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America’s Public Schools – Our Kids at Risk

Yes I said it.  Our kids are at risk in America’s public schools.  On Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida, a student shot and killed former classmates. So far 17 people are reported dead, 14 of whom are students. Fourteen families will not see their teenagers alive again.  I can’t imagine the despair, the horror and heartbreak.  The news is just breaking, so little information is out. But this school shooting like the ones before it, aren’t all that different.

How can this have happened is the question most people ask when a tragedy like this occurs.  My response usually is how can it not?  Have you seen what is going on in public schools today?  It’s a godless, immoral, unethical, meaningless, violent and sexualized environment. But it doesn’t stop there. Our public schools are stock-filled with at-risk kids. Kids that have been raised in some form of government system or another.

Let’s start with the instant case.  Nikolas Cruz (and his brother Zachary) were adopted by an older couple on the day Nikolas was born, by Linda and Roger Cruz.  The kids had emotional issues. Nikolas’ adoptive mother died of pneumonia in November 2017, at the age of 68.  Nikolas’ adoptive father died years ago of heart attack. The mother did her best to raise two boys on her own and to get him the help he needed, said a relative.  The same relative said Nikolas had been diagnosed with autism; had issues and was taking medication.

Question 1- What medication was Nikolas on, if any?

We will not know the answer to what medication Nikolas was on until this investigation is completed, and if the results are released.  However, the National Institute of Mental Health has reported that 56% of children and teens being treated for autism, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression are prescribed what are known as “chemical straightjackets meds.”  While there is no medication proven to have any solid efficacy on the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, communication difficulties, repetitive behaviors, aggressions and violent meltdowns, clinician continue prescribing these so-called chemical straightjackets more and more.  Unfortunately, parents who are often confronted with the option of medicating their kids or removing them from regular school settings due to mental illness diagnosis, opt for medicating their children every time.

Question 2- Why aren’t there resources available to these at-risk kids?

I understand that there are thousands of cases throughout the country of these at-risk kids.  We are putting billions of dollars into social programs that serve no purpose but to enable fraud and promote laziness; yet we cannot put funds into the assessment, designation and treatment of mentally ill Americans.  The federal government spends $113B on illegal immigrants annually.  Wrap your heads around that folks annually.  Yet we have at risk Americans walking around without any form of assistance or treatment.

Question 3-  Who are these people; are they mentally ill or just evil?

I have heard that crazy people do not have a lot of mental agility to organize this kind of event; but an evil person does.  I am not sure I agree with that.  Not all mentally ill people are evil, but evil people are also mentally ill.  Again, there were red flags, even the FBI had a tip last year about this guy.  Nikolas was throwing up red flags for years, and just like other mentally deranged people, those flags were overlooked.  One thing these school shooters have in common is that they methodically planned and executed their attacks.  We can’t judge people’s mental agility by their appearance, but you have to admit looking at these deranged individuals that shoot people for the sheer “exhilaration” of it, do not look like your average kid.

Question 4 – What did the FBI do?

Apparently, not much. The FBI was contacted by a Mississippi YouTuber who reported the video that Nikolas had posted about wanting to be a professional school shooter.

Information is coming out now about the background of this shooter.  One thing Ive noticed is that every one of the shooters have a social media profile and are constantly posting their hatred, affiliations and intentions.  The Parkland FL shooter, Nikolas de Jesus Cruz, was expelled from the Parkland school he shot up.  The school would not allow Cruz to come to class with book bags.  In fact, many of the kids who knew him said they predicted that Cruz would someday do something like this.

Question 5- Why did the school and district superintendent’s (Runcie) office not follow up with this individual and the red flags that he was waving?

For the most part, our state workers are complacent, lazy, do nothing-pay me blobs.  There were warning signs, there were red flags, the school knew that Nikolas was dangerous. The students knew that Nikolas was dangerous. The FBI had a report that this kid was a posting about wanting to be a professional school shooter.  He was expelled from the school, but Mr. Runcie’s district did nothing to follow up as to the status of this teen and any subsequent assistance he may have needed.  So the system failed.  Proving yet again that government is not the answer to the problems that afflict our communities.

Question 6- What can we do to prevent it in the future?

One of the reasons this is happening is because our young people are devoid of any moral, ethical and spiritual leadership.  This starts at home.  But the schools where our kids go to get an education, give no form of moral, ethical and spiritual curriculum.  The Department of Education needs to inventory its curriculum and start to implement programs starting in the early years that promote moral, ethical and spiritual growth.

The quick answer to is to allow Law Enforcement Agencies to assess our schools for security risks and evaluate those at-risk kids and refer them for further mental health assistance.  Children and Family Services need better funding so that home assessment of these at risk-kids and families can be made, and proper assistance provided.

Finally, we need armed law enforcement and/or retired military working at America’s school.  There needs to be threat assessment and entry point vulnerabilities determined.  While there was one security officer at the Parkland FL school, the campus and building is huge, and there are also 3,200 students.

Question 7 – How about more gun control?

Cars don’t cause accidents, knives don’t stab people and forks do not make you fat.  I can put a loaded gun down on my kitchen table, and unless I pick up that gun and fire it, that gun will sit there forever if I let it.  So let’s just set aside the gun control argument.  Guns/knives are already banned in schools and schools are gun free zones.  The problem is people hell bent on causing death and destruction could care less about gun-free zones and laws.

Another solution is to train and arm teachers.  I understand that many teachers are nurturers, but unfortunately we live in a world where weakness will get you killed.  The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun, shoot him.  There will not be gun control in America, Democrats must stop the fights.  You sound as nuts as the shooters.  It is our Constitutional right, and Americans are not about to give that up to government.  Sorry. We can’t get rid of all evil people in America, but we sure can train to take them down when they show up to do us harm.

