Conservative Solves “Climate Change” At Berkeley Conference

No matter what side of the climate change controversy you are on, one thing is for sure, solar energy is by far the very best source of energy for our planet.

It shines from the heavens and has been a source of energy for the world for 4.5 billion years. According to scientists at NASA, the sun has a life expectancy of about another 5 billion years.  As we know, without the sun, plant life would die, animals that rely on plant life would also perish and humans would soon follow.

The sun provides many benefits to mankind.  For instance, it provides us with Vitamin D, enhances our mood, and lowers our blood pressure. The sun lights our day and shines on us even when there is cloud cover.  While there are also some negatives, caused by overexposure to this fiery star’s UV rays and the extreme heat; the pros outweigh the cons.

With current advances and new technologies, the solar panel industry is forging ahead with incredible abilities to harness the power of this amazing star and convert it to (clean) energy for mankind.  For years, I have had an interest in solar power for my personal use at home.  With energy bills reaching as high as $400 per month, in sunny South Florida, the concept of solar panels is very enticing.

On a personal level, the investment would be a bit costly initially. When I visited to ascertain how much I would save if I invested in solar panels, I was amazed at the findings.  For my home, the savings amounted to about $3,567 per year.  I would also save 11.11 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year, that would be equivalent to planting 77 trees annually and an equivalent of driving 27,095 fewer miles per year.  Imagine if we all invested in solar power!

One a bigger scale, there is currently an impressive plan in place to move us into solar power and away from fossil fuels. Here are the two phases offered by 

Phase I – 2500 square mile Tract of Solar “Farmers Market”

The government provides the land (chosen from over a million square miles of federal land), basic infrastructure and transmission lines to the grid. Entrepreneurs can lease land, install solar energy and get a monthly paycheck as soon as the first panel is installed. The bureaucracy and other barriers to entry disappear.

All equipment must be produced in the U.S., which provides incentive and critical mass for private industry to build manufacturing of solar panels on a large scale.

Prices go down (goal is 80%). If necessary, provide another 2500 square mile track.

Solar becomes the cheapest energy source by far.

Phase II – “Micronetworked” power, national net metering

Universal net-metering – anyone who plugs in can push power back into the grid, and get paid. Small business owners, farmers, homeowners, individuals are invited to make extra cash by buying cheap solar energy panels and plugging into the grid.

Develop the technology and standards.

This makes the technology fluid, and exportable.


Currently, the only adversity to solar power is the initial cost and the output. However, EnergyNet has a plan in place that solves both of those issues.

Additionally, think about the benefit of reducing our reliance on fossil fuel.  With a thriving solar power industry, the price of gas at the pump will drop significantly.  Of course, OPEC will not be pleased.  The benefit of lowering the price at the gas pump alone would dry up the stream of billions of U.S. dollars flowing into the middle east which then funnels millions upon millions of dollars to terrorist groups.

According to Tim Kaelin, ex-CIA operative and climate change skeptic, his proposal should appeal to both sides of the climate change controversy. It will drastically reduce the “greenhouse gases” that are a byproduct of burning fossil fuel and will do so by creating a free-market solution based on private investment.  This coming Saturday, April 21, 2018, Mr. Kaelin will be a keynote speaker at the Tenth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses in Berkley, California, where world scientists will gather to address a range of issues dealing with climate change and mankind’s impact.

Private corporations are now also on board with harnessing the power of the sun to reduce their footprint on the planet.  One such mega-corporation is Walt Disney World. They have invested significantly towards solar panel power and reducing the carbon footprint its organization uses to run its theme parks on an annual basis.

Harnessing the power of the sun to benefit mankind has come a long way.  With visionaries such as Mr. Kaelin, we now have a “real workable” plan in place that will move us from imagining it to actually achieving it.  Together we can demand that our government embraces this clean source of energy, for the benefit of our Nation, mankind and the planet as a whole.

Want to learn more? Check out Tim Kaelin’s book for free at

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  1. Nothing but hypocrites….does it matter who did what? typical ‘redneck’…make everything divisive. Ignorant arrogant biblepunching MORONS who do not have a clue what they want. just listen to the liberal way and the world would b a way better to live than the archaic ways of CONServatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Total madness- no real figures included in this proposal. Superconductive wires are not cost 150% more like 1000%+ of regular wires because they require expensive conduits with ongoing cryofluid supply- ridiculous number of nitrogen plants needed to be built. The biggest elephant in the room is batteries- which there isn’t enough materials in world- not without prices sky-rocketing. Batteries have where near enough capacity for their cost- 1/1000 of the energy for cost need and who want these enormous bombs to be near their homes as they would need to be. Just another government and private cash grab really- he will produce nothing and disappear- sounds like a normal senior CIA person- they are all useless.

  3. Never expected this level of ignorance on this site. I’m off

  4. About NASA, the sun has a life expectancy of about another 5 billion years; That is meaningless. The Sun works on a loss of mass through its fusion reactions. In 200 million years, the Sun will have lost so much mass it will expand to be closer to Earth and turn the surface of Earth to 800 degrees. In one billion years, it will expand to the orbit of Earth. We have about 10 million years to leave Earth or Humans perish.

    Electricity is very susceptible to line loss unless it is boosted to the millions of volts. I lived off-grid but I had LP gas water heater, cooking stove, lights, and yes.. an LP refrigerator and freezer.

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