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The 60’s Sexual Revolution is Way Different than This One

I grew up as a Gen X kid. My mother was a self-proclaimed hippie up until she grew older and became intrigued by the idealism of what I call the “True Republican Era.” You know – when Reagan was in office and embodied true Conservative ideals: belief in smaller government, a truly free market, real democracy, and less interference in state laws at the federal level. But, while I could spend an entire article talking about how much the Republican party has changed, it has nothing to do with this article.

My dad went to a Catholic school, joined the army at 18, and soon after obtained his license to be a veterinarian.

I came from a pretty solid, conservative background, but I was also navigating a time period in which sexual fluidity and patience were not only encouraged, it was practically mandated.

During the Obama administration, this “acceptance” was manifested in the form of Federal recognition of legal, marital unions between homosexuals.

To be totally honest (and this might annoy some of my conservative readers), I was happy for the gay community. Let them marry. Let them be satisfied. They weren’t hurting me and whether it was blasphemous or not was none of my damn business. They had to take it up with God when their time came. As the old saying goes, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

To put it in other terms, I love my fellow man. I don’t always agree with everything people do, but so long as it doesn’t harm my happiness or health – do what you want to do. As a person that’s always tried to live by the words of Jesus, “love everyone with no hate in your heart,” I think I’ve done a pretty damn good job. It’s not always easy, but I do feel it’s my responsibility as a child of God and as a parent teaching my kid responsibility and acceptance, to be kind. Period.

But now that I’ve “bred”, I’m finding that the world I grew up in is removed from the realities our children encounter. I fear there’s a disconnect between what’s important and the issues in which our children choose to focus.

For example, did you know there are now nine types of sexuality?  NINE. These kids are finding nine different ways to explain their love for each other, and as far as I can determine, only four of them even kind of make sense. I’m about to clue you in on some stuff that will make your eyes roll in the back of your head. It’s worth noting, even if for nothing but to emphasize the self-serving environment we’ve created.

ANDROSEXUAL: Attraction to anything relating to males, masculinity, or men. So, I guess that means a gay man and a straight girl can both be androsexual. Which back in my day meant you’re earthier straight or gay. Why the need to make a term for that?

AROMANTIC (NOT ASEXUAL): Yes, there is a difference. Apparently, aromanticism means you have no interest in a sexual or emotional connection to anyone, ever. Which, is also the definition of a sociopath, but I’m going to pass over this stupid nonsense because it’s already eaten away more time than it deserves.

ASEXUAL: You don’t want sex with anyone but you do want the emotional connection that it can offer. THAT’S CALLED FRIENDSHIP OR JUST BEING TOO OLD TO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT GETTING YOUR ROCKS OFF.

BISEXUAL: You like both men and women (which is just selfish if you ask me. Pick one! Stop hogging them all.)

DEMISEXUAL: The first time I heard of this was when I stumbled upon a Vice episode where this woman was talking about marrying the ghost of some dead pirate. I’m dead serious. I’m supposed to take this s*** seriously?? By the way, it doesn’t just have to be a spirit or ghost. Demisexual is when you get turned on more than just physically by someone – you have to have an emotional connection as well. This describes 70% of women in the world.

GYNESEXUAL: Same as Androsexuality but with women. So again… if you’re a straight man or a lesbian. You’re attracted to female traits. Ya know… like boobs.

HETEROSEXUAL: Finally! One we all know! (In case you didn’t, it’s when men and women are attracted to each other and the only reason children exist.)

HOMOSEXUAL: We all probably know this one. It’s when men are attracted to men and women are attracted to women.

PANSEXUAL: This one blows my mind. Pan is the Latin prefix of “all” which means you are attracted to anything walking (I can only assume and hope this doesn’t include animals).

These categories are just tip of the proverbial sexual iceberg, my friends. It’s because of stupid terminology like this that we are now NOT assigning genders to our babies and are afraid that if we dress little Sally in a pink dress, we’re forcing societal norms on her and inadvertently making her become emotionally ruined the rest of her life.

I truly don’t care how you define yourself. If it makes you feel better or more included by putting yourself in one of these sexual boxes, that’s your prerogative.

If your goal is to be more included and accepted, maybe stop being so weird. Stop trying to correct every last thing someone else says because it doesn’t fall neatly into your self-prescribed sense of self. I get it. You’re young and still wading through the metaphorical pond of life, and sex can be really confusing at times.

I’m not saying be ashamed of who you are. But can we please stop putting such stupid labels on everything in hopes we don’t indirectly make people feel not included or ostracized? I promise you that when you’re 30 and trying to get an important job, no employer is going to give a darn if you’re pansexual. No bank is going to provide you with a loan because you decided to explain to them how demisexuality works.

Let boys be boys and girls be girls, and if they change their mind, deal with it when that time comes. But in the meantime, can we stop trying our hardest to make it so confusing for the older generations who are just trying to keep up? Change doesn’t just happen overnight. As much as you want us older people to be understanding and open-minded, maybe give us the same courtesy you expect of them? Maybe realize that WE TOO are trying to understand the changing of the world and that takes a lot of patience, understanding, and yes…. less stupid technology.

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  1. You cannot support Trump, who cheated on all of his wives and who admitted to molesting women by grabbing them, and claim ANY moral superiority

    • I don’t think he admitted to molesting and grabbing. He said women would throw themselves on him and he could grab them by the pussy.

  2. I agree with some of what you’re saying.

    I don’t think people choosing their own pronouns or labeling their sexuality should cause the outrage and exasperation that it often does in conservative circles. I don’t really even understand why it warranted a blog post, to be honest. Live and let live (which I appreciate is a recurring of yours).

    However, I do agree that it only further segregates people, rather than making them feel included. Often it’s because they feel excluded already, though, because they have different desires than the norm, or even than your standard gay or bisexual person. So they find a way to completely define what they are feeling, that may seem a bit silly to us, but it helps them cope with being “other.”

    Furthermore, you didn’t quite grasp the definitions of a few of these words:

    Androsexual isn’t just a straight woman or a gay man, because they aren’t just attracted to men. They can be attracted to very masculine women, or transmen as well.

    Similarly, gynesexual people may be attracted to transwomen or very feminine men. There are women who otherwise identify as lesbian, who will occasionally be attracted to, or even in a relationship with a feminine man.

    Finally, pansexual is someone who could be attracted to any of the above, or someone who doesn’t lean more towards either masculine or feminine. Perhaps even an intersex person (who was born with both male and female genitalia). So it doesn’t seem that unusual to me. It’s just their preference (or lack thereof haha).

    Are the complicated labels necessary, though? Absolutely not. I call myself a straight woman, but if I really wanted to break it down I could say I’m heterosexual, andro-romantic, because I find myself attracted to masculine people who don’t have male genitalia, but I’m not sexually attracted to female genitalia.

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