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Obama’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost

During the 8 years the Obamas squatted in the White House, nothing positive was produced, except of course for them, personally. $100M in tax payer funded vacations for Michelle, Barry and their entourages.


A lunch program designed by Michelle that made our kids demand bagged lunches from home, yet Michelle and Barry’s daughters feasted on elite private school lunches.  My son used to come home starved after school.  When I went to see what his lunch entailed I was shocked and grossed out.  I immediately started sending him to school with bagged homemade lunches.


Obama’s daughters ate very fancy school lunches, as pictured below, taken from Sidwell Friends School Lunches.


As to the Economy, there was the great Stimulus heist. “I guess shovel ready jobs were not so shovel ready” joked Obama when the truth about his Stimulus package came out. Funny to him, not to tax payers. What does a man who never really worked or had to come up with payroll for employees know about jobs.  Nothing.  That’s the point.

The LA Times refused to release a video tape of Barry giving a speech known as the Khalidi tapes in 2008 which laid to bear Obama’s true feelings about Israel and effusive support of his Muslim brethren, his contempt for Conservatism and God knows what else… We never will.

From Benghazi to pay to play politics (not to mention his affiliation with Bill Ayers), the Obama administration was riddled with scandal.

We all remember his friendliness towards dictators such as Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers.  Ask Venezuelans how wonder Chavez and Maduro are.  What came from those alliances? Nothing good for the people of those countries I assure you.


Let’s not forget him telling Russian diplomat to relay to Putin that after his 2012 re-election he would have more “flexibility.” Flexibility for what ….?  Now that’s collusion.

One of his first acts as US President was to go on a bowing tour of other nations’ leaders.  What an embarrassment, an American president on a bowing tour.


Barry oversaw the division of this nation by race and espoused hatred of law enforcement officers. He elevated criminals like Michael Brown to sainthood after he was shot by a white police officer for attacking said officer and trying to take his gun; setting off a riot in Ferguson; then sending his henchman Eric Holder to ensure that Brown’s civil rights had not been violated.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been a problematic institution for years. A disservice to our veterans. Under Obama’s watch, the worst scandal was the secret death lists veterans were put on while VA executives turned in phony status reports and then gave themselves big bonuses. Obama was not interested in addressing or correcting the problems at the VA, he was more concerned with spinning and weaving lies he would feed to the American people via his mouth piece known as MSM (Main Stream Media).

Under Obama the Secret Service was scandalized. We watched in disgust as agents engaged in debauchery with hookers in Columbia, while the Secret Service was picking its nose, a fence jumper actually penetrated the White House grounds and let’s not forget a buzzed Secret Service agent driving their car into a security barrier.

In Iran, everything about Obama’s dealings with this rogue nation was shady. Starting with his inaction and silence in 2009 as mullahs brutally quashed the Green Revolution. Complicit much Barry? The Iran nuclear deal was shoved down our thoughts via lies and his manipulated MSM. Breaking the rules is something Barry did without much thought, because the rule of law was just too inconvenient for him.

With his side kick Hillary, no holds barred. While Hillary lied about her email and server, Barry told us he knew nothing about it. In fact, he most certainly did, he even had a secret name for emails between the two off book.  If there is any justice left in this country these two will see the inside of a prison very soon.

Finally, and the act that will bring this conniving, lying, un-American, abhorrent criminal to justice will be his hand print in the Trump Russia collusion fabrication.  If the DOJ does its job, and has any stones at all, they will bring Obama up on charges as being complicit in the actions he oversaw and sanctioned.  However we may not see this happen and if we don’t it will be only because of the color of his skin and the content (or lack thereof) of his criminal character.

Either way it seems, Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost.

About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. 13 Russian nationalist indicted today – we’ll see how fake Russian interference was – and we’ll soon know ego in Trumps Camp colluded and why they keep allowing Russian SS agents into us to meet with trump representatives and trump.