In the 1950s, schools actually had gun clubs; and part of the curriculum was shooting, firearm safety and use. It was common to see kids coming to school with their rifle bags slung over a shoulder, some keeping their rifles and shotguns in their locker.  If you went out to the parking lot, high schoolers had their rifles hanging off the back window of their trucks.  Car doors were not locked and keys were left in the cars.  There were no school shootings back then, but there was prayer, patriotism, corporal punishment, kids were taught to respect their teachers and each other, parents were involved in their children’s lives and kids went to church on Sunday.


As parents, we have a strict responsibility to attend to our children. When our kids are having social issues and mental health problems, if we cannot deal with it at home, we have to seek out help.  We must fight for our children, not throw our hands up and say oh well, here take this pill.  I understand its taxing and most of the time both parents work or there are single parent environments, and adults have their own issues going on.  But it is imperative that we instill morals, ethics and yes, spiritual growth, in our young people.  Otherwise, we will continue to see these news events on television, more and more.

Until we confront this issue head on, our children will continue to be at risk in America’s public schools.

About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. Thank You! Your beautiful writing is truly inspirational

  2. This sorry dissertation does not deserve an intelligent reply…. No responsible mention of the fact that this weapon was designed to kill people, no other reason. There is no reason for the general public, especially eighteen year old’s, to own them. Shame on this sinful article. As I recall, the second amendment states ‘a well armed militia”.

    • And who do you think the founders were referring to when they wrote those words, GIJoes/Janes. No they were referring to the American people. Ready willing and able to defend this country should we be invaded from without and within. Our moral and spiritual compass has been off-set by the many different cultures coming to America, and refusing to assimilate. I am sorry that you feel sorry for my thoughts and stated facts. Guns are killing machines indeed, so are cars, pressure cookers, swimming pools, abortion tools, motorcycles, the list is endless. It is not therefore the machine but the person whose hands its in. Shame on you sir, for not respecting the opinion of others and dictating what rights an individual has.

      • Are you saying that the primary purpose of cars, and all the other things you listed, are for killing other people? I think any intelligent person would respectfully disagree. Many things can cause the death of another person however the vast majority of the time it’s because of accidents. The school shooter didn’t just have an accident. The only thing related are the deaths. Also, using your example of cars and motorcycles the government has put in place rules and regulations to help reduce deaths. For starters you need to take tests. Are tests required before you can purchase a gun? Do you require a new licence for a gun on a regular basis? What safety features, rules and regulations has the government implemented in order to reduce gun deaths? Do they have facial recognition so that they don’t fire upon another person? The NRA has gone out of its way to ensure that the study of reducing gun deaths can’t happened. We don’t have the same thing with anything else, even something as simple as a pressure cooker.

        • Facial recognition so they don’t fire on other people? LOL Then how would the gun be used in self-defense, or by police or in war?

          You mean making them so they only identify deer, ducks and other hunted animals?

    • These rifles are used by hunters not military. This gun was a semi-auto, not full auto. YOU don’t know squat about guns. Also, almost all the shootings have been committed by Democrats.

      • They talk yet know nothing about that which they speak. Its so typical.

        • Perhaps you should look at what other countries do to keep their people safe. You may find that other countries do a better job at it, especially since the US is out front in these types of incidents. Perhaps you think there are just way more crazy people in the US but not America or elsewhere in the world. That could be but highly unlikely. Perhaps it’s because of a much poorer education system in the US? Could be part of it. I looked up school shootings in Canada recently. There have been 11. I think most of those were incidents between two people on the school grounds and not in the school itself. It’s correct that guns don’t kill, people do. However, people without guns don’t kill with guns and don’t manage to kill as many innocent people. That’s just a fact. Also, please point out in the second amendment where it says that citizens have the right to own guns or any type of gun. All I read is that citizens have the right to bare arms. Arms could be sticks.

        • Candie trying to communicate using logic with an Illogical mind devoid of ability to think strait is like trying to bail out the ocean with a tea spoon / debating with ignorance only begets ignorance !

    • Spoken by a typical suicidal useful idiot of the Left; you lefties are beyond help, keep
      deluding yourselves with your deranged thinking! Armr=======================? – – – – , we’ll be needing them against the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls that besides being hell-bound they are hell-bent on disarming “US” in order to create their New World Order!

    • Gun control is eminent and who doesn’t want to control that is crazy! A semiautomatic gun need not be in anyone’s hands. Gun clubs never had these types of guns. Don’t say people are evil, those who cast the first stone……

      • You are wrong. Your opinion or feelings about guns do not dictate my bill of rights. Gun control will not happen in America, just as murder cannot be outlawed by laws on the books. Dont be so naive.

      • There are evil people. And evil people use whatever tool comes to hand, to kill innocent people. Didn’t a guy use a pickup truck not long ago to run over people in New York City? Why not blame the pickup? Because the pickup was the TOOL, beingbused by an evil person to harm others.

        And you call US naive….

    • Dean, your a moron. AR-15 are use all over the USA protect livestock, from other animals. Crops from wild hogs. Shooting competitions and for just the fun of shooting and protecting your family and property and hunting to name a few. There are thousands of the guns across the country owned by thousands of people that own these guns and use them every day for many things other than killing people. It is clear that you have never been outside of a city Dean. Very very very few of the thousands of these guns have never been used to kill anyone. You need to get out of your little bubble once and a while and watch something besides CNN.

