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A Sheriff Gone Rogue

By now you have heard of the abhorrent failure of the Scott Israel Sheriff’s Department. The reason I call it Scott Israel’s is because that is exactly what it has morphed into. To hell with the Broward County taxpayers, who elected this coward. After all, that is what Democrats do, they put their own in office, and then leave them to pollute the offices to which they are elected. There is zero accountability and plenty of blame to go around.

In the Parkland shooting Robert Runcie, the school superintendent and the Sheriff Scott Israel are mainly to blame. These two are two peas in a pod, taking billions from the federal government and doing nothing to protect citizens.

Right after the shooting, these clowns began to point fingers at the NRA, guns, and the Republican Party. It was laughable. Democrats put policies in place that are doomed to fail, but as soon as light is cast on them, they scatter and start the blame game.

Americans are just plain sick of the tired old tune from the Democrats playbook, especially when violence and death are the results.  It is not the NRA, guns or Republicans. However, I have never seen cowardice like the one on display days after the shooting, especially by Florida Governor Rick Scott.  He showed his true colors when he decided to side with the lunacy of Democrats as it relates to the legal age of gun ownership and the banning of bump stocks.  Yes hang your head Governor, you too are a disgrace.

There is something more insidious going on though as it relates to state law regarding our second amendment, and Floridians have no use to soft-bellied elected officials that cave to the policies of hysteria.  Days after the theatrics displayed by Democrats on CNN Townhall,  we learned that Scott Israel’s deputy Scot Peterson hadn’t gone into the school even though he heard the shooting. That’s right, he purposely stayed outside while Nicolas Cruz mercilessly shot students and staff alike.  To call that guy a coward does not do justice. What kind of law enforcement officer you have to be to let someone carry on mass murder, while you coward in safety behind a vehicle?

No one knew this had happened the day of the Townhall?  Come on now.  Marco Rubio didn’t even bring up the Dear Colleagues letter Obama wrote to Broward County School bribing them to keep Hispanic and black kids who commit school crimes or crimes out of the juvenile system.  Democrats and their identity politics fail again, and the result is death.

To date, Israel continues to be Sheriff of Broward County, and the good Governor Rick Scott refuses to take action and remove him. Despite calls to his office, and emails, no response has been forthcoming, and we continue to witness a Rogue Sheriff continue to spew lies and point fingers at everyone except himself.  He is not a leader, he is a liar and a fraud, and the good people of South Florida deserve better.  The parents of the dead kids deserve better, the community of Parkland deserve better, and all we have right now is Scott Israel.  Need I say more.


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About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. I think there would be fewer “undesirables” and “Gangstas” if everyone carried a gun. Back in the “Wild West” days, men held the doors open for ladies, tipped their hat in respect, and said Thank You and Excuse Me. If you didn’t and acted like a butthole, then you were probably shot. We are amazed everyday how the youth disrespect the elderly and curse in public. There are no consequences anymore and the police are afraid to arrest anyone that may sue them in civil court for brutality because the cuffs were too tight. I applaud those parents who are doing their best to raise disciplined and respectful kids. We eagerly give them respect in return. Wonder if we will ever get rid of the two-party candidates. Let’s just choose from the best person and ignore Party’s.

  2. That’s all the democrats are good at is always blaming someone else even if they have to lie to do it!

  3. I can’t understand or believe that they(Democrats) can blame the NRA and Republicans for this terrible tragedy. The Sheriff’s whole department are cowards.

  4. This little, despicable Leftist stooge is just carrying out his marching orders like the good little useful idiot that he is; what is most discerning is that a half of this dead Republic agrees with him, his handlers and their puppeteers: the Godless, Satan worshiping, power mad NWO-elitist ghouls! It is my keen observation that all of these false flag mass shootings, and now a serial bomber to boot to ramp up the intended racial war are perpetrated by the NWO-FBI which has become the jack-booted thugs of the Deep State Satanists! They are not only hell-bound but also hell-bent on making this world into a living hell for everybody but them and the useful, suicidal idiots of the bereft Left are most accommodating!

  5. Just more connived tragedy by the deep state criminals that want to rob us of any freedoms we have left. The buck doesn’t stop with Sheriff Israel, the road leads far up the mountain. There is a reason why this and other events like this take place in democrat districts, this is Debbie Wasseman Shultz district and she is one of the queens of corruption.
    What the deep state fears most is armed citizens and especially former military and law enforcement who are against their agenda. Their greatest goal at the present is to disarm this segment of the population, once they can accomplish that you would see how quickly over night the country would become a communist dictatorship.