  2. “the Obamas squatted in the White House” Obviously you have no concept of what squatting is. /smh

    “$100M tax payer funded in vacation for Michelle and Barry and their entourages.” Yeah right! Evidence? Didn’t think so.

    “What does a man who never really worked” Of course not, no lawyer on the planet works at all, let alone a real job… oh, wait… /smh

    ” a fence jumper actually penetrated the White House grounds” Not the first time… hell its happened several times… shock horror… he wasn’t President then… /smh

    “he even had a secret name for emails between the two off book.” again, evidence? Easy to just spout out rumour as if it was fact. Oh that’s right your new President, Donald (the dump) Trump he calls that alternative facts eh? once more /smh

    Just the ranting raving words of a typical biased Yank!

    Do you realise that the rest of the world laughs at ‘Murica? ” The country where you could marry your dog, or donkey, or Axolotl… talk about sick!

    ‘Murica, the land of the free, yeah, free to slaughter school kids by the score. ‘Murica, the most murderous country (outside of war zones) on the planet. More kids killed at schools in ‘Murica than in the rest of the world combined. The land of automatics, like the AR-15 where any looney can buy one, one way or another. Where the “right to bear arms” means innocents by the score pay the ultimate price by looneys, by radicals, by gangstas.

    Oh give the rest of the world a break. Clean up your own backyard and become a civilised nation, then we might, maybe, take some notice of you in a positive way.

    • Go to Judicial Watch to get facts on obamas’ vacations. Just because you don’t like the truth doesnt make it false. Yeah the rest of the world laughs at us because we had a joker in the white house for the past eight years. I value our second amendment because of people like you. You don’t have the guts to invade us because behind every blade of grass there will be an American patriot waiting to take you down.

      • AMEN, Candle Suarez!!! This Danby is an ignorant, stupid moron!! He doesn’t like President Trump and we DON’T care if he does or doesn’t, the fact is that he has did more so far for this country that that dumb, stupid, blow hard idiot Obama ever did, all Obama did was kiss ass, AND lie to the people and he should never have been president. The color of his skin was the only thing that got him elected and George Soros’ money!! My advice to Danby is if he doesn’t like the United States and what it stands for, THEN GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • shall we take a look at Drumpf’s??? What will it be at the end of (God forbid) 8 yrs??

      • Yeah right. And now the rest of the world laughs at the biggest joke of a president now occupying the White House. The one who plays golf 4/5 days a week. The one who didn’t stop smiling when on the ground in Florida after the recent massacre. Now, only now, he says he wants bump stocks banned. After previously saying effectively that they weren’t an issue. Mr Alternative Facts (aka lies). “Your” president (l/c intentional) makes Jackass look sane and normal.

        Don’t have the guts to invade you? Can’t you see how insane that comment is? Oh, don’t like this country lets invade it? Yup, like Reagan did. Like Dubya did to Iraq for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Still looking for them ain’t they?

        America. Land of the Free? More like the land of the Freaks.

    • U want to know why I absolutely HATE liberals like u troll posters on here. U whine about 7,000 murdered by guns each year but extoll and worship the fact of 16,000 killed by knives, 400,000 killed by medical malpractice, and 1,000,000 killed by abortion…..EVERY YEAR. Liberals are evil and dangerous to the civil society.

    • We don’t have the records on the Obama’s spending $100M dollars on personal vacations but the Congressional Budget office has it and it’s very accurate!!!

    • Everything she noted is well covered and reported. I am betting you cannot disprove any of it.

      Next, the AR-15 is NOT an automatic rifle.

      Note that the goofy marriages were allowed by the DEMOCRATS, like your hero Hussein al Obama.

      President Trump doesn’t play golf 4-5 times a week. Hussein did.

      And they found WMDs in Iraq..

      All of this is well documented.

      Do some research before you post – otherwise you expose yourself to be the foolish liberal that you are.