    • You are wrong Dean Warren. Just get in line with the propaganda units. Candie, you have added a refreshing view. If only more would stand up to, other than “Just ban guns”. If only the American parent would do their research on Broward Counties school districts policy before just flying the ‘ban guns’ flag. I do not have children in schools anymore, but if I had children now days, I would yank them out as fast as possible. I would never allow a babysitter to watch my children , if they took care of a child’s safety as the public school system. Therefore I would never allow my child to spend 6-8 hrs. a day in an unsafe, unprotected & indoctrinating institute. I think every position on your list has validation. I totally enjoyed your response to children in America. Thank you very much.

    • wrong.
      better check you FACTS SLICK.

    • A “well-armed militia” in the terms of 1791 was ALL able-bodied men aged 16-40 (this includes 18-year-olds!) to be armed as common foot soldiers, with somewhat standardized weapons (so ammo could be swapped). Today, that would mean we would have access to full-auto rifles and heavy machine guns.

      The AR-15 (Armalite Rifle, Model 15 – NOT “assault rifle”!) is not a military rifle, nor is it designed to strictly kill humans. It is used as a sporting, hunting, and self-defense weapon. It is NOT an “assault weapon”, unless you look at the loose definition of the term – ANYTHING that can be used as a weapon to assault someone. This can be a fist, a knee, a forehead (ever been headbutted?), a rock, a hammer (which is used to kill more people every year than “scary-looking assault weapons”), a car – getting the picture??

      An assault rifle is a light-weight rifle capable of selective fire, meaning it can be switched from semi-auto to full auto. It was first invented by Germany during WWII, and Hitler gave it the term “Sturmgewehr”, literally “assault rifle”. Its official model was StG-44. All subsequent assault rifles, including the AK-47 and M-16, are based on this model.

      The AR-15 was the basis for the M-16, and they LOOK similar, but that’s where it ends. Except for the outward cosmetic appliances, they are completely different weapons.

      Ever hear of the M-1 Garand rifle? It was used by American forces to win WWII. It is a semiautomatic rifle with an internal box magazine, fed by an 8-round clip. Think about that. It looks everything like a modern hunting rifle, and shares many common traits. Yet they used it to fight the largest military forces in the world – and defeat them. Today, it’s still a popular hunting and sporting rifle – there are some that win shooting championships with WWII-vintage M-1 rifles, because they are THAT good.

      Do some research before spouting off. Otherwise, you come off as a brainwashed FOOL.

      • First of all the ArmaLite AF-15 I believe, was designed by Eugene Stoner, Jim Sullivan and Bob Fremont and it is based on the ArmaLite AR-10 rifle. It doesn’t take a bimbo to see that they are specifically designed to be a lightweight ASSAULT rifle and fire high-velocity small caliber cartridge to allow military or infantry to carry MORE ammunition. So no, I don’t believe that they are designed specifically for hunting. AND they don’t belong in the hands of anyone untrained and untraceable. Whether mentally stable or not.

        Secondly, how dare you compare a fist or a hammer, a knife or even a car with an AR-15!

        • The AR-15, as made by Colt (after Colt acquired Armalite), was the basis for the M-16 assault rifle. The AR was never an automatic weapon, and the military wanted a light-weight small-calibre rifle with the ability to have semi/full auto fire selectivity – the definition of an “assault rifle”, and turned down the purely semiautomatic AR-15.

          Colt went to work completely reconfiguring the entire rifle, making it into what the Army wanted, and they bought the new weapon, designating it as the M-16.

          The aspects of the original AR that carried over to the M-16 include the pistol grip, the carry handle/rear sight, barrel shroud, etc, are about the only things the 2 rifles have in common – the cosmetic appearance of the rifle.

          The AR-15 has NEVER been a “weapon of war”. Today, it is popular for hunters, sport shooters, and home defense.

          Try researching first….

        • And as far as the comparison, it is valid. If you use an object as a weapon to assault someone, it is an assault weapon. It is a TOOL.

          Do you realize that some 450 people are killed on average by people wielding hammers? Compare this to the 325 people killed on average by AR-15s and similar rifles.

          There are some 35,000 people killed each year in car crashes, compared to some 30,000 people killed by guns – and this includes about 60% that are SUICIDE.

          If you’re so hot on banning the TOOL, why not ban hammers and cars, as well as the AR-15?? Blame the WEILDER, not the TOOL.

          How dare I compare “a fist or a hammer, a knife or even a car with an AR-15”? Becausecthe comparison is ACCURATE.

          Your fear of guns and your indoctrination by the left wing media has blinded you to the FACTS.

  3. Public schools are one of the planks of Communism. They should be immediately abolished. Through them it allows the state to indoctrinate our children and put any and all false ideas into their innocent, impressionable brains.
    As long as you allow wicked men and women to indoctrinate our children, you will have insane ideas abound.
    Satan pridefully bragged to God the Father that he would destroy mankind. As long as he has free reign, his insane ideas will flourish.

  4. I do not know how we are receiving your e-mails but this one is really well said. I was in school in the 50 and 60’s and I agree because we had God in our school we had very few problems, Since we told God that we do not want him in our lives look what is happening through out the world. But the new generation and most Democrats want more and more government involment which will doom our country.

  5. Very well written. One question I have. Was this kid bullied, shunned, or otherwise mistreated by his classmates? If so they need to look in the mirror and see why he might have felt the need to do what he did.

    • Absolutely. There are many kids like Nikolas that are bullied and create this adversarial hopeless situation in these already mentally ill kids. Not to blame the victims or anyone other than the shooter, his parents (yes the parents) and the school system. Government school does nothing about these at risk kids. And as president obama put signed an executive order directing schools to reduce # of arrests for policy related violations ESPECIALLY for black and hispanic kids. The problem is, again, these democrat run districts have gotten so politically correct that teachers cannot even reprimand students of color. The teacher can literally be sued. And we wonder why we are where we are. We saw a hysterical 17 year old shaved head girl demanding and disrespecting law makers and POTUS; a hero to the MSM. Meanwhile kids with opposing views about what is going on as they see it and LIVE IT were ignored. Its a gun control agenda, nothing to do with solving the real problems we have with these wayward kids, and their obscene behavior.