    It is sad to say that the conservative freedom loving Americans are soon going to have to face the fact that due process is failing. We constantly see the corruption from both sides of the isle and our judicial system, it is no longer a country under the rule of law but a power grab by those that want total rule with no accountability to anyone. May God help us all.

  6. I disagree 1000% with this article Scott Israel is not to blame for the shooting awful what happened at Parkland, The NRA is the biggest culprit with this and the a hole in the White House doesn’t help any or has done is divide this nation with his rhetoric and his Me me Attitude.Trump a disgrace an embarrassment to this nation,And the GOP does nothing about it either all they’ve done is implement rules that were already in law during the Obama administration. Tell me a favor take me off this crap conservatism Site thank you

    • I cannot tell if you were just being sarcastic or you are just stupid.

    • Did you notice that the media hasn’t said anything about the sheriff’s Faith?….ISLAM !…..along with his staff.
      That so-called sheriff is making over $180,000, to worship the false god allah, who tells them to ‘Kill the unbelievers’! Of course, this is the religion of peace….NOT!
      Does God say, “Worship me, or die leaving me?” NO!
      Does God say ‘It’s okay to have sex with a 9 year old girl, who had her clitoris cut out, and then marry her?” NO!
      That is sharia law….FACT!
      Fernando, you must be muslim.

    • I can’t understand the democrats.When Obama (the Wimp was in office the school shootings were happening and nobody complained.Now we have a President that wants to stop crime and gangs and everything that has to do with violence.But if you observe all the negative things the have happened since before the elections such as demonstrations at Trump speaking engagements were done by people that didn’t work,were either paid by a very rich person and or didn’t want to lose section eight or food stamps or anything which keeps them from working + working under the table which leads to not paying taxes,which is another lost of money in this country.this taking care of health
      y men and woman that can work,but decide to sleep away their live has got to stop.disability should only be for people that can not work.

  7. I disagree 1000% with this article Scott Israel is not to blame for the shooting awful what happened at Parkland, The NRA is the biggest culprit with this and the a hole in the White House doesn’t help any or has done is divide this nation with his rhetoric and his Me me Attitude.Trump a disgrace an embarrassment to this nation,And the GOP does nothing about it either all they’ve done is implement rules that were already in law during the Obama administration. Tell me a favor take me off this crap conservatism Site thank you,You’re lying because I’ve never posted before

    • Here it is folks, the perfect stooge. Fernando knows nothing about the NRA, or lawful gun owners. Mr. Cruz was a mental unstable person known not only to the school system, but to the FBI and BSO. Fernando cannot even formulate a coherent argument or sentence, which is telling of the skill level required to be a democrat.

    • You are correct Fernando. I come here for comic relief. The rest seemed to ignore the fact that the USA is the only advanced country that consistently has mass murders.

      • Albert, what is your solution to this issue?

        • Do not allow weapons of war to be purchased by individuals. Have mental screening so there is some responsibility to go along with the right given by second amendment.

          • Mental screenings are so 1900’s. It is far too easy to fake it through a screening. Try again with a solution.

          • you are insane Albert Friend (fake name). Perhaps it is you that needs that mental screening, so that the proper medications can be prescribed. I would say you are over due.

      • Albert obviously you don’t get out of the house much and not in touch with reality. Lets see the bombing at the concert in London also murders committed on their streets with no go zones. Oh and let us not forget Paris, oh Paris bombings shootings in the streets, not to mention Germany where women can’t even walk the streets, bet when they are raped they wish they had a gun. Also add Norway in there where the killing and rapes are so bad women are afraid to leave the house without an armed guard. Oh Albert meet reality.

    • Fernando, what is your specific solution to the issue?

      • They have no solutions just talking points. What they dont know is that this government has little stamina to round up illegals and ship them home; imagine the feat of rounding up and confiscating guns. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So little Fernando and Albert can go on and dream about their foreign utopia, one that will NEVER come to the shores of America.

        I have a solution for them, they should immediately pack their bags and ship off to some communist country, say Venezuela or Cuba, live there for a year and then report back.

  8. Thanks Jeff and Candie for the comic relief.

  9. Albert you’re some kind of genius. How many cracks did Cruz fall thru? Starting with Obama’s policy for the school district to look the other way instead of arresting criminal teenagers. There is plenty of blame to go around. I don’t understand how you dam lunatics want to blame the President, the NRA and anybody else that has nothing to do with this shooting. If you want to blame the President then blame the right one genius, the one who implemented the plan not to arrest high school kids. Really wish you idiots would really start getting the facts and try thinking for yourselves . It’s a shame there are so many dimwits that don’t know how to think, rationalize and come up with the right answers.