  3. Dear Ms. Suarez,

    Wow. Talk about needing to get a grip on reality and get your facts straight. The Russians weren’t trying to get Clinton elected; they were trying to get tRump elected! Or did you miss that part? As for your comments above, wouldn’t know where to begin, but you certainly have put a nefarious spin on everything. Some help from Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, I suspect. Although you don’t refer to the immigration showdown, I would say that if your name is any indication of your heritage, you’re on the wrong side of the political spectrum… Are you one of those who thinks all the DACA recipients should be deported and made to reenter “legally”? As in, I’ve got mine and have no intention of sharing. Good-bye and good luck! Hmmmm…. Not my America, for sure.

    • Actually they were not. The Clinton campaign paid for a FALSE russian produced dossier via a british spy, to destroy the Trump Campaign. The DNC, Parkins Coy and Clinton paid for the dossier; the fact that you would like your fantasy to be reality is sad and pathetic.

      How dare you put me in a class based on my name. I am an American. I didn’t get mine, I earned mine by following the rule of law. And good bye to you, also good riddens.

    • Good, if you feel this way, you can also get the HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY and don’t let any door hit you in the ass as you exit. We don’t need you here!!

    • All you have to do is look at Obama worth before being in the WH, then after he left. It’s a big different and hell of a lot more then reported.

    • Mary if this is not your America you are free to leave..! We Americans like it exactly the way it is. So, get your anti-America, your anti-Trump rant and your things and get out..!

    • The Russian operatives were trying to cause discord and distrust in our system. They assumed, like most of the media and left-wing America, that Hillary would win, and was trying to stir up trouble. And in case you missed it, on a day when they held anti-Hillary rallies, they also held anti-Trump rallies as well.

      You missed THAT, didn’t you??

  4. Thank you for the refreshing albeit executive summary precis of America’s 8 years under the Mendacious Mulatto. BO’s 2009 June address to the assembled Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo needs to be mentioned to set the stage in Obama’s quest to push the world into life under Islam while using America as a tool.
    We can only hope and expect that the soon to be released 1.2 million page IG’s report on Obama’s legacy will clarify Obama’s departure from American Patriotism and to embrace of Criminal Islamism and its corrosive effect on all of America aka Modern Liberalism.
    No doubt the DEMS next shrill attack will be to have the entire report redacted.

  5. I couldn’t believe that lying pervert got elected in the first place! We have a lot of dumb people in this country! Our Nation went to hell in a hand basket during his infamous reign of deceit,theft,filth & tolerance of outright SIN! The queers loved him and the crooked media! As for financial abuse,he stole from all true Americans. My son who works his butt off had all his tax refund garnished,as did his wife .This was done for student loans. SEND HIM & Killery both to PRISON for Life.Or better yet, execute them both for TREASON!!!!

  6. Candi, i am amazed at how much hate you put forward. Please see a shrink. You can be helped.

    • Except that she is 100% CORRECT. And then look at the hate you lefties have been throwing at us for a decade.

      Can you say “hypocrite”?

  7. Im no fan of Obama. But I don’t think we should ever rely on the state to feed our kids if we son’t have to. There is no way I would send my kid to school without a sack lunch. Of course it’s going to be garbage. On the other hand, the families who are paying steep tuition for their kids to go school, are paying for the lunches they get. In fact, I doubt the lunches are included in the tuition anyway. So they are paying cash for the lunch over and above what they pay for tuition.
    There are SO many things to complain about Obama’s time in office. The cafeteria at their private school is not one of them. And the crapeteria the state provides is what one would expect

    • Well I used to pay for my son’s lunch, and he liked most of the meals, sometimes ground beef with rice and salad, pizza Friday all my kids loved, chicken tenders with mac n cheese and apple pies slice, they used to like most of the menu items, but them mochelle came on the scene and started with her fake healthy choices, and now as with everything else they touched, they turned it to crap. I am so thankful those 8 years are over, but what a waste, and worse, what a disease they left behind in our law enforcement agencies…FBI/DOJ. Its gonna take two terms and maybe another two terms for a conservative president to clear the stench the obamas left in our country.

