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Bring Back The Pledge Of Allegiance

One of the things I love about America is our freedom to express ourselves. It doesn’t matter if I agree with your opinion or not – you have every right to say (or not say) whatever your truth is and that’s a powerful thing to have. It’s a right we take for granted often. It’s a right many countries under a tyrannical rule don’t get to experience and, as such, we should count our blessings every day for this inalienable right.

That being said, I think it’s a real shame and a true disservice to our youth that many schools don’t say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Look, I get that not everyone believes in God, and that’s okay. A person’s faith is very personal and everyone has their own journey and demons to work out. If you want to replace the word GOD with something else or nothing at all, that’s your right. I don’t care if you say thanks to Starbucks if that’s what gets you through your day.

And you don’t have to love everything about our country. By no means is America without its faults. I don’t care if you’re 6 or 60 – you have every right to express frustration or concern with certain aspects of this great country of ours. I may not agree with you – but that’s what is so awesome about the USA. You can disrespect our leaders and the men who fought for our freedom and even if that makes me livid, it’s your right.

But reciting the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t necessarily about jeopardizing a kid’s freedoms. It’s about teaching them respect and that sometimes you have to do things in society you don’t always want to.

Every morning when I drop my 2-year-old off at daycare, he and the rest of his classmates stand in front of the flag, hand on heart, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Do they know what they’re saying? No. My kid can barely say the word “country,” let alone know how to be thankful for it. However, that’s not really the point.

The point is, if the purpose of schooling is to teach our kids the skills necessary to be functioning members of society, certain values need to be instilled in them at an early age. These values include giving respect where respect is due, showing solidarity and love for your fellow citizens, and showing appreciation for liberties many other places around the world don’t get to experience.

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance reinforces all of these virtues. It teaches children structure and to show respect to their country and elders. It teaches them that pride is so much more than the accomplishments of a single individual and that when you don’t stand tall in harmony, you fall alone in divisiveness.

Eventually, these little kids will be adults which means it is our responsibility as parents and as teachers to instill in them appreciation, pride, and camaraderie. And if none of the aforementioned traits speak to your belief system or the values you wish to impose upon your children, how about making them say the Pledge of Allegiance for this simple reason: Sometimes we have to do things in life and in society that we don’t want to and being an adult means sucking it up and doing what’s right, whether you agree with it or not.

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  2. As a public school teacher that has been standing every day for the past 29 years and reciting the pledge with most of my students, I couldn’t disagree with your opinion more. If you really believe that the only reason people should stand a say the pledge is because “sometimes we have to do things in life and in society that we don’t want to and being an adult means sucking it up and doing what’s right, whether you agree with it or not” then you have obviously missed the meaning of the pledge completely.

    You’ve also missed the fact that in 1943 the Supreme Court ruled that requiring the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments. How about we try teaching students the meaning behind the words rather than just reciting some gibberish by rote?

    • When I was born, the pledge did not contain the word God. It was added in 1954 during Sen. Joe McCarthy’s Communist witch-hunt.

      • You are correct sir. Even one of this country’s greatest, President Eisenhower walked gingerly around that lunatic McCarthy’s ravings…

    • Thom, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I’m 60 years old and still bristle at the memories of being a kid and being told “do it because I said so” or “don’t speak until you’re spoken to”, or “kids should be seen and not heard”. Conservitive Mom’s attitude is no different than those BS lines from my childhood that I can still remember clearly.

  3. Bring back the Pledge of Allegiance !!!

  4. If people would go into the schools they would see for themselves that the pledge IS said each day. The students have a choice whether or not they wish to stand and join in. Freedom in this country gives them the right to do so, or not do so. Point is, the pledge is said in most schools. I was a teacher for many years, and I know this to be true.

  5. I agree with you 100% and feel that all kids need to say the Pledge every morning. I also think that prayer needs to be said and those who don’t like it need to suck it up and move on, it doesn’t hurt them to hear it. I personally am fed up with the attitude of our youngsters and their feeling of entitlement and fear that we are loosing our country. At 67 years of age, I don’t have much longer to live with it but my kids are in their 30’s and they were brought up with my standards (from the 50’s) and values and they are faced with it and it sickens me. Stay strong, keep fighting, and compromise your standards for no one, period.

    • John, your attitude is just what keeps our society repeating its mistakes over and over and over. “…brought up with MY STANDARDS”??? I’m only a few years younger than you and still grit my teeth every time I hear the mention of “…. because I said so”, or “kids should be seen not heard”, or “don’t speak until spoken to” and similar phrases from parents with attitudes like yours. I’m PERSONALLY fed up with parents that think that passing down their controlling personalities is some kind of parental badge of honor. BTW John, you seem to have missed that the values from the 50’s also demeaned women, supported racism, and a whole lot of other disgusting human “values”. YOU also seem to have selectively forgotten all of the child molesting priest that the so called 50’s values kept hidden and continually molesting children. So John, do you support parents “cramming their values down their children’s throats” even if it means their child might commit suicide because they are afraid to tell a parent their gay? NO John, time to pull your head outa the dark ages and wake up to realize the 50’s weren’t as rosy as you depict them to be.

    • Not sure what religion you’re following that says people of a diffetent faith need to suck it ip and move on but it certainly sounds interesting. The sense of fear and entitlement you are talking about comes from their parents.

