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What’s in Your Lunchbox?

More and more working adults are bringing their lunch to work. With Americans spending an average of $2450 annually on lunch, and $3000 on coffee, its no wonder, we have morphed into lunchbox carrying adults. Not only do we pack our kids lunches in the morning (or the night before) but ours as well.

I have been visiting office buildings in Downtown Miami, and asking folks, What’s in your lunchbox. Many keep moving, but some actually stop and respond.

Here are some of their top answers:

Fruit and sandwich
sandwich and chips (some people never grow up)
Lean Cuisine
Not sure, my wife/husband packed it for me
whatever I could find that is not expired (that was a younger guy)
and the best answer of all: not sure wanna to swap?

Bringing your lunch every day has its perks. Mainly financial perks, but also health benefits. One of these benefits includes helping with any planned weight loss.  Bringing lunch means limited portions.  You are also able to monitor fat intake, as well as incorporate more fruit and veggies.

However, my main reasoning for bringing homemade lunches is you know what you are getting.  I cannot tell you how many times I have found foreign objects in my restaurant made meals.  A friend’s dad once told me, if you knew what goes on in restaurant kitchens, you would never eat out again.

I once found a ladybug in my salad from a local lunch spot; I opened the container and there she was sitting pretty on a piece of lettuce.  I don’t know how she got there or how she survived, but she did.  I picked her out and the lettuce piece out and put her on the grassy knoll next to my table and kept eating.

However, there is one thing, I cannot overlook, and that is hair in my food.  Talk about immediate gag reflexes.  Even the thought of finding hair in my food or discussing it, makes me want to hurl.  I will not pick a hair out of my food.  I cannot continue to eat that food no matter how small the hair.  If I am at the restaurant, I will immediately tell the server, ask for a credit and leave.

I am so neurotic about keeping hair out of my food, that before I enter the kitchen to prepare meals, I will pick up my hair and lint brush whatever top I am wearing.  Yes, I keep a lint brush in my kitchen drawer.  I don’t care whose hair it is, but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t belong in my food.  That is one of the benefits of eating at home.  You always know what you are getting and hopefully, it’s hairless.

One of the best perks is the financial savings.  If you are a good shopper, you will be able to modify your grocery list replacing the junk food with actual snack items for the workweek.  Best time to prep is Sunday.  I went on Amazon and purchased divided black bento boxes to pack my lunches.  This item comes in pack of 15; for under $15.  These are reusable and last if you wash them after eating.  Pack snacks as well so you are not at the vending machine around 3pm when that afternoon slum begins.

Next, you will save time.  Time waiting for your lunch to arrive, time waiting at the lunch counter, or at the restaurant, waiting to be seated, served and checked out.  This can sometimes consume your entire lunch hour if not longer.  Bring lunch from home, its ready instantly in most cases, and then you have time to take a walk, call a friend, or get back to the grind on a busy day.

The money saved, plus the value of the time you get back, coupled with knowing exactly what you are eating, sure makes bringing lunch to work worth its weight in gold. Give it a try for one month.  You can have a cheat day like every pay day, you can treat yourself to an outing.  I say in one month, you will not only see the difference in your waste but in your wallet as well, and you may never go back.

Good luck.



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