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When God Shows Up

I volunteer with a ministry called Women Supporting Women (WSW). It is a local ministry in Weston, Florida with a small following compared to other larger and more established ministries. However, the work that this ministry does is no small thing.

Personally, I make a monthly contribution because I know the money is used to help women in need. This ministry is not set up to pay for frills. This ministry provides for the needs of women. I will share a recent story with you, and show you how God showed up for a family in a matter of a couple of days. (If you visit their website you will see videos and photos of the people they have helped locally, in the Bahamas and in Cuba.)

Last week, the ministry learned of a family that recently arrived from Venezuela.  The woman, we will call her Rose (in her 30s) has MS and is wheelchair bound.  She has a baby girl under a year old. The woman’s husband, we will call him Carl works construction and another side job seven days a week to provide for his family.  They are not on any government assistance programs. Only services provided by the MS Foundation, assistance provided by friends and family and now by the WSW Ministry.  They came here via a medical hardship visa allowing them to stay for 2-5 years depending on the progress of the treatment.

Rose is currently undergoing a new experimental treatment with a 70% improvement rate.  Below are some of the photos we took when we visited the family to assess the needs. As you can see, the apartment is empty.  They are sleeping on a borrowed frameless mattress which makes getting out of bed and into the wheelchair very difficult for Rose. Her mother who sleeps on the mat is here until April 25 to help her daughter.  However, the mother must return to Venezuela despite her own challenges, physical ailments, and deforming arthritis.

When we arrived at the apartment, her refrigerator was almost empty. They didn’t even have a garbage can and minimal hygiene essentials. Although getting the family a proper bed was essential getting them food was our first priority.

The ministry leapt into action and headed to Walmart to purchase the essentials.  In two hours the ministry provided two shopping carts filled with items (almost 400 dollars worth.)


Next, we discussed the need for a bed with a frame so that Rose would not need to struggle to get out of bed and into her wheelchair.  The ministry didn’t have any bedroom items at the moment.  Prior to leaving the apartment we formed a prayer circle and asked God to provide for this family and their most urgent necessities.

Later that afternoon, the ministry leader received a call from someone who asked if they would could use a bedroom set.  The caller explained that they had listed it on social media for sale, but no one was buying it and they needed to get rid of it.  They wanted to donate it and heard about the ministry through a friend.  This afternoon we are delivering this set to Rose and her family.  This family went from having nothing to God blessing them with all their immediate needs.

The family does have additional needs, however.  Rose could use an electric wheelchair so that she can get out of the apartment. She is a prisoner in her home with her current wheelchair.  She is a journalist and would love a job (writing for a Spanish publication.)  I know in my heart that will come.  We are currently trying to find someone who may have an electric wheelchair for the ministry. Given what I saw yesterday, I have no doubt this will come through.

In Christ all things are possible.  When you least expect it, when life seems unbearable, when you think there is no hope. God shows up.  God uses us to help those in need. We cannot count on government, they provide nothing but short-term fixes, despair and poverty.  But when God shows up, there is no end to the provision He supplies.  He uses us to bring hope to those in need.  The next time you feel an urge to help someone, to say a kind word, to give up something you don’t want or use, to put money in an extended hand, or to pray for someone, don’t ignore that urge.  That is God calling on you to serve.

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About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. That’s great that you are providing help to these people. But what about Americans in need? Do you help them? The USA provides free medical, tuition and tax free for 7 years businesses to all non Americans. i have 2 daughters in college who have to get student loans but non Americans get it all free. If I bought a convenience store I don’t get 7 years tax free money. Cuz I’m American! I’m not against helping third world people first but what about Americans?

    • Actually this ministry helps many Americans in our local communities. However, if there is a need for someone who is ill , wheelchair bound, we dont look at race or nationality, we fill the need. As God would want us to do. Believe me I understand your grievance, more than you know. My children are tied to student debt because we did not qualify for all the goodies given to blacks and hispanics (illegals and otherwise), most of which squander the money. So I hear you and I feel the same. The woman is in a wheel chair and she has an infant, that is all I saw when I met her. Nothing more.

      • Blacks and Hispanics and not receiving “goodies” as you label it. There are legitimate benefits well deserved. Since you yourself have a Hispanic surname, why can’t you apply for a share of the “goodies”?

        • I dont need government goodies, and my surname as you call it is actually my husband’s name. You know nothing about me, but I can tell you this Dave, I have never needed any “goodies” from the government. I am a self-reliant American.

  2. God bless you and your ministry for giving love and care to people our President would not. It’s still baffles me how loving, truthful, religious groups continue supporting a licentious and dishonest President.