  8. What a good find; I have never seen your site before and have bookmarked it. I will be back.

    You are telling the truth about the previous occupier of our White House. Too bad the low info people still have their heads in the sand or up their butts.

    Thank you!

  9. Thank you Candie. I’m so pleased to see a conservative woman speak up. There has been a habit of sitting back and watching the liberal left throwing their tizzy fits and spinning their lies. Thank you for standing up.

  10. She doesn’t need a shrink. Perhaps you should consider one yourself. Candi is just stating facts that some people refuse to accept. If you only watch MSM then you’re doing yourself a disservice and will never know the complete story. It’s up to you to check all sources and then decide for yourself which is correct and which aren’t. Some of the topics Candi brings up are never reported in MSM, yet they happened believe it or not. And when you’ve been beaten down with this crap for 8 years under obama then eventually it starts to grate on your nerves and make you a little angry. The only things obama did for this country were to allow men to use the women’s restroom (and vice-versa), happily watch jobs leave the country and do nothing about it, and create a racial divide like nothing we’ve ever seen in the past except for prior to the times of Martin Luther King Jr. I’ll be honest I voted for obama the first time he ran because he promised to bring jobs back, raise wages, lock down the borders and shrink the government. We got the total opposite of what he promised and it was easy to see the sham after his first year in office. If you don’t see that then you are just plain blind.

  11. Agreed, Albert.

  12. It’s time to hang the mus-sime invader and all the demonrats that support and got him elected. Every person that voted for his is party to his treasons and should be charged along with him and his entire administration.

  13. Candie, You have a right to your opinions but you do not have a right to spread falsehoods. All presidents vacation. Your current one spent his whole Secret Service budget in the first five months in office between Trump Tower and Del Largo. The profit from those vacations went into the pockets of his family. Perhaps you as a billionaire have no problem with that but I prefer my tax dollars go to those in need rather then than those with gold commodes.
    I am curious to know if you have any education or expert experience as the basis for forming and posting your opinions. I hope that you are more educated than the coal miners who believed candidate Trump and are still waiting for the jobs that he promised them.

    • you need to double check your figures…she is correct…. and I am living in WV where things are turning around as we speak. The coal industry IS picking up steam as are a lot of things that it feeds into…….

    • Candie,

      Thank you for your truthfulness. It is sad to see people such as Mike, Albert and Mary still cannot see the truth through the lies. Their use of insults leaves much to be desired as well.
      Mike opinions are just that opinions and last I checked this is the United States of America, she is entitled to her opinion. Although the only opinion most Liberals/Democrats care about is their own. As far as her education is concerned obviously she doesn’t let anyone else do the research for her she does it herself. That alone puts her far above most people with the liberal viewpoint and that is apparent in her website. By your comments I will presume you consider yourself educated, so I am perplexed as to why you cannot see how intelligent she is.
      Yes, all President’s take vacations the majority of them vacation at Camp David and did not spend as elaborately as our former president. I don’t remember any of them sending their teenage daughter alone on a trip to Mexico, oh wait she did have Secret Service.
      I could be wrong and I will investigate, but I do not think Trump’s trip to Trump Tower (where his office is) cost taxpayers any money and I do not believe his stay at Del Largo did either. But instead of spreading falsehoods I will research. As far as jobs Trump promised, we are still waiting for all of the jobs the President from the previous 8 years promised.

      • People despise this country and yet continue to live here. They should leave, we are not going to change except for the better. Communism will not prevail in America; they will not win. I have to keep remembering they are mentally ill.

    • Wow…you put down her opinions, but you can say whatever you want! What does her education have to do with her opinions!

    • First its Mar-a-Lago. So I will end my response there because you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

    • All of those “falsehoods” are well-documented TRUTH. Best attempt to back up what you said, or be exposed as a hateful liar.