  6. Your whole article is “right on” and in particular, the last three paragraphs. Our whole country and it’s being is based on “under God”. Our Declaration of Independence doesn’t use the word GOD, but it does state “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World”. Our coins and paper money (which no one objects to carrying in their pockets and handling) carry the words “IN GOD WE TRUST”. So, lets all, parents, educators, etc. keep on reciting the pledge each and every day because that old flag is certainly a symbol and a reminder of what a great {with all it’s faults} country we live in!

    • You.need to read the Declaration of independents . No where in it does it mention the words God. But it does speak directly to.thw issue on separation of church and state .

  7. I guess you respect the pledge to a nation more than its laws. The constitution supersedes your point by miles. Respect does not come from pledging to a nation. The Germans learned this lesson and so are we. You have a right to an opinion but so do I and I have and will never recite nor stand as is my constitutional right. The US currently is the terrorist of the earth from every aspect from environment to war. 1.5 million women and children murdered in the gulf wars. And you pledge to that. How sad for your morality and what you are teaching your children. I hope you are not Christian as there is a special punishment for that!!M

    • If you live in the U.S., why? if this is the biggest terrorist country, why stay here? If you live in a different country then ok, you can say what you believe.

  8. And God in all their glory.

  9. I am a 4-year U.S.Army veteran, an atheist, with grad and law degrees from Harvard. The pledge is out of place and unnecessary. The flag is an inanimate object.

    • You are an “educated fool”

    • Incorrect – the flag and Pledge of Allegiance are symbols of the greatest country in the world presently. I’m surprised that with all your education, you are surprisingly deficient in appreciation for the blessings which this country has provided you. Feel so sorry for you and am praying for a revelation in your life!

  10. I think it should be voluntary. I believe it was started by socialists in the 1920s. The fascist salute was commonly done instead of hand-on-heart.

    If the values are about “freedom” then it should include the freedom to participate.

  11. Thank you so much for the thoughtful piece about saying the pledge of allegiance in school. When I was growing up, it was said EVERY morning. It’s no wonder that no one teaches respect in schools anymore and the family unit is slowly being stepped on by political correctness. Thank you so much and God Bless.

    • Judy, why is it a PUBLIC schools responsibility to teach “respect” when it should be coming from the home/parents. Teachers are disrespected from the moment they start their work day….and that includes the disrespect given out by most parents who fail to be involved in their own child’s education. Instead they drop them off everyday as if they consider their tax dollars as paying for babysitting services. BTW Judy, what is wrong with “political correctness”? Would YOU want to be treated without it in the work place, at the supermarket, or anywhere else?

  12. Said the pledge every school day before class. Nothing wrong with it, you are showing respect for the country where you live. As for my opinion, should be mandatory!

  13. How about bringing back the lives of all the kids who’ve lost them due to school shootings? Maybe the NRA and its supporters have to suck it up and do what’s right. Like banning automatic weapons.

    • If God had not been kicked out of schools, perhaps we would not have all these school shootings…. hmmmm. That’s my truth.
      Yes, ban automatic weapons, of course…and then try to figure out how to keep them out of the hands of criminals. As the old saying goes. ..if guns were outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. This I believe, even though I am against automatic weapons.

    • Katherine…… you nailed it perfectly!

  14. Saying the pledge of does not teach respect, showing solidarity and love for your fellow citizens, and showing appreciation for liberties. Talking and acting accordingly will show children these things.

  15. Quote “I think it’s a real shame and a true disservice to our youth that many schools don’t say the Pledge of Allegiance.”

    No it is a Disgrace.

  16. I applaud your writing, it should be printed in every newspaper in the country every week.

  17. Can you tell me a public school in the U S where time is not set aside each day to recite the pledge please?

  18. Dear Mom, I appreciate your sentiments, but have learned many of the things they taught us, or rather programmed into us all our lives is a lie. Pledging allegiance to the flag, should be to your state flag, or the American peace flag, not the “United States” flag (which is actually a wartime flag), unless you are an employee of that corporation or one of its franchises, or live in the District of Columbia or an outlying territory like Puerto Rico or Guam. You see, U.S. is like Walmart or IBM in that it is actually a (government services) corporation that is bankrupt and owes $20+ trillion to the real, non-corporate men and women who live on the land in America. If you are a “U.S.Citizen”, the original constitution and rights don’t apply and you are subservient to the “State” corporation you admit working for by saying you are a “Citizen”. If you want to learn more, a good place to start is a Grandma judge in Alaska’s site: .

  19. Your first sentence contradicts the rest of your point. ‘ freedom of expression’ includes the right to ‘Not’ say the pledge.

  20. The Pledge is irrelevant. It’s the values you teach your children in your home that matter. And I speak as a military veteran. I spoke the Pledge in school back in the 50’s. It’s meaningless. While i recited the Pledge I was given a false history of the founding of the United States which was founded on genocide, slavery and oppression of Native American, Blacks and Chinese peoples. I could point out several examples e.g The Trail of Tears Native Americans had to endure under Andrew Jackson, but basically, it comes down to most Americans are ill-informed, unformed on just plain ignorant of how the country was founded or even the principals inscribed in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. 26% of the country does not even know the country we declared on independence from. It helps explain why someone like Donald Trump can be elected President.

  21. The glendale unified high school district does the pledge of allegiance everyday in all the high schools.

  22. I live in Long Beach, CA. It has its problems but overall I have to say I love it. That being said, what’s this rubbish about bringing the Pledge back? More Right-wing fake news. The public schools here are about 50% Hispanic American. They all do the Pledge of Allegiance.

    By the way, long time Republican (no longer) here. The Republicans are just as stupid as the Democrats now. In “some” ways worse.

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