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Can You Be Open Minded and Moral?

These days it seems the Democrats and Republicans both see themselves as the “moral” party. The Dems defining moral as open-minded and inclusive where the Conservatives believe moral is staying true to Christian values.

As a parent, it can be hard to know where to stand. Children are notoriously open-minded as their brains are still developing and they are still learning about the world around them. Being opposed to liberal stances can sometimes seem cruel which makes it hard especially since giving in can go against Christian values. Is it possible to be both inclusive and stay true to one’s morals?

I must admit my first thought was no. I believe many of the young liberals mean well but are naïve to how the world truly works. However, after turning to scripture and thinking more about the issue, I began to think it may just be possible. I mean who could possibly be more inclusive than Jesus himself?

Now being inclusive doesn’t mean that we turn a blind eye to immoral behavior, but it does mean we should be empathetic towards these people and try to show them a better way. By demonizing certain groups, we are only isolating them and making their group identity stronger. For example, the more Conservatives fight the LGBTQ community the more fire they have to rally their community. This also gives liberals excuses to make Christians look like “bigots”.

Despite the charitable work churches do around the country and the world, Democrats and Progressives have framed Christians as bullies causing young people to separate themselves from the religion they were raised on. How can we let this continue? There must be a better way.

Conservatives want change. They want politicians who are on their side not someone who will take away the fruits of their labor. However, I don’t necessarily believe Conservatives want Trump (although they may like some of his policies). Once this era is over, Fiscal Conservatives and Evangelicals need to rethink our approach and find a way for our ideals to appeal to the younger generations. Being empathetic to at-risk populations and minorities could be a huge first step. By coming up with solutions for these individuals instead of blaming them for their situations (even if it is true) could show our kids we practice what we preach.

Now I’m not going to pretend to have all the answers, but I would say what we are doing now doesn’t seem to be working. There’s no doubt this country could use a moral compass and maybe it’s time we take a more significant role. We need to stop letting Democrats make us out to be monsters and show our youth that we truly have their best interest in mind.


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  1. Your website pretends to fit in with everyone and when you are busy proclaim that you are truly slamming many people. This country was built on God and Freedom whether we like it or not Our Founding Fathers put God in the Pledge, Our Constitution and on our money. So when you say I don’t care whether we believe in God or Star Bucks they are not the same and for your sake I hope so. Yet it is this very country that protects everyone who lives in it. Therefore they need to recognize that we owe our lives to his country and we should not have an issues proclaiming that . If a person does then why don’t they move to a country that allows them to do whatever they please and say whatever they please. We a mixed group of people who have lived happily together since 1492 and within the last 20 years some people think they can come to our country and tell the rest of us what to do with our rules known as the Constitution. I believe the rest of us need to wake up. Because there are people in our country rewriting and telling us what is or is not part of our constitution. The words have not changed but how people have become lackadaisical about protecting it has gotten way out of bounds. You want crime to be under control, or you want our politicians to care for morals, and rights then make sure they are following our constitution.

    • Go back to school Midget! At the very least do some research before you post anything… LOL (at YOU).

    • Hear hear sir. You speak directly to a point I wrote about this as writer on this site. Probably even a couple of them.

      It is about immigration, and how illegal immigration has adversely changed the culture and tone in this country, we hold dear.

      When my grandmother migrated to America in the early 60s, she and the rest of the family that followed have assimilated to this nation, leaving our “homeland” for our “New homeland” Key work NEW. Therefore, if one is not willing to assimilate to the nation’s culture then one must seek a different nation to immigrate to (illegally) or stay in their own nation and work to make it a great nation. These people are of the mind that America must somehow morph into all these cultures and beliefs, and abandon our founding principals which made this nation the envy of the world. They despise our flag in our country and they proudly fly the one of their homeland instead. Unless and until that changes we will slowly but surely relinquish our American heritage to the demise of our way of life. It is quite insidious.

  2. Why wait for Trump to leave. Grow a spine now.

  3. Other than mentioning empathy, you don’t offer much. And Trump’s values are certainly ANYthing but moral — why do we have to wait until the “current era is over?” If we are going to be true to our values, we must stand up now, not just when it is easier.

  4. You bring up an interesting point. However, you seem to assume that all Conservatives are Christian. I would remind you that a) there is no official religion of these glorious United States of America, b) there is in fact a separation of church and state as declared by our founders, and c) it is possible to be quite moral without being Christian. Personally, I consider myself to be a very moral person and skew conservative (Libertarian actually) when it comes to politics. And I’m not alone. This is where the right loses votes. Christians (as well as Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and whatever else) certainly have a right to practice their religion. But try to think of the old adage that one’s right to swing their fist ends where another person begins. Stop trying to figuratively thump people over the head with YOUR religion. If someone wants to marry a member of the same sex, what difference is it to you? This doesn’t you can’t marry whom you like so long as they are a consenting adult.