  6. As a Grandmother to a child that has aitism. First Autism is not a mental illness it’s neurological. These children which are many do not need the wrap of being listed as mentally ill because they aren’t.

    Yes, this young man needed help and did not receive the help he needed. But he’s problems are deeper than Autism.

    Fact, mental institutions have been closed. Fact generally the only thing offered to parents of mentally ill childrèn is medication.

    • In this case there were many failures. Most of them by the school system and early on. Parents have to also be made aware of what is going on with their kids. I agree with your point about autism. I know that as soon as a child acts out everyone immediately starts to label and medicate the child. Why? While autism of course is a neurological illness; my very own niece’s son was diagnosed with autism and medicated. The boy does have social anxiety and was not doing well at all in the classroom environment. Finally, in 10th grade she removed him from the classroom environment and let him study at home, he finished his high school education early and did very well in the final state exams.

      As parent we have to know when our children are struggling, and be attentive and provide care necessary even if its not the traditional form of education. We are all individuals and for far too long we have been put in a box and told how to be. We have lost our individuality and are now no more than conformists.

      Much much more has to be done in way of mental institutions and removing the stigma associated with those Americans who have mental illness.

      • ‘Parents have to also be made aware of what is going on with their kids.’

        Candie, I’m not sure exactly what you meant by this comment, but in my opinion, there lies one of, if not the, biggest problem and surest solution (to some) of these shootings.

        Why is ‘somebody’ needed to make a parent aware of what is happening to THEIR child? Why doesn’t the parent know what is going on? Doesn’t care? Too busy? Uninvolved? I admit, I haven’t done the research in all of the mass/school shootings that have occurred in the last 10 -15 years but it would not surprise me to read that once the perpetrators house/room was searched that the authorities found unsecured, maybe unregistered guns and ammunition; diaries, journals, pamphlets, papers dealing with school shooting ‘how-to.’

        We know the pressures today’s children are under. Parents have to stop being friends and start being parents. Of course this is not always the case, but, the ‘right to privacy’ MUST have limits. A parent must know what their child is up to and in to. And please, I’m not suggesting draconian white glove, empty all the drawers inspection.

        Maybe if parents could also be held liable they wouldn’t need to be made aware of what is going on with their child.

        • My point was that parents are not in the classroom with their child every day. Parents do infact have the duty to make sure that they are reachable and that faculty and staff have their contact information to communicate about their child’s day. See my new post Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

      • You’re exactly right many are to blame for not seeing or caring enough to get this young man the help he needed. The signs were definitely there. My grandson’s teacher is really surprised that my daughter and I are very active in her son’s education. He is taught to use his manners and is treated just like neurotypical children.

  7. In 1957 I was a Freshman at Hempstead High School on Long Island. Previously, I was a better than average student in Fulton Street School (the elementary school) and loved “school”. The only 2 things I enjoyed at Hempstead High was the Track Team coached by “Moose” Krause”and the Rifle Team coached by the our history class teacher whose name escapes me. He was an Army vet from WWII. And – Yes! There was a 4 position shooting range in the basement of the high school and 3 days each week, just after lunch, the Rifle Team met to practice shooting our 22LR caliper rifles preparing for the county wide inter-school competition. For just $18 my parents bought for me a used bolt-action, single shot Remington model 513T Target rifle. It was kept, along with a dozen others, in the Rifle Team’s shooting range locker. We competed against 3 or 4 and maybe 5 other schools and those competitions took place at a practice range in local Police training facility. There was always a Policeman at every meet.

    “Range Safety” was #1. We were taught proper procedures, proper maintenance & cleaning of our rifles, and ‘respect’ for the fact that we were using a “Weapon”. Most of us had already been experienced shooters. And, if you didn’t demonstrate that “Respect”, you were instantly off the team. There was Zero tolerance.

    That was only 60 years ago !! Could I really be that old ?

    • In 1982, not long before I graduated high school, we had a demonstration speech we needed to give. It was to be on something we enjoyed. One boy (after clearing it with the teacher and the principal) brought his 12-gauge pump-action shotgun to class, with a 5-minute demonstration of gun safety, gun handling, and how to load said shotgun. At the end of his speech, he stood before the class with a fully loaded shotgun! He proceeded to unload the weapon, then took it out to his pickup.

      No one panicked. No one got upset. No one thought he was going to blow the class away – which he could have done right then and there.

      Today …………. ???

      He’d be in jail!

      I heard today that in some math class back east, a student noted the square root symbol looked kind of like a gun. It was reported that he said he wanted to shoot up the school – he’s been suspended pending a full investigation, his home was searched, he has to undergo a full psychological evaluation, and other ridiculous lengths.

  8. Great post. Thank u.

  9. Dang… I love you, Candie Suarez! Thank you for writing as you do!

    I attended 5 years of all-male military schools (Florida and Tennessee) as a teen in the early ’60’s, was trained in the use of use various war-time weaponry including rifles. hand guns, cannons of various types, army machine guns, and even mortars and grenades. Was even trained in hand-to-hand combat designed to “take out” enemy combatants silently on night patrols! Now that’s about as extreme as any teen in USA can claim, I’d say, and yet I am a responsible, loving, gentle-spirited conservative. Not once was there any violent behavior at school or misuse of weapons (probably helped that these were Christian boarding schools) in the way we see today.

