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Stop These Bleeping Kids From Cursing!

When I was growing up, I wasn’t allowed to swear.  It was very taboo and frowned down upon for a young child to spew out a curse word.

I recall a time in elementary school where my best friend and I were playing outside during recess, and both said a curse word because we thought it would be cool.  We then immediately went into prayer asking God for forgiveness.  I guess it’s safe to say things have changed quite a bit.

Nowadays it’s almost “normal” to hear kids cussing in the mall, at a friend’s house or on TV (even with the so-called FCC censorship).

Some liberals think swearing is a “tool.” According to them, “it’s a way to express emotion, and allowing your child to express their emotions is a pretty crucial skill when it comes to interacting with other humans. Life, as you can guess, often requires you to relay how you’re feeling to others accurately. Letting a child experiment with swearing will help them learn how to do that.”

Research shows young children swear because they’re exploring language. They might be testing a new word, perhaps to understand its meaning, and sometimes swearing happens accidentally when children are learning to say words.

They may also be trying to express a feeling of frustration, or simply say a word because it sounds funny or gets an immediate reaction from their parents.

Younger adults do indeed swear more, as do men. Some question whether swearing has increased over the years, and although there has been little research in this area, preliminary evidence suggests that incidence of swearing is relatively stable.

As formerly offensive words sneak into conversations and PG-13 movies, they start to seem, well, less offensive. So where do parents draw the line? Even if you are a saint, your child is bound to hear curse words from his peers or in a YouTube video

In all likelihood, it isn’t swearing itself that is harmful, but the factors associated with swearing. For example, when we hear a young child swear, we assume that the child lacks discipline, and might suggest they are a bully or a “bad influence” on other children. Swearing might indicate a lack of discipline, or it might just be related to a more open and free-speaking home environment.

It is the social environment, the parents’ pattern of discipline, the child’s habits, and emotional circumstances that determine whether or not a child will unleash a curse word.

Your reaction will influence whether your child swears again so if your child continues to curse try talking with them about their choice of words. For example, you could say, ‘We don’t use words that upset people.’ Preschoolers might not fully understand the words they use, but they can understand that swear words can hurt or offend others.

If your family has rules about swearing, it’ll be easier to point out when your child is using unacceptable language. For example, you might say, ‘Please use a nicer word,’ or ‘We don’t use words like that.’   It’s also less confusing for children if the rules about swearing apply to adults as well as children. If you want your children to avoid swearing, you and the other adults in your home need to avoid it too.’s Parenting Expert Dr. Robi Ludwig feels that parents should work hard to train themselves to stop cursing around their kids. “Swearing basically is a very impulsive way to talk. How you talk affects how people respond to you,” she says further explaining that a person who swears sends a message that he is not in control of their impulses.

At its best, swearing is an ineloquent way to express emotions. At its worst, it stunts one’s ability to describe his or her emotional experiences. So whether a child hears these bombs from you, at school or on TV, it’s important to stop the language before it continues.

About Katherine Rez

For many years Katherine spent her much of her time journaling for fun, reading books, and writing several short stories for adults, and children. She eventually found herself in a career writing high-level processes and procedures for corporate and startup businesses. Combined with her love of health, American values, and family, she now writes for a variety of websites from health and entertainment, to news and politically driven websites.


  1. So, how do you reconcile telling your child that they shouldn’t swear but that it’s ok to vote for a man who has cheated on all three of the wives he’s been married to and he called an entire country a sh**hole?

    • A useless argument because those on both sides have done the same thing. Our current Pres just has his dissected and rehashed constantly. How about putting the blame on the media at some point?

      • You mean the media besides Fox? The idiot in office uses Fox to make all of his points, too! I never listen to anyone who bashes the MSM. All you mean is that they say things you don’t agree with.

    • You simply explain to them that they should not model themselves after politicians, of any party. They are vain, egotistical individuals who will say or do anything to achieve their goals. Bill Clinton and JFK were serial philanderers, Nixon and LBJ were both foul mouthed demagogues. I responded to my children’s experiments in profanity with one of the following: A. Profanity is simply an indication of a weak mind attempting to express itself strongly, or B. It demonstrates the inability of one to express themselves intelligently. Both grew up to be successful, educated individuals.

    • Simple…
      The other choice (Hillary) was an evil woman who was married to a sexual predator. She knew it then as well as today. Trump never raped a woman.

      Everywhere the Clintons go people die. Some shooting themselves in the head twice.
      And that’s just the beginning.
      Think the four Benghazi dead
      Providing arms to ISIS
      Unsecured computer(s)
      Owned by foreign interest
      Selling uranium
      Bill Clinton paid $600,000 for a speech after uranium deal.