      Oh – and those “gold toilets”? Trump bought those with his down money…. And Trump is paying for the rooms the Secret Service occupies at Mar-A-Lago, not the government. Trump is also not taking a salary – and is turning his paycheck back to various government agencies (like the Forestry), among other places.

  14. Your amazing!!!! I love the way you stand up to the “dumbed-down” masses!!! Keep writing the truth!!

  15. Your amazing!!!! I love the way you stand up to the “dumbed-down” masses!!! Keep writing the truth!! interesting that as I try to post a comment complementing you the site wont let me…. says ive already said this. LOL

    • The Khaladi Tapes? The Khaladi Tapes? That’s the best you got. That was ten years ago, and if they’ve never been aired, how do you know what he said about anything, let alone his “true feelings about Israel.” Get a grip, lady.

      • How do you know what he said? You don’t. His true feelings about Israel were on display during the 8 years he squatted in the white house. His affiliation with Farrakhan was also troublesome. Was being the operative word because his reign is thankfully OVER. The only ones that can’t see it are blind bats like yourself. All due respect.

      • Look at Hussein al Obama’s support for the muslim brotherhood in Egypt during the “Arab Spring”. Look at his support for Hamas. Look at his disdain for and snubbing of Netanyahu.

        Hussein al Obama is a Sunni muslim who hates Israel, as do all muslims.

  16. Its true, the Obamas spent around 96 million on vacations in 8 yrs. In contrast, Herr Gropenlyinfuhrer has spent 30 million in 88 days. He is on track to spend 100 million IN HIS FIRST YEAR.

    • Huh. Right. A liberal site.

      How about the $100 million, one-month vacation to Africa? How about the $40 million trip Michelle , her mom, and the girls took to Asia? How about the $15 million trip one of the girls took to Mexico?

      How about all the trips to Hawaii, that each cost $20-40 million? Or the time he left Hawaii in that big jet to fly back to Washington to browbeat the politicians to vote on some left-wing agenda, then flew back?

      Or all the times the couple flew in different planes, then had the dogs flown in a separate plane as well? (Muslims don’t allow dogs – especially black dogs – to be in the same conveyance – its “unclean”.)

      The obamas treated the Secret Service and the Air Force as their private and free travel agency.

      And you claim they cost us only $96 million.

  17. You know, I think the reason we are such a joke to other countries is because of many of the remarks that Americans say about their own Elected President! You see, it just doesn’t matter what die hard Democratics think about Trump, the greater amount of Americans voted for him…and still stand by his side! The majority picked who they wanted to give a shot at attempting to try and fix American for Americans…to repair the damages from all the shady politics that has weaken our national bond! We have become a joke around the world, and it isn’t due to Trump, but rather all the dirty politics! We are failing as a nation because we’ve forgotten our morals and values, and we fail to compromise as a nation. All this hate just continues to sicken our lives, and makes a majority of us sick of all the negativity! You are most definitely on the right path Candie! You go girl…speak your peace, and stand by your opinions!

  18. Your article was spot on. Everything you say is true. However the snowflakes will continue to remain under their rock.

  19. EXCELLENT article! Kudos to you, Ms Suarez, for stating facts and telling the truth. America has suffered in so many ways, as you noted, in negative manners. Thank you for writing this article. Hope you don’t mind that I copied it and sent it to my ‘contact’ list. Even though there are some comments that criticize, deny, and name-call (typical lefties), please don’t be discouraged by them. It boggles the mind to see how hateful and delusional they have become.
    God bless you, Ms Suarez.

  20. Candie Save your Breath Girl. You wont Win, live your life like you/I are doing. Work pay your bills and taxes
    keep Voting for our rights regardless of who He or she is. These people will get their perfect little world when they get to Heaven. If they Believe in it.