    I SO agree with your article on this.

    I am going to offer myself as a parent-at-large, or some such, to my state legislators who have expressed interest in working out solutions to current school violence, etc. I hope they take me up on it.

    I’ve only just discovered your site, and I Look forward to future readings. Thank you SO much for expressing your views and doing it so well, Candie.

    • And that is exactly what we, as Americans, have to do. I dont believe government control of our Bill of Rights is in any way going to change a single thing. In fact, it will hinder it, as freedoms are taken away, only tyranny can rule. We also have another website called Daily Conspiracy which I will be writing for, you may want to check it out.

      I am glad to know you will be actively taking steps to help our youth through mentorship and skills education. Perhaps your local school district can be one of your first venues. Our kids should not have to live in fear, but when government is involved in our school systems, this very kind of control sets in and fear and cowardice are the only recourse.

      Thanks for what you do, and I hope you will visit our other website. Talk to you in the forums. Take care.

  10. You are correct on every point! Thanks for inserting some common sense into the debate about school safety. Those who think gun control alone is the solution do not look below the surface of the problem. There are many layers of blame to be considered. Criminals and crazies pay no attention to laws. If determined to do harm, they will get guns legally or illegally, and/or commit their murderous acts another way…we’ve seen cars and trucks used as weapons! I think enforcement and culture cancer are the main problems. Some laws may need strengthening, but if those responsible for enforcement (like the FBI) fumble the ball, no law (no matter how strong) is worth a hill of beans. There’s an old saying…a fortress is only as dependable as the gate keeper!

  11. As a Canadian reader of your blog, I can’t help but question your complete denial that the availability of assault weapons of all kinds in the U.S. is part of the problem. The shooter was 18 years of age, had a record of mental problems and yet was able to purchase an assault rifle and rounds of ammunition for it without anyone objecting. What’s wrong with this picture? (And would you really leave that loaded pistol sitting around your house for other people–kids?–to pick up?)

    Consider also: governments in other countries around the world set school curricula and policies, yet their citizens do not consider these schools to be a threat as too “controlling”. Why do Americans fear their public schools so much?

    The U.S. has more guns per capita than any other country in the world. The NRA insists that there should be NO restrictions on any type of weapon. The U.S. sees more people killed by guns–by far!!!–than in any other country. A coincidence? It’s only Americans, and especially Republicans, who think there’s no connection between the number of guns, their easy availability, and the number of people–including children at school–killed by them in each and every year. How long will it take before the slaughter ends?

    • First, please define an “assault weapon”. And PLEASE don’t tell me it’s a “scary looking rifle”… ANYTHING that can be used to assault someone is automatically an “assault weapon”, including fists, boots, hammers, rocks, sticks, cars…..

      Second, the guy did NOT purchase an “assault rifle” – those are rifles with a selector switch between semiautomatic and full automatic, and have been HEAVILY regulated since they came out under the firearms bill in the 1930s that severely restricted automatic weapons. An AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle. The “AR” designation was for the company that first produced the rifle, the Armalite Company – it stood for Armalite Rifle Model 15.

      There are some 300 million guns in America. There are billions of rounds along with those guns. Trust me – if LEGAL ownership of guns were the problem, you’d have known it by now… The problem is the ILLEGAL possession and use of guns in the hands of criminals and others with hurting others on their mind.

      Gun control laws simply DO NOT WORK. This guy brought a gun into a gun-free zone, with the intent of murdering people. These are crimes. Did he care that he was breaking the law? Obviously NOT. Criminals disobey the law – this is what makes them CRIMINALS. Look at the death toll in Chicago – almost 700 people murdered last year by guns – almost ALL with ILLEGALLY obtained weapons! New gun laws wouldn’t stop the criminals from getting guns.

      I grew up in a home with several firearms within arm’s reach of us kids – but we did not touch them, because we were taught at an early age that you DO NOT TOUCH!!! And we didn’t touch.

      The NRA does NOT support the ownership of any weapon by anyone. Get your facts straight there. And look at Mexico, for example, then at the Middle East countries, then the African nations, and you’ll see that we do NOT have more people killed by firearms than any other nation. Again, research your facts, instead of regurgitating CNN.

      As far as killings by AR-15s and other so-called “assault weapons”, more people are killed by people wielding HAMMERS than these rifles each year. More people are killed in CAR CRASHES each year in America than are killed by all types of guns (including suicides) – where’s the hue and cry to ban hammers and cars???

      If these shootings would quit getting the national attention on the news, they wouldn’t happen near as often as they do. Yes, they are a tragedy, but they are a LOCAL tragedy, not a national one.

      And why do we fear our schools? Because they are teaching an agenda that is diametrically opposed to the Constitution of the United States, with the idea of indoctrinating the children into throwing out the Constitution. In the olden days, our government didn’t control the curriculum, and we did wonderfully. Our schools have been in steady decline with the introduction of a government controlled curriculum. We are a constitutional republic, not a socialist nation (like Canada).

    • Incase you havent noticed dear neighbor be are being invaded on our southern border.

  12. Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2010 through 2016 that culminated in the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland. We know this with great specificity because five years ago we warned Broward County Florida school board members this could happen. In 2012 and 2013 while doing research into the Trayvon Martin shooting we discovered an alarming set of school policies being enacted in Miami-Dade and Broward County Florida. The policies were called “diversionary programs” and were essentially about stopping High School students from being arrested. Law enforcement was instructed to avoid arrests and defer criminal conduct to school administrators.

    • This was in enacted locally based on obama’s executive order mandating the same type of policy, specifically for hispanics and blacks. Affirmative Action in the Criminal Justice System. Typical leftist hoohah.