  10. Why is the media so silent about this young homicidal psychopath learning his skills in JROTC?

    • What skills, pointing an AR and firing it haphazardly at gunless opponents. I beg to differ David. He learned no skills, he was enabled by a weak school system and a cowardly sheriff’s office, all dressed up in obama’s policy.

  11. So Obama wrote to the school to offer the bribe in re: to black and hispanic students????? WTH! If this is true, why was he sticking his nose into that level of government! There is so much that stinks in this situation, and yet, I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised at anything anymore.

    • No not school, SCHOOLS. All schools that would handle these miscreants administratively rather than turn them over to law enforcement where they should have been sent, were given bonus funding for keeping hispanics and blacks out of the juvenile system. Why because he had an agenda and that was to poison the already failing systems in America, education, judicial, law enforcement/DOJ, IRS, healthcare, veterans administration. He meant to bring each system down one by one. Fortunately, Mr. Trump is bringing this all to light. And the snakes are activated and fighting back distracting us with Russia Collusion lies and porn stars and all the rest of it.

      As we saw with Mr. Cruz, he needed to have been arrested and put in a mental ward. Unfortunately, because we lived with an obama government that did not happen. So yes, the blood of the 17 cover the hands of obama, scott israel and robert runcie, just as much as on Nikolas Cruz. I know its hard to swallow.

      Hard as you may find to believe, obama is a puppet, one who is guided by globalists, starting with George Soros. Unfortunately, when you bring this to light people just dismiss it as conspiratorial, because (1) its to hard to face that reality and (2) people do not like to research and learn the truth.

  12. I think you’ve covered it pretty well Candiie, our Democrat friends could take a lesson from what happened in the school in Maryland where the School Resource Officer dispatched the shooter with no lives lost but the shooter!

  13. Mari Mari Quite Contrary

    Dear Ms. Suarez,
    This is not an “article”; it is a rant, pure and simple. You provide no evidence, no facts, and you have completely ignored any out there….and there are many! Strangest of all, you castigate the Sheriff and the entire Democratic party, ranting about their putting people in and “leaving them to pollute the offices”. What was that about Broward County voters? The Sheriff is ELECTED!! That means that all those people in Broward county CHOSE HIM for their sheriff. Nothing was forced on them. Based on news broadcasts and interviews I have seen and read, the criticism is mainly of the school resource officer, not the sheriff and the entire department. In any case, your “facts” are not there and your arguments are unsupported. In short, you have written a rant that does nothing to further your cause or refute the arguments of the other side. A fine example of the inability to communicate that we are experiencing nationwide!

    • Unfortunately for you, I know this sheriff through officers that actually work at BSO. Therefore, you dont know what you are talking about.

      NEWSFLASH: Rick Scott is sending Florida Highway Patrol to guard that school for now, since the Sheriff’s office can’t handle it. After the shooting, they continue to have issues with knives in school and other safety related situations. The brother of Nikolas Cruz actually skate-boarded into the school, did you know that? No, because you dont know what you are talking about.

      There is evidence. Have you not read the numerous articles going through the policies that were in place that allowed Nikolas Cruz to completely fly under the radar, or do I have to read them for you. Have you not read the Dear Colleague letter by obama and the policy he put in place regarding hispanic and black delinquent students? Or do you like to just “rant” when the truth is in front of you and you can’t deal with it.

      Let me know if you need me to link the articles for you since you’re incapable of researching things for yourself. And I dont mean CNN and MSNBC propaganda. I have a copy of a letter from Gov Scott to Israel and Runcie about this very issue. Its public record, look at it.

      Broward is in fact a heavily Democrat leaning county, and the policies in place there are those embraced by the voters. So given your reasoning, since they elected Scott Israel, and Robert Runcie, and espouse their insane and deadly policies, then they should not complain when those policies gets their kids killed. Oh well. They voted for that.

      Scott Peterson is indeed guilty of allowing Cruz to go on shooting spree and he is a coward. But for this Sheriff to come out two days after the shooting attacking the NRA and law-abiding gun owners (who had noting to do with the shooting) and not put blame where it belongs, for instance his lack of leadership; or the public school policy born during Obama’s reign, or on Runcie’s implementation of the lunacy of administratively dealing with juvenile delinquency, is an outrage. Instead of turning those criminals over to the police for processing and arrest, regardless of their race, is exactly what caused this massacre. They do in fact pollute these public offices with their failing policies and constant racial identity politics. They take federal dollars and misuse and waste those tax dollars on failing programs. You want evidence, the 17 dead in Parkland should be evidence enough. Democrat policies bring death and destruction to this nation. It has been that way since the Civil War.

      My facts are very much there, the fact that you want to close your eyes to it, is not my problem, but yours.

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