  21. Wow! Love how Candie and her Russian trolls back up their outright lies with code: squatter, mendacious mulatto. Talk about the pot calling the kettle. The reality is, Obama is still the most popular man on earth, he and his beautiful family held their positions with absolute dignity – no scandals in eight years, and frankly, no one cares what you, Repuplicans, racist, criminal followers think about Obama, Michele or the Clintons. We are way too engrossed with the mobilizing activism of flipping the house and Senate in November. And now, thanks to the NRA, we have an entire generation of new voters who will finally be the catalyst to put the conservative, alt-right in the minority where you will stay for many, many years to come. The Russians gave you the past election. The American people will take it back in November and in 2020…keep writing in your little blog to your Russian comrades if it makes you feel important. You are nothing but the butt of a joke that is now in its 399th day!

    • LOL… the most popular man on earth in the minority mind of you poor unfortunate souls. You were spot on with Hillary, and she is president today…oh wait. Not.

      The obamas wouldn’t know dignity if it smacked them upside their ugly heads. So there’s that.

    • Lol you and the Obama are the butt of the jokes lmao

  22. Barak Hussein obama is a homosexual, Muslim, communist who is married to a transgender with “borrowed” children. How beautiful is that? It is certainly acceptable in liberal circles, but it is also living a lie. He has never acknowledged these facts, yet enough people have spoken out (in first person) about his shady background. Why can’t we see the records of his stated college attendance? His several birth certificates have definitely been proven to be false. Michele was Michael in high school. On several occasions he has verbally slipped and referred to her as Michael. obma’s administration is now being shown to be one of the most corrupt in our history. Europeans do not hold him in such high honor now. The presidential paintings of obama and Michael are disgusting.

    • Thank the media. If only they questioned him and his press secty as vigorously and disrespectfully as they do President Trump or even Bush II.

    • Jane, I understand your concerns about the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency and worthiness as a person. However, it turns out that Obama is not homosexual, not Muslim, nor is he a communist married to a transgender with “borrowed” children.

      There is a problem here: Did you actually check the sources of your information? During the election, there were a mass of websites created by the Russian trolls who pushed such lies in order to get Trump elected. This of course is what Mueller is investigating and indictments have already been issued for some of them. There is a lot of misinformation being pushed out on the Internet and you need to make sure that you are not susceptible to the lies on the right-wing — even if your views are legitimately truly conservative. Please see this:

      It is very important reading for conservatives, especially.


      • Yeah folks, this is David Pratt, Barry Soetoro’s personal publicist. He knows everything about Barry from… what he read in his leftist leaning publications, so those have to be the truth. He keeps sending our readers to his left leaning websites; and tries to discredit factual content in websites like this. Pay him no mind, he is not well.


    I LOVE IT!!!

  24. Candie, I read your article here and admire your genuine desire to educate people on what you see as fundamental problems with the Obama presidency and your perception of crimes and/or corruption.

    Please, though, provide sources for your ideas. As I read through your article, I found that all of your claims of crimes/corruption were all dis-proven quite some time ago. That may be hard to accept if you spend your time watching Fox “News” — which as you know is the propaganda arm of the Trump administration. The divisiveness and hate that they spew 24/7 on that network rivals that of the Kremlin-financed RT and follows the same MO. In fact, their lies and misinformation is so perverse that a woman even created an interesting film about it which you can download free on Amazon. Please check it out, Candie:

    I know that you have a keen desire to understand the truth of what is going on during this terrible presidency, and believe me, it is well worth your time!


    • No, David Pratt, they actually were not disproven. No, David Pratt, Fox News is no more the arm of the Trump Administration than CNN; difference is FOX actually tells the TRUTH and does not allow for tainted one sided biased purposeful misleading tv actors posing as journalist to spew lies and propaganda for the globalist funding their campaign. The fact that you are citing to some left leaning website filled with BS content, does not negate the fact that I fact check before I write. You can go about your life believing the nonsense they spew if it helps you live your life, however, there is no doubt of the imbedded corruption and criminality in the obama administration, and the truth you won’t allow yourself to hear is that obama’s chickens are coming home to roost and sh*t on his head while they are roosting.

  25. Please remove me from your nitwit web site.

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