  13. Keep your hand guns and shot guns, ban assault weapons and any other weapon of mass destruction! I truly hope the victims families and survivors in this latest mass murder event are able to get the changes to our gun laws passed that are so desperately needed!

    • More laws, laws upon laws, that no one will obey because you cant regulate people like that. Sure you can make it tougher to get guns, but there are already millions in the streets. You will never be able to confiscate them. You are wasting your time if this is the road you try to go down.

    • What’s an “assault weapon”?

      Technically, it’s any object that can be used as a weapon to assault someone. This can include a fist, knee, rock, stick, car, candlestick – a .22 2-shot derringer is as much an “assault weapon” as an AR-15.

      HAMMERS are used to kill more people each year than “scary-looking assault weapons” – where’s the hue and cry to ban HAMMERS?? When someone drives a CAR into a crowd of people and kills a dozen or more, do we blame the CAR or the DRIVER? When someone uses a claw hammer to bludgeon someone to death, do we blame the HAMMER, or the WEILDER?

      You see where I’m going?

      Why blame the TOOL, when it’s the WEILDER of the tool that does the crime.

      And if a person is willing to ignore the “no guns here” laws and the “don’t murder” laws, do you really expect them to obey “don’t buy scary-looking guns” laws? If a person is bent on killing as many people as he can, he’s likely to buy his weapon of choice on the street, without going through an FFL dealer, no matter how many laws are passed. Those laws only affect those of us who are legal and responsible gun owners.

    • When the invasion at southern border is stopped and illegals removed, we can have a discussion. However my rights are not for you to determine. That was done in 1776. Live with it or live elsewhere.

  14. Your writing about the Cruz boy is quite perceptive.
    I have written a book on Psychiatric case studies entitled, Length of Stay, by James W. Cole which is on Amazon and is available on either ebooks or paperback. I have been a psychiatrist for 45 years now and I am beginning to realize that confidentiality in the mental health field needs to be revised. My book sites examples of what we as a society are doing wrong with our mentally ill. I am not trying to promote my book for the purpose of selling it but I want to obtain and secure a platform in which to be heard. My hands have been tied for my entire career concerning these very sick individuals and I would love to work on changing the system so our society can return to some sort of civility. Thank you!

    • Just as the left cries out for MORE control over our lives, we too must propose as vigorously the sane and logical next step. I propose you go to your local government as a stepping stone. Also, speak and work with your local schools. That is where change is needed. I believe our community churches and youth centers need to provide a place where kids can grow spiritually as well as emotionally. Many parents work. Kids left alone for hours to their devices is not a healthy environment. The idea that we as a civilized people have to train our children in para-military active shooter mentality while they are in school is insanity. However, our schools need to be secured and our student protecte and we have to, we must must…teach our children about respect and value of life.

      At some point these kids that are now being turned robotic with technology and chemical straight jackets and not really having any consequence, but instead gaining points and levels when they successfully kill people via video gaming, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto to name a few has got to stop. Many parents purchase these games for their underaged kid, and then wonder why, when their child exhibit aggressive tendencies.

      Good luck in your endeavors, I hope to hear form you again by these means. Be well.

      • A guy I was talking to a couple days ago said that video games put a certain tone in the audio that disrupts our thinking, and essentially allows the game to program a person’s mind. It’s a distinctively odd theory, and I’m almost positive that it holds no water, but there’s that slight “what if??” niggle…

      • Candie, you are so right about those violent video games. Back in the early 2000’s my early teens son was asking for the Adult games The Grand Theft Auto and the other violent ones. I saw a definite change in him while playing the age appropriate games and he sure didn’t get the adult ones.

        Oh, and the teachers pushed for him to have Ritalin also. He is doing well now. No thanks to the teachers.

        • Teachers are overburdened baby sitters, they no longer teach, they have to be counselors, baby sitters, and now also self defenders and gun totting educators if they are going to survive. School shootings are now being used by progressives who want to push an anti-gun agenda; which is the first step to them inserting themselves into power. I don’t know where this will end, but I can tell you it starts by medicating our boys and feminizing our young men. We are in serious trouble. For sure.

  15. Well I am so happy to hear that guns are not the problem but bad people are actually our problem and disburdening the Country of these bad people is our resolve. As I understand it, because certain practices such as prayer and corporal punishment has been taken away, patriotism (I guess is not being actively taught), kid’s lack of respect for their teachers and each other (I would add their parents), parents lack of involvement in their children’s lives and kids attending on church on Sunday are all components that have contributed to this disturbing time in America . These practices along with guns being very much apart of school cirrculum during the 40’s & 50’s helped to keep America safe. Well maybe it kept white America safe. Because during this time in history, blacks in America were being terrorized, lynced, murdered at alarming rates. Now I admit you can poll many blacks and they will be very nostagic about the “days of old”, feeling like we were better off. If prayer in school was ever our resolve, how could we (Christians) with all power in our hands allow a few non believers take away that component, if Church attendence is the answer why have churches been bombed and shot up? The Bible and guns are not synonymous. Where in the Bible did God give any of us the right to bear arms? Our 2nd Amendment gives us a right as a “well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms”. America has a well regulated militia, its called the USA military! We have the right to keep bear arms in our homes to protect ourselfs. And if I may add, the militia was to stop/hinder Bristish forces, hence the reason they came here in the first place for religious freedom. Like the Bible the Constitution and Bill of Rights is not up to our bias interpertation. But to each it’s own. The federal government took over to help protect people from racist states officials. Thank God. Mental health is not our issue either. If that was the case other Countries would bare the same problem. We have far greater issues in this Country. Two major problems being systemic racism and wealth disparity.