    Likewise, you should drop the arrogance that Christianity is always the moral high ground. There is more than one way to know right from wrong. There are liberals who are devout Christians as well. Stop putting yourself in these weird little boxes! THAT is why people think Conservatives are not inclusive.

  5. Unfortunately… the more Christians show a graceful way of reasoning, reaching out… the more we are critized for our core beliefs. The world view will continue to ask, require us to answer for our faith and then make false accusations of us for our truthful answers. It will only continue to erode until when the rapture comes. Then the world view people will celebrate that we, the bigots and predudiced narrow minded are gone. The world will then celebrate that the real answer to world peace and unity has arrived… and can reign without us, believers in their way!… we believers they will say were taken into some alien world we really came from and belonged… the anti-Christ will have a story/lie that they will and want to believe … he Satan is getting the minds of our youth ready for this now… the internet is their new source of truth… and it’s this generations’ and future generations Tower of Babel until our Lord Jesus returns.

  6. New Testament scripture tells us to be forgiving and love our fellow man despite any known sins. It does make clear that sinners should ask forgiveness and that it be granted forever, however many times it takes to change. Openmindedness is simply taking in what’s out in the world. Scripture says it’s what comes OUT of that heart that defines the person. I can hate what people do and still love them. All Christians, after all, are on a walk toward perfection while all have sinned along the way. It grieves me greatly when I see clergy, so-called Christian businesspeople, and ordinary (even foxhole) Christians spewing hate and bias against anyone. They have been taught wrong, misunderstood the Word, or as iniquity, pervert scripture to fit their needs, not Christ’s demands.
    Politicians on their side is a misconstruing of both politics and scripture by those referenced in the article. Christian ethics is a personal moral guide to behavior, not political planks. Christ himself said to keep government and God separate. We must serve government and worship God but that doesn’t mean hating government established for the common good while pursuing our strait and narrow path to heaven. Above all we must hold Truth, the essence of Christ, always in front. Cowardly elected officials lie to voters to keep their jobs, not advance the public good as both government and Christ state. Time to replace the forked tongue, bait and switch, double-minded and deceitful officials with those who will listen to scripture and those who voted for them, beyond the money crowd.

  7. One question, did you vote for Donald Trump?

    • What the hell does that have to do with it?

      • It explains your way of thinking…either U r a trump fan or a believer of truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • And so Fred the two cannot co-exit? Trump cannot have had a change of heart due to his life experiences. Why can’t people accept that a person is capable of change and thus worthy of redemption, of being called to lead a nation in need of such a person. This country is in need of a revival, if you look around you with open eyes and ears, you will learn something.

          We are under a culture attack in this nation; our American culture, not this made up fantasy world Hollywood, illegal immigrants and Leftist agenda crap being pushed on us every single day.

          By the way: Who are you to Judge – Trump or those who support him? You are either this or your that. What are you Fred?

  8. Open-mindedness lead me to indifference and indecision. I can never decide if the liberals or conservatives are right because I try to stay so open-minded as to consider both of their positions.

  9. Maybe you should read the scriptures further. You do not support sinners who actively behave in conduct unbecoming a Christian!!!!!

    You cannot be a liberal and a Christian! Not hating the sinners is fine, aiding them is not!
    Demonizing the devil makes him stronger??????

    • So a Democrat has no place in the church.

    • Maybe you should read your scriptures more carefully. Judging people as “sinners” is not your job or responsibility. Open minded people have been Christian for centuries in fact God can’t get though to people unless they open their hearts and minds. If early Christians were so conservative they would all have remained Jewish; if protestants were so conservative they would all be Catholics; and if Republicans were really conservative they would all be Torys so liberalism and inclusiveness has moved our faiths and world history forward. There is a place for liberal religion and it takes a stronger moral compass to be open minded than to just do what you and others are told what is right and wrong. God didn’t make robots he made people in his image with the right to choose.

  10. In the 80’s we were (not me, but us a society) were distributing needles to the druggies and condoms to the teens. And were are we now? Are we not reaping the results, instead tellin them then is not ok to use drugs and to hop in bed with anyone coming along?
    We have to call sin what it is… sin
    Otherwise we are making ourselves partakes in their sin

  11. First one must define moral and open minded. If morality is derived from Scripture and open minded means agreeing to share the Gospel with the most unlikely character and not insulating oneself from those one does not naturally empathize with, then the answer is, yes.