      I didn’t vote for a Sunday School teacher.
      I wanted a business man who loved America.

      Shame on you for such a shallow uninformed question

      • Simple…
        The other choice (Hillary) was an woman married to a sexual predator. She knew it then as well as today.

        My choice was Hillary or Trump. That was a no brainer.

        Hillary negatives?
        Benghazi dead
        Sale of 20% of US uranium to Russia.

        Multiple in secured computer

        She was a terrible choice.
        I wanted a businessman who loved our country. Not a globalist.

      • You live in the past and it will pass you by. What were the names of the four that died during Benghazi? Bet you had to Google the answer. Hillary didn’t kill them any more than the idiot in the oval office killed the four Navy Seals. The problem with stupid people is that you can’t fix them. Turn off Fox for a minute. If you feel your heartbeat starting to increase and your palms get sweaty, just go for a walk. You’ll be ok.

    • That’s easy,,,you are a child and these are adult matters. BTW,,,you can’t vote so STFU.

    • Vernon Kauffman

      I don’t know of many children who relate to any president. Most receive their opinions of politics later in life unless they are subjected to indoctrination. I doubt many understand any of the political agenda unless you teach them. I cannot recall my children or grandchildren listening to politics in their earlier formative years. Stop spewing your disdain for the president. Teach respect for the office of authority.
      Must you bring your political hatred into this?

  2. Funny that you point at ‘liberals’, yet many conservatives support the current president with his foul and offensive mouth and childlike habits. Sad.

    • unfortunately, he was the better choice between the two options. Recall also that the former President Clinton carried out his daliances in the Oval Office, the public just let it go. Times change.

    • And many liberals support H Clinton with her equally offensive mouth and history of lying and corruption. Unfortunately we had to pick one over the other.

    • Funny how your hatred this president makes you speak out of line. America did not vote for President Trump because we wanted a saint. We wanted a man that loved America as much as we do. We have been through hell the past 8 years by a disgusting liar and a traitor. It is refreshing to have a man in the Oval Office that cares about the country, regardless of where his penis is inserted or the words that come out of his mouth. But please do tell us about your saintly party, the part of Ted Kennedy who allowed a young woman to drown while he sobered up, or Bill Clinton, who raped Broderick, assaulted Jones and had sex in the oval office, or Jimmy Carter who brought on the middle east crisis due to his weakness and lack of knowledge of foreign policy. Please Trump is a Saint compared to those four examples.

      • Michael Hamilton

        Candie, well said. Knowing history is called wisdom.

      • So you don’t care what comes out of his mouth? What about your entire blog entry talking about the increase in cursing among kids? Which is it? We have a reality tv person in the WH who thinks he can get away with anything. Your contradictions are hilarious!

        • I didnt write the article about kid’s cursing. Unfortunately, it is the new age language, and to change it we will have to start by doing away with rap music and the people that sing it, sell it and promote it (please do) and television in general (please do). I do care what comes out of the President’s mouth, but I care more about what comes out of his heart. He loves this country, I can see it. What I don’t see is the disgusting democrats and republicans doing what the American people elected them to do. What I also see is that people like you pretend to be all high and mighty and set expectations that are unattainable of others so that you can sit in judgment of them. Look at yourself, change how you live, how you speak and how you treat others. Do that.

          • Wow, you make a lot of assumptions. I suggest doing some exhaustive research on our current president and gain a better understanding of what he represents. His actions suggest that he only cares for some in the country. Also, please don’t make assumptions about people and offer suggestions for improvement without knowing said person.

          • He represents the majority of the American People who put him in office. You dont like it, I get that. Too bad for you and the rest of the losers that preferred a diabolical wench. LOL…she lost. Too bad so sad. The communist from Vermont didnt fare too well either. That is why this republic elected Donald Trump. I have done extensive research, I research what is going on for most of my day, and then I write about it. you sit there spewing whatever the MSM lies about.

          • Sorry- he didn’t win the majority, you are sadly mistaken. You resort to name calling when you can’t defend yourself. Sad. I am afraid to ask where you get your research from. Breibart news isn’t a reliable source.

      • Turn off Fox News, you robot. Trump doesn’t love America, he loves himself. He dodged the draft 4 times. Never gave a dime to any Veteran’s causes or made charitable donations out of his own pocket. He has financially benefited from his presidency, while the middle class has suffered. How are those tariffs working out for farmers and steelworkers? The problem with this country isn’t with Trump, it’s with the people who got fooled into voting for a reality show host with a silver tongue.