  16. All the perpetrators of mass murder at our schools since Columbine have been on psych drugs. Anti-depressants (especially the Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) have, as one of the severe side effects, the possibility of “suicidal and/or homicidal ideation.” The younger the person consuming psych drugs the more likely the chance of very bad side effects. There is a superb site which lists events and drugs involved. Dr. Ann Blake-Tracey has compiled the facts. You can look her name up on Facebook. At the moment, I can’t think of the name of the site that has all the facts. It’s extensive, documented. I’ll continue to search for it and will post it here if I remember to do so (that’s the truth, but who isn’t too busy these days?).


  18. I, of course do not believe that gun control is the answer. I do believe, however, that the real ‘elephant in the room’ is a woeful lack (in many cases) of parental concern; control; involvement; stewardship; supervision; involvement; and courage to inform authorities if they suspect something.

    I’m afraid we would be shocked to find out after these horrific incidences that there were unsecured or locked firearms at the residence of the child, maybe unregistered (illegal) and maybe even in the child’s room. The room may contain papers, pamphlets, journals, diaries, ‘how-to’ on bomb making, weapon usage, school shootings, radical propaganda, etc.. I suspect some parents know or suspect but are too busy trying to be ‘friends’ or just reluctant to inform on their own child. The FBI are not the only ones that don’t follow up on strong leads. I suppose they’d rather take the chance of their child being killed by a hail of police bullets, or in some schools, teachers bullets.

    There are many suspect causes that encourages this to happen. A gun may be the vehicle but it is not the cause. I believe involved parents could stop many of these.

    • Absolutely, this is evidenced by the recent post Feb 14 arrest of a youth who was turned in by his grandmother. This kids was planning a shooting similar to the Parkland one. The grandmother took notice and turned the kid in, saving lives.

    • I grew up in a home (I’m 54 now) with 2 rifles and 3 handguns. I was taught from an early age “DO NOT TOUCH!!!!” I was bullied badly in school – I was (and still am) ADHD. But NOT ONCE did I think about taking a gun from my mother’s room and using it to kill my tormentors.

      One of them was killed in a motorcycle wreck when we were in junior high. I quietly celebrated his death – one less to torment me. I wished death on these kids daily – but NOT ONCE did I ever think about getting a gun and shooting them.

      It’s not the fact that there are guns in the house within reach of the children; it’s the fact that these children are not taught from an early age that you do not touch.

      When the kids are big enough to hold it, they need to be taught proper gun safety and gun handling with a Daisy Red Rider BB gun, like I was. Yes, you can hurt someone at close range, but unless it’s in the face, it’s not going to cause anything more than a sting and a small bruise. Once they’re taught this, they will remember for the rest of their lives.

  19. Here is Dr. Sanjay Gupta (neurologist) talking about the connection between psych drugs and school shootings:

  20. Another significant, thought-provoking article re: psych drugs and school violence:

  21. This site is the mother lode. Most other Experts get their documentation from Dr. Blake-Tracey.

    “Here is the database for school shootings with documentation of antidepressant use in each of them.”
    Ann Blake-Tracey

  22. No one mentions that all of these kids doing the shooting, were from single parent, and divorced family homes!
    Most on some kind of meds.
    Also, they were mostly single moms, except for the Virginia tech shooter, who was reared by a single dad!
    A good many also had recent girl friend issues!!

    • I grew up in a single parent home, with my mother. I am ADHD. We had firearms within reach all the time I was growing up. I was not only bullied, but tormented. I couldn’t get a date – no girl would go out with me. I was – and still am, at 54 years old – bad in social situations.

      At age 15, I was in such a rage that I scared myself with my violence. Luckily, the only casualties were just a wall and my knuckles. Until that time, I refused any treatment – and unless you ASK, no treatment is useful, other than drugging into insentia.

      All of the triggers that you refer to, I had as a child., EXCEPT for the fact that I wasn’t on any medications. (My mom found a diet that cut out the ADHD triggers, and we controlled it that way.)

      I never once thought about shooting up the school.

      Your theory is flawed, and needs some work.

  23. Great article! I agree 100% with you.

  24. Candie, your article is well written.

    I am 54, and live with ADHD. I was having problems as a toddler, and my mom tried in vain to find out what was wrong. One doctor told mom to get help for herself, that she was delusional. When I was 5, my dad’s stepmother knew a doctor from Boston, who was an expert in “hyperkinesis”, as it was called back then. He observed me for some 3 hours, and told my mom that I was the most hyperkinetic child he had ever met – out of the 23 known symptoms (at the time), I had 21.

    I took Ritalin for a very short time in elementary school; mom stopped that in short order, when I was spaced out most of the time. Later, she discovered the Feingold Diet, a diet that eliminated ALL artificial additives in our foods, as well as chocolate. At first, I resisted and cheated badly.

    When I was 15, I was in a pique of rage, and put my fist through the wall – put a hole in the wall, and nearly broke my hand. It scared me so badly…… I accepted the diet, and it was a Godsend. I still use it to this day.! I am now a cross-country truck driver, pulling a flatbed trailer, and own my own business – and buying my now-disabled mother her house. When I was young, she despaired that I wouldn’t even graduate high school, and would be stuck at home with her taking care of me.

    Over the years, I have found that too much input (lots of different noises, too many flashy lights, etc) would trigger a defense mechanism, that being a catatonic migraine. I have had to learn to filter this out, so it doesn’t happen often.

    My problem seemed to be that there was no filter in my brain between my eyes and ears to my brain, and my brain was getting overloaded with information, and shutting down rather than deal with it – just like austistic children, except that I could function. I also have a problem with chemicals in our foods causing malfunctions in my thinking, leading to ADHD symptoms.

