donations for other people in need, the “haves” tend to be generous to the “have nots.” More than a few someones had some stuff sitting in an attic for years. By donating, they can get a tax write-off. It’s nothing more wondrous than that.

    C’mon, people, stop being controlled by your religious meeting places. Virgins don’t get pregnant today, and they didn’t then, either. Jesus could turn water into wine? Yeah, sure, and my cat can turn her poop into gold. God might as well be Santa Claus, and Jesus Christ might as well be the Easter Bunny. There isn’t any such thing.

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