        But, oh my god, Hillary’s emails!!!!


      • The problem isn’t Trump, it’s your hypocrisy. People like you are the reason our nation is a laughing stock and other leaders don’t respect us. How’s that wall coming? I’m sure Mexico will pay for it any day now. Lol. No one cares where trump or Clinton was banging and where they were doing it. People care that Trump is a moron and his cult followers are just a little bit dumber than he is.

  3. When I was about 10 living in a rural town called Forestburg, NY (appropriately named) I can remember sitting in that one room school house and being cracked on the hand with a 12″ ruller for saying “Son of a Gun”. That would be in the year of ’45 when FDR died. My grandmother, born in 1875 was 60 years older than me never swore, had 12 of her own and then got me and my half brother in her charge. I don’t recall at anytime or occasion where families gather that foul language was used beyond “hell”. I am simply in the right time frame of my cycle of life…..I’m not sorry to leave. The country is very ill due to the fact that we are changing the foundation of our system of democracy leaving money as the ruler. We need a revolution of some sort.

    • Don’t know what to think about your sheltered life. My father was in the south Pacific fighting the Japanese in 1945 and he swore like a sailor. Tell me who it hurts to swear. Multiple studies have shown that people who swear tend to be of above average intelligence. My father had a genius IQ.

      It’s nice that you are happy with your life and if that means not swearing good for you, but to think this is a new trend is absolutely incorrect.

  4. Trump for president

    I’m a conservative and I didn’t want Trump as president. I supported him because I knew he was the only one who could defeat wicked Hillary. I’m very glad he is president now. I love how he irritates all you libs to the point you have to post your comments on a article like this.

    • It’s sad that as an American you want other Americans to suffer. If you are happy with a draft dodging, reality show host who once was (and let’s face it, still is) a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-gun democrat, then god bless you, big guy. How are the red states feeling after the moron got us into a trade war with exports from pork, steel, auto makers? You are obviously someone who is miserable in your life and you want others to feel your misery. Or, as we refer to them, Fox watchers.

  5. That wasn’t a very useful article… at least not as far as the title is concerned.

    I’m very conservative, and I swear like a motherf*cker when circumstances warrant it. Like when I’m under a car trying to loosen a severely corroded exhaust manifold bolt and it twists off just after filling my eyes and ears with greasy dirt, or when I’m cutting vegetables for dinner and accidentally cut the tip of my finger off. I always have, and I don’t see a need to change that, nor do I feel a need to apologize to my kids when I do.

    I don’t often swear casually, and I don’t condone it, nor do I let my kids think that it’s ok. But there are times where I think unleashing our tongue is perfectly acceptable and even appropriate. I’ve experimented with both ways, and I can attest that under extreme circumstances, unleashing a string of expletives is way more therapeutic than simply grunting and saying, “ooo, that hurts”. Swearing profusely can literally help ease the pain:

  6. I’m a liberal and I try my hardest nor to swear. I don’t allow my children to swear. Our President is completely different.

    • You don’t allow your children to cuss. Really? How do you monitor their speech when they are not around you? You don’t. What you do is invite your children to be one thing in front of you and another behind your back. You will never know your child. He/She will pretend to be what you want them to be while being who they really are when you are not around.

      Good luck with that.

  7. A couple of years ago at one of those BLM marches a fox news reporter was there and a young man wanted to talk. So he started out with the f bomb and the reporter said you can talk but you have to clean it up. The man looked at the camera and said “I apologize” and then continued to speak without any more cursing. I really admire him for that.

  8. I love how most of these comments try to make it about our President! It is not about him. It is about an attitude on our culture that has allowed cursing to become acceptable. Her quote from SOME liberals saying it is a “tool” refers to this way of thinking. Yes, she could have called it a cultural ideology or attitude, and left liberals out of it. Regardless, the point she is making about how the acceptable norms have changed is valid.

    • Conservatives think they hold some moral high ground because they use the word, “Jesus” every few sentences. Many progressives I know go to church and some don’t. Your actions, not your words define you. Trump has cheated on all of his wives and will continue to do so, as long as he has money in his bank account. Maybe we shouldn’t view our politicians as heroes, but we certainly should look up to our president. Unfortunately, not this one.