    Some 15 years ago, I read an article about autistic kids. What was described fit many of my issues – and got me to thinking. At the time, I came up with the idea that ADHD was a high-functioning part of the autism spectrum, and should be studied as such. I wrote to many institutions and doctors; those that deigned to write me back suggested unneeded professional help, as there is no connection… A few years ago, I started seeing that ADHD is indeed part of the autism spectrum!

    I’m wondering if these school shooters might not have these same issues, and because of their addled thinking, confuse reality with their imaginings. And so far, EVERY mass shooter (except for Fort Hood and San Bernardino, who were muslims) was taking or had recently stopped taking psychiatric drugs. I have seen some less-than-reliable stories that the Las Vegas shooter had some form of psych drug in his system.

    I’m not sure how I wound up on your mailing list, but I’m glad I did! You have great articles..

  25. I am 62, a single mom, a retired nurse with two adopted daughters. One is 15, with autism and one is 11 with ADHD. The difference between me and the Cruz family is I have gotten my children the help they have needed thru the years. They have been raised in a home with discipline, faith, love and respect. They both attend a small Catholic school, and are surrounded by a tight community who all look out for each other. My girls are not behavior problems thank goodness, and have a strong base of morals, ethics, and respect. They have been raised around guns, know how to use them and have been taught to respect them. They are involved in volunteering in the community, working at the food pantry and at our humane society. They are in sports, and 4H, and we attend church and school events. My older daughter only has a few friends and has been bullied. She knows it is not her with the problem, it is those other kids. I and others have given her a strong sense of self, and she has a heart of gold. I am not my daughters friend, I am their mother. My girls are not entitled. They have responsibilities and expectations and consequences. Getting rid of guns is not the solution here. We need families where mom and dad are present and involved. No my girls do not have a dad, but our family makeup is not the norm. We need faith returned to schools. Social media needs to be monitored with our kids, and no cell phones in school. Hollywood and journalism have added to sensationalizing violence and death. Kids are spoiled and indulged and not held responsible for their actions. Government has stepped in and stripped away discipline in our homes. Mental health institutions closed and it isn’t given the same weight as physical health. The problem is not guns. It’s the breakdown in the family unit and in society.

  26. You are dancing around the primary issue, which is weapons of war. In case you think you know anything about them, let me invite you to read at least some of the autopsy summeries of the victims of the Los Vegas shooting, which was from 500 yards, close to the maximum range of these rifles.

    The rifle Cruz used was a .223 caliber war fifle. The bullets in flight are barely stable, and the instant they encounter flesh they begin to wobble, and tear huge holes at short range that are undescribable. They are designed that way on purpose. In contrast, a pistol bullet leaves a thin track through flesh. Had Cruz had a pistol, most of the kids would have survived. One trauma surgeon that worked on these kids said their internal organs looked like they had been hit with sledgehammers.

    There was a point in my life where very last drop of humanity was squeezed out of me, and I became the most ruthless, coldblooded murderer you could possibly imagine. I can go back to that point in a heartbeat if necessary and do what needs to be done. My confidence that a teacher or a deputy with a pistol can do that is zero. And who is going to tell a teacher to run out there in that hail of bullets from such a war rifle and try to shoot the shooter with a pistol? We know draft dodger Trump never did it. The only real solution is to ban all commercial and private sales of war weapons, and require only 10 round magazines. The shooter in Aurora Co. was stopped when he had to reload. Let the government buy the war weapons if an owner wants to sell them. Don’t bother thanking me for my service, thank me by helping to eliminate war weapons from our civillian population

    Mark Clodfelter, Sgt. USMC, Veitman vet

    • I forgot to put (ret.) after Sgt.

    • The AR-15 is NOT a weapon of war. And depending on the manufacturer, the chamber varies from a simple .22LR to a .50cal, and everywhere in between.

      And at the relatively close range, a pistol works fine to take down an active shooter – and the person wouldn’t have to run out into the open, old west style, to take on the shooter. Firing from cover or from behind works better. With all due respect, Sargeant, as a Marine you should know this. I’m a Navy vet, with no formal arms training (other than range time), and I know this. It’s common sense.

    • Sgt thank you for your service sir; But I respectfully disagree. In Case you haven’ t noticed we are being invaded on the southern border.

      We live in a republic; and I will never give up the rights that you and ither soldiers have gone to war to defend.

      Excuse me if I dont bow to the globalist,
      Leftist, progressives and democrats and just hand over my freedom.

      Good night sir.

    • Thank you for being a voice for reason, Mark. As a retired teacher I can say with certainty that I would not want to be carrying a weapon. I taught home economics and had to account for every pair of scissor and every knife before releasing students when the bell rang. Having to keep track of a gun at the same time? Well nigh impossible!

      Teachers have the same problems as society at large: some are depressed; some suffer from diseases such as cancer or temporary illnesses such as colds or the flu; some are alcoholics, high functioning or low; some may have had an argument that day with a spouse or child; some are bullied by school administrators or a fellow teacher; some are worried about their finances, etc., etc. etc. Triggered by a chronically misbehaving student, is it not possible that a teacher might lash out with a weapon if one were available?

      I can’t tell you how many inexpensive, inconsequential things I had stolen over 20 plus years of teaching. What’s to keep a student from stealing a gun? If the gun is locked up, it’s not of much use in an emergency.

      Teachers have enough on their plates without having to tote a gun at school.

      • You speak for yourself and let others speak for themselves that’s how it works. Your “feelings” do not dictate my Constitutional Rights. IF you cannot control your classroom or students, perhaps you should try volunteering at an animal shelter.

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