Bulletproof Children At School

When cell-phone videos surfaced from the Parkland shooting where students were crouched on a classroom floor with the sound of gunshots echoing in the background, it motivated parents to find ways to better protect their kids when they send them off to school.

There are practical, long-term answers of course, including voting for lawmakers who back sensible gun restrictions, which most Americans support to a degree. (A recent Pew poll found that the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans are in favor of preventing the mentally ill from purchasing guns, as well as background checks for private and gun-show sales.)

I interviewed a former North Carolina Sherriff and asked him what it would take to help stop some of the gun violence in schools.  His response is what we’ve heard many Conservatives across the United States already say, “the only way to fight a bad man with a gun is with a good man with a gun.”

Regardless of how you think gun violence should be stopped, protecting children is a priority which is why many parents are turning to bulletproof backpacks; however how much protection they actually offer is up for debate.

“[Our bulletproof backpacks] sold out within three days of the Parkland, FL shooting,” Yasir Sheikh, the president of Guard Dog Security, a personal defense product company, said about its sales following the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Guard Dog Security began selling bulletproof bags five years ago, after 20 children and six adults were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. He says that sales have been consistent — not surprising, considering that more than 400 people have become victims of school shootings since then. He also says that the company typically experiences a spike in sales in the days following a mass shooting. “Sometimes we see it instantly, sometimes it’s a few days afterward,” he explains.

Most bulletproof backpack manufacturers are capable of stopping a 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45 caliber hollow point ammunition and more.

The plate that is in most children’s bulletproof backpacks, however, is rated for pistols, not necessarily rated for rifles.  An AR15 rifle was the weapon used in the Parkland school shooting.  When the bulletproof backpack was tested with the AR15, the bullets went right through the backpack, leaving it “shredded”.

SWAT officers tend to have a trauma plate that’s about six to eight inches by six to eight inches. Children wouldn’t need that large of a trauma plate, but considering the number of school shootings, it’s a question of how can students better protect themselves, and if they would hold the backpack up for safety if (God forbid) there was a shooting.

There’s no downside to a bulletproof backpack even if it doesn’t guarantee physical safety.

Many parents have been working with their local schools to donate money for help purchasing devices that may benefit students and teachers if they find themselves in a hostage situation with a gunman.

There are other devices that parents are buying, like The Rampart bar.  This handy device will safely secure a door from the inside, making it almost impossible for an intruder to gain entrance to the classroom.   Another product that’s making its ways into schools is The Sleeve.  This device can slide over the door closer arm to help secure a room from an invader gaining access.  Parents can also purchase insert pads that can turn their children’s existing backpacks into a bulletproof bag.

Regardless of if you will be purchasing a product or device for your schools or children, it’s clear to see we need to start preparing kids for the real dangers that are out there.

About Katherine Rez

For many years Katherine spent her much of her time journaling for fun, reading books, and writing several short stories for adults, and children. She eventually found herself in a career writing high-level processes and procedures for corporate and startup businesses. Combined with her love of health, American values, and family, she now writes for a variety of websites from health and entertainment, to news and politically driven websites.


  1. So, will kids start running to their backpacks for protection?
    Will schools make it mandatory that children wear bullet proof backpacks while on campus and the next thing you know children will develop back problems.
    IMHO, the best way to bullet proof America’s children is to keep them out of public schools and gun-free zones…these “shootings” will continue until our second amendment rights are taken away or citizens give them up.
    Smith-Mundt Modernization Act…gave the thumbs up for govt to initiate legal propaganda “false flags” against American citizens.
    By law, our govt can lie to us.

    • I hate all these schools being shot up, BUT taking away the 2nd amendment is not going to keep the schools safe. The law abiding people without guns are defenseless. The gangs will keep them and so will criminals. They made heroin illegal but do you see all the drug dealers and users lining up to turn it in…I don’t know where you are from but we don’t have them lining up for disposal. You say the best way to bullet proof our children is to keep them out of public schools…What!! Then you say we should have gun free zones. How is that gonna help anything, the schools are gun free zones already and didn’t help the HS. We need better control so they can’t fall in the wrong hands.

  2. How about preparing our children for these dangers by teaching them the golden rule at a very early age and reinforcing it every day of their young lives. If the kids who perpetrated these crimes were befriended by their classmates. If they felt included and liked maybe they wouldn’t have felt the need to kill anyone.

    • The problem with a lot of the kids today are their parents. Children mirror their parents. We have parents being a bully because of different views, politics, and religion, If parents see some one with a handicap and make a smartass remarks, our children don’t learn to accept those that are different. I saw a young woman who was shopping with her mom. I talked with her and she was so happy. The mom says she is use to having people share and make nasty remarks. She also said most of them are adults and again children mirror their parents. We need to bring family values back. If an adult can’t play nice how can we teach our kids that there are people in the world that are different but it’s ok.