    If, however, it is suggested that one may believe the teachings of the Bible and keep to them as best as one may, whilst condoning evil in the name of being ‘open minded’ then the answer is no.
    Open minded people tend to be empty headed people and I include any nominal Christians who think the beliefs of the Alphabet people are acceptable. Does this help?

  12. Hegelian is absolute correct. If the people with a voice in this country actually the world over followed the scripture we would all be in a better situation.

    Study the book of Genesis to Revelation a higher power answered ever question, from LGBT, transgender (biological markers not your mind determines whether male or female), marriage life and death.

    As far as liberal causes go we have laws that have been over run by the ACLU and many other activists groups. Their twisted concepts have mislead the confused overrun the Constitution and the Rebublic for which it stands AMERICA our country.

  13. Quoting the Bible will often times lead a liberal to label the person who is quoting the Bible as a bigot.

    For example: Leviticus 22:18 ‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.

    Quote that to an LGBTist and you will be labeled as a bigot, homophobe, and ironically a horribly immoral person. They will try to get you fired, and/or arrested for hate speech. And, the truth is, in Christian theology GOD wrote the Bible using mankind as his scribes, so those are GOD’s words. They are calling GOD a bigot, homophobe, etc. It’s the NEW morality, now homosexuality is a moral good, while speaking out against homosexuality is immoral, evil, sinful. Isaiah 5:20 explains the NEW 21st. Century moral code.

    As far as a person lost in LGBT sin is concerned, you either praise them and their (supposed) bravery for coming out of the closet, or you are (in their minds) a horrible bigoted fascist. In my experience you don’t have to alienate them, all you have to do is quote GOD’s word and they will gladly alienate you.

    Thieves, and liars, will usually show some humility when you call them on their bad behavior, but the sexually immoral seem to be coming more and more brazen in their attitude that anyone who calls them out is a backwards, anachronistic, hillbilly fascist, that is just not hip to modern ways.

  14. Does this mean non Christian’s cannot be Conservatives with morals!? The writer is promoting divisiveness…bad article!

  15. The conservative and liberal dichotomy was designed from the beginning to lock a large swath of people in what is called a false dialectic. It works well today. This false dialectic blocks people from making real moral progress. As a wise person once said, there is no social progress outside the moral order. If one group wants to extinguish the moral order, well then, this dichotomy is one tactic that can be used.

  16. You need to stop cherry picking the bible , God loves us but hates the sin . YOU are to love your fellow man regardless . Also you are to embrace the foreigners, some thing in this country has forgotten. As far as aiding them you elected a 3 time divorced womanizing racist, Wow what happens to your so called Christian values there?

  17. From John 15. v18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 20. Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. 21. They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me.”

    Yes, love. (an action verb.) Yes, condemn sin, especially in yourself. But don’t expect acceptance.

  18. On the issue of politics, I believe that a very, very high percentage of them on both “sides” are in it for their own good (as in NOT yours or mine). That is why they can’t agree on what is best for America.

    And, NO on DACA; there are too many people who are partially through our LEGAL immigration process. It would only be fair to wait a generation to provide a process to citizenship for these people, SORRY.

    On the issue of LGBTQ, I don’t understand what is wrong with these peoples’ minds (conservatives and/or the Christain Church)…Dah! the science is there. I am a conservative and a Christian, and not LGBTO.

    • Who the hell says that its a free world, when redneck conservative evangelical r the ones who like guns, war, bigotry, etc., etc.,. please save me the bull, U r not going to save the very world that U think is going to b saved by a fake person named jesus

  19. By saying that moral is staying true to Chrischian values, you are saying that Jews, Muslims and people in other faiths have no moral. Your comment is divisive and prejudice.

  20. …….and who wants to take away or reduce Social Security & Medicare, which are the “fruits of my labor”?

  21. I am a Christian and I am a Democrat. I am sure Jesus would have been one as well had he lived in these times. He would be appalled by what many who call themselves “Christains” are doing in his name today!

  22. There are a lot Christians who are Democrats. To make the statement Democrats and Progressives have framed Christians as bullies causing young people to separate themselves from the religion is in correct. Christianity is not a religion it is a relationship with Christ. Our Christian faith should define us not our political beliefs. The word of God (Bible) should be the guide of our Christian walk. The goal is to encourage the youth to have a separate relationship with Jesua and use the Bible to define their morals, values and standards.

  23. It would be nice if we could all be open-minded, but unfortunately, conservatives are much more likely to believe in lies. That makes it very difficult to have a conversation. See this:

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