  9. As a teacher, High School students who use profanity are sent to the office. No ifs, ands or buts! At the elementary level, they are also sent to the office since I am not their parent. Profanity is not accepted in my classroom. When I was growing up, my Mom washed my mouth out with soap for calling my brother a “Dirty Rat Fink!” My parents did not swear, and I have followed in their footsteps. In life, there are universal right and wrongs. Swearing is one of those wrongs. From my 64 years of experience, I have concluded that swearing is the first step, in people making decisions about right and wrong. The next step is people being mean to other people, calling them names, and developing social cliques. These friends group together and swear, and as they get older, begin to smoke, drink, use drugs, and on and on following in the path of Satin. Evil perpetuates evil. Mom washing my mouth out with soap taught me a very important lesson.

  10. Stephen Campbell

    I offer that when a word passes into common usage and is replayed in the public square, it is no longer an epithet. To whit: p#$$y for the female genitalia (President Trump) and f#€£ing moron (sec. Tillerson) are now fair game for everyone at any age. After all, if we can not accurately quote our highest elected officials, who can we?

  11. It amazes me how liberals believe everything they hear from the MSM and refuse to believe anything else — even if it’s proven to be fake news. Maybe they should examine themselves before throwing stones!

  12. Swearing is a testimony to the fact that your vocabulary is limited. Apparently a limited vocabulary is something to be proud of these days. What a shame….

  13. Let’s see..
    Vote for Hillary or Trump?
    No contest… Trump by a mile
    We knew what we were getting with Hillary. An enabler of her sexual predator husband Bill.

    I’ve never regretted my vote either!!!

  14. As a California police officer in the early ’70’s, I remember arresting men for using “foul language in the presence of women or children.” It was unacceptable by society. The Supreme Court at some point that such arrests violated one’s “freedom of speech.” So, especially the young, started using foul or vulgar works freely. I was curious about how such language became unacceptable. I learned that the word ‘vulgar’ originally meant common, so such words were used by the ‘common’ people, meaning the uneducated and uncouth. So, I have explained to many that by using such language, one is telling others that one is uneducated and ill-mannered. Thus, one is insulting one’s parents who failed to raise one properly. I also pointed out that when one uses such language frequently, it has little effect. But, if one rarely uses such language, those hearing it understand one is really angry, upset, or otherwise frustrated with whatever caused the expression. It then has more effect. Just some thoughts to consider.

  15. In reply to all the comments concerning our present President, I remember when we did have a president who had sex with a young intern in the Oval Office, yet we were told by the press and all Democrats that his behavior had nothing to do with his job performance….

    Good for the goose is good for the gander.

    I didn’t vote for Trump because I thought he was a “moral man” in fact, I was pretty sure he wasn’t….very very wealthy people are rarely “moral”. I voted for him because I didn’t want Her. That’s all.

  16. I am age 89. In the 1930s if a child spoke a swear word, his or her mouth was washed out with soap (by parents). Schools had a zero tolerance policy and disciplined students who “misspoke.”

  17. I am not surprised that it took only to the first reply to turn this discussion into a referendum of Trump.
    Everything turns into a referendum on Trump! It is not surprising because he is the most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln(who had a civil war and slavery to deal with).

    I was just pleased to not see the word (be it a new, made up word) “libtard” in the replies. So, to some extent, this reply board is a bit more civil than Newser where insults rule the day.

    Effy Bomb, the potty mouth conservative and Larry Morris, the clean mouth liberal are just examples of the position that your political leanings have nothing to do with the use of curse words.

    to DRS: anecdotally, you can easily show that cursing has absolutely nothing to do with vocabulary.
    With little effort, you can find examples of foul mouth geniuses and clean mouth people with limited education and language skills.

    to Arthur Eshe: When we were kids, Ozzie and Harriet(1950s) were not allowed to sleep in the same bed, but Edith and Archie(1970s) could. Does that make us less moral? Does seeing your parents in the same bed lead inevitably to unprotected, premarital sex by teenagers?

    To Melody: it amazes me that conservatives believe everything they hear from FOX and refuse to believe anything else? See….just change a few nouns.

    To Semper Libera: do you honestly believe that the “soap in the mouth” punishment stopped anyone from cursing? It only taught kids who NOT to cuss in front of.

    In reality, there are many factors which have lead to a perceived increase in cursing: increased communication—radio, TV, internet, cultural changes, 2 parents working, dissolution of the family unit increased divorce rate and more. But I digress…’s time to get back to arguing about Trump.

  18. Parents must stop taking their kids to dirty mouth movies: INCLUDING dirty mouth Disney movies.

    Those “Super Hero” movies are regular sources of sh_t words… and yes, these are DISNEY movies.

    Every since foul-mouthed “Back to the Future” parents have happily given their kids over to such foul mouth movies.

    Entertainment; “art” are no excuse for immorality.

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