  3. I say what is da purpose for having a gun? Collection, to killl animals and humans, show, gun range, deterent(against who or what)…..so funny which group of people who r fighting for their rights to own a gun….crazy thoughtless biblepunching hypocritical rednecks who have no clue what they r doing on earth, preaching for peace and yet wanting bullshit amendment, policies, etc to keep killing people because of uneducated deplorables going backwards

    • Fred kolybaba- so what is the purpose for alcohol, which kills 30 people per day on our streets? What is the purpose for tobacco which kills 450,000 Americans every year? What is the purpose for the opioid trade which kills 5 people every hour? What is the purpose for legalization of recreational marijuana which is destroying the minds of our children? What is the purpose for vehicles which can exceed the maximum speed limit by double, killing tens of thousands on our highways? The people fighting for their rights to own guns are law abiding citizens who have to work for a living to enjoy their rights, hunting to put food on their table, joining clubs and trading stories, like car owners and other hobbyists. Using a gun to protect oneself happens between 500,000 and 2 million times per year. Unless you live in utopia it could happen to you. Hunting is a tradition dating back to the founding of this country when you had to hunt to eat. Unless you are a vegan you have animals killed for your dinner table every day and on a massive scale. The people doing the killing are criminals and mental defects which are already excluded from gun ownership. Keep insulting the majority of Americans by calling us deplorable and we’ll keep on electing people like Trump.

    • Take a chill pill. The majority of people with guns are good people.

    • The people you are talking about don’t shoot up school! It’s the crazies that go get a gun and do that! Guns will always be gotten illegally! Ours is to protect us! We’ve had so many nuts in the government talking about One World Order and terrorists killing people, or home invasions, robbery, etc. We just want to protect ourselves! We always had a gun in my house growing up, kids didn’t touch it or look at it! But we weren’t crazy and in our country school, we weren’t bullied!

      • Excellent point Jean. Thanks for your perspective. Its true that there were certain lines you didnt cross when I was a kid. It was respect. We have lost that. We have either not taught it to our kids or we didnt learn it from our parent. Bullying is a horrible act and I am certain that this contributes to the “school shooters” mental disorder. As tax payers we must demand that school policy intervene in the cases of bullying; we need to teach our kids compassion and respect both at home and at school. So sad.

    • BTW, I’m a deplorable and I’m well educated! It wasn’t deplorable who shoots up schools! Look at the protesters who wear hats to represent women’s body parts and bully and try to stop anyone who disagrees with them! I call that crazy! I’ve never had a problem with red necks, just Liberals and Snowflakes and Democrats who curse me and call me disgusting names on Facebook!

  4. More kids are killed by bicycle accidents than school mass shootings.

    Fists and feet kill more people each year than ALL rifles, let alone “assault” rifles.

    Most perpetrators of school shootings use a handgun, since rifles are much harder to conceal.

    Any murders are tragic, but let’s try to maintain some perspective. The Baptist church shooter last year was STOPPED by a private citizen with an AR15. Firearms are used many thousands of times every year (maybe even close to a million times) to defend against crime. Way more than the number of people murdered.

    Less than 0.003% of privately-owned guns in the US are ever used to murder anyone.

    A firearm is the ONLY thing that levels the playing field when a woman or a person in a wheelchair or an octogenarian is attacked by a strong young criminal male.

    About a dozen states already allow teachers to carry IF they want to. My state is one and I have never heard of a teacher killing a student. In fact, there haven’t even been any teachers who shot anyone at all.

    Parkland showed AGAIN that we can’t rely on law enforcement personnel to protect us. Even if they are on the scene, they are not required to risk their own life and often don’t want to.

  5. Several years ago I read an article linking all of the school shootings at that time to a common link. Every shooter was either on or coming off antidepressants. Since then I have hired two employees that were on these drugs, a few years apart. Glossy eyed, couldn’t stay focused, couldn’t retain things or follow simple instructions. They were dangerous to have around with the type of work we do! I will not hire anyone, knowingly using these drugs! We live in such an over medicated society that waste treatment plants now have to implement different treatment methods due to the chemicals contained in effluent. I have also had my fill of people wanting common sense gun control. The gun is an object. Objects don’t kill. people do by they’re method of choice. We have seen pressure cookers and F250 ford pickups kill and injure lots of people. Should these OBJECTS be banned or restricted also?

  6. Bassackwards premise. How about arming teachers and administrators? Why wait to protect once the perpetrator is in the building? “Ok, children. Time to cower with your backpacks.” The idiocy of it all….

  7. Michael Hamilton

    Gun laws are for the law abiding, criminals are NOT law abiding. Ever wonder why the USA has not been invaded by a foreign power? Armed citizens. Disarm at your own peril.

  8. Reinstate God, patriotism, and accurate history in our school systems; totally dump commie core curriculum. Eliminate all “gun free zones”, thus rescinding the invitation to shoot or attack defenseless ‘sitting ducks’.
    Install metal detectors on every school entrance. School doors should be locked and an intercom system with
    a camera recording the visitors picture, voice and ID.
    Law enforcement needs to step up their procedures for repeat non-violent offenders, likewise the court system in ordering community service, psychiatric counseling, perhaps house arrest, etc.
    Government denying “mentally ill” people the right to defend their lives and property with a firearm is allowing government to determine who is “mentally ill”. We know all it takes is money to buy some people so they will do whatever asked. It has already been suggested veterans and folks over 65 should not be permitted to own any guns. What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do people not comprehend?!?

  9. Dear Ban Gun Teenagers, 9 teens die every day from texting and driving. Let’s ban your cell phone too and you car.

  10. All of the school shooters were from SINGLE MOM families!
    These single mom family kids have the highest rate of drug abuse, promiscuity, rape and jail occupants!!!!
    Anti social as well!

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