    • Ahh, do you know Donald Trump personally? Let me guess, no. So you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about regarding his charitable works. Let’s do this, you stick to what you know, and give to whomever you want (if ever) and leave your political biased against President Trump out of the conversation. You are just jibberishing….blah blah blah.

      • Larry Morris is correct. There is overwhelming evidence as to Trump’s immorality, cruelty, injustice, greed. I’d compare him to Henry VIII. I too am ashamed of Right Wing Christians who so blindly swept a jerk into power, and compromise their principles to support him no matter what.

        So Candie has a “ministry”. How does Christ show through her regarding her overall attitude, words, treatment of those who differ? Makes me glad I am a Jewish man, entirely secular. People like her disgustn me regarding christianity.

        • You dont know me or the ministry I work for. Get off your moral high horse before it bucks you off and you land on your ass. You know absolutely nothing about Donald Trump or me for that matter. But I really dont care how disgusted you are, it doesn’t affect me or my views, and your insults and offenses, only increase the passion with which I stand firmly in my views and shines a spotlight on your hypocrisy.

  3. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!what a disappointment, there is no such thing as a god of existence, he or she, black or white or brown or yellow, gay or straight. etc. is a figure of imagination. f U look around the world what is causing the chaos it is U lying cheating biblepunchers w/ no clue where we came about, evolution. Your type confuse the very people who preach their B.S. ATHIESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Need a mailing address to send a private donation please. Thank you.

  5. Sorry, but that’s not “God.” That’s people talking to people to provide. That’s all it is, and ever will be. I’m quite sure that Rose and her family will get whatever they need just because someone else doesn’t need it or want it anymore.

    I suppose you could call me lucky. I’ve always had everything I ever needed, and sometimes wanted. I grew up as a Protestant Methodist in a loving family that provided as well as they could, and never abused us. Mom dragged into church every Sunday before we were old enough to judge God and Jesus Christ for ourselves. I almost always fell asleep in church, but when I didn’t, the sermon usually made no sense, unless it happened to be about something secular, and Sunday school made even less sense. I lost interest pretty quickly.

    Today at 55, I’ve never needed “God” to live a happy and healthy life. There were times when I prayed privately, usually for someone else, but there was never any kind of response. I have often challenged “Him” to let himself be known to us in some way. Maybe he could just make a face of himself using the leaves in a large tree, and use the leaves to talk. Something like that. That would certainly be within his power to do. But no. “God” has always left me disappointed, to the point that I no longer believe in him, or his “son.”

    I did a little research, and found that “redemption” stories have been told, based upon fear of death, since long before the Sumerians began writing them down. “Give your life to this guy, and my son/daughter will make sure you get into this pleasant place to spend eternity after you die. Because if you don’t, I will personally make sure you go to this other place where you will burn forever and ever.” Yes, at least one of the stories told of a “daughter of God.”

    There were eight to ten such stories told just as the Sumerians began writing about them, and a few more since then. Each time, the characters and places all had different names. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of the stories were in the original Dead Sea Scrolls, which is thought to have turned into the Old Testament. “God and Jesus Christ” is just the latest redemption story, and every bit of it is all quite fictional. None of the stories were ever meant as anything other than legends and myths told to ease fear of death, to help people not fear dying.

    “There was once a virgin who nevertheless got pregnant and gave birth to our Savior.” Oh really. Virgins don’t give birth today, and they didn’t then, either. There was never any “talking snake” that “tempted” a nonexistent “Eve” to consume a nonexistent “apple” in any “Garden.” Mankind isn’t “fallen” and never was. You Bible thumpers have all been sold a fraudulent bill of poisonous goods.

  6. Poor Gary. Poor Fred. Poor Larry. Poor Sean. Even you will be prayed for, in the emptiness you may not even recognize yet. May Almighty God watch over you! Maybe you feel you dont need anyone’s prayers, that your life is just fine. Maybe it is just fine BECAUSE someone has been praying for you!

    Thank you, Candie!! I had a ‘random’ opportunity, just this afternoon, to be a vessel for God’s use, in providing some personal supplies for a group of single and homeless Moms. God will help us help others, when we listen to His urging.

    People can, and do, blame or criticize the American President, as well as give credit, earned or not, no matter which political side one wishes to choose. God, however, told us in His Word, that He established governments, and that we were to obey the law. Breaking into another person’s home has always been against the law, as is entering America, illegally. Then, demanding we ignore American sovereignty to accommodate illegals, and demanding ‘rights’ to free stuff…because…is tantamount to major theft, on so many levels, and lack of respect, at the very least.

    If we all returned to the 10 Commandnents, we wouldnt need, or be saddled with, the corrupt DC Cess Pool, as they would be irrelevant. And, God WILL have the last word, just as He had the first. God Bless You, gentlemen.

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