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Washington Cartel – Is Anyone Going To Prison?

The “what we already knew was happening” memo was released last Friday. As I read the content of the memo, my mind was boggled. I tried to comprehend how we could have gotten this far away from our values and the rule of law. My entire life I strived to be a good citizen. I am careful not to associate with shady characters or do things I know to be wrong, much less illegal. I remember as a kid being terrified of being arrested. This kept me honest growing up, and those qualities followed me to adulthood.

I grew up in Miami in the 80s.  I lived through the scandal that set the City of Miami Police Department on fire.  It was as if South Florida was living through a real life Scarface movie.  A time when drug cartels were powerful to the level of infesting even police departments with corruption and cover-ups. My parents had a friend whose son was a City of Miami police officer. He was arrested during the Miami River Cops sweep that was the fall of many police officers in the City of Miami. As they perp walked him on television, I remember thinking I grew up with that guy, he was a nice kid… what happened? The lure of money and power?

On a national level, our elected officials and national security agencies seemingly work against the very people whose tax dollars keep the doors of those agencies open, you and me.  The FBI and DOJ have been outed on corruption charges at the highest levels.  The NSA spying on Americans, Senior level FBI agents eavesdropping on a duly elected President, and incoming cabinet members.  DOJ officials lying to obtain FISA warrants to spy on candidate and then President-elect Trump, all paid for by the Clinton cartel, I mean campaign.

Interestingly, there is one constant in this entire FISA fiasco, two officials who have been destroying the FBI for decades Comey and Mueller.  These two have been taking a wrecking ball to the FBI since the Bush Jr. administration. Looking back, these two were directly linked to botching up the post 9/11 anthrax investigation, even charging the wrong person for the crime, Stephen Hatfill; when the real perp was Bruce Ivins.  Mueller and Comey oversaw this case.

Yet, here they are drawing salaries and pensions while collaborating with others in the FBI, DOJ and even the NSA to take down President Donald J. Trump.  A president elected by We the People.  Think about that folks, senior levels of the FBI colluded to interfere with the 2016 Presidential election and that is a fact; thankfully their bidding did not bear fruit.  The wave of Americans going to the electorate to keep Hillary Clinton out of office was monumental.

Will we see Comey, Mueller, Ohr, McCabe, Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Clintons, even Obama perp-walked on national television? How about Steele, an ex-spy of the British government (who despises Trump) and his collusion with Clinton and the DNC to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. It is the leadership of the FBI under Comey and McCabe who used a dossier filled with Russian misinformation to secure a FISA warrant and wire-tap the Trump administration.  Do you see any reason why any of these characters should not be brought up on charges and prosecuted just as anyone else who would violate the law?

The wheels of justice churn slowly it seems, especially when there are elites at the bench, I will be watching, but I won’t hold my breath.

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About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. it seams anybody that is close to the Clinton becomes as crocked as the Clintons and the Obama’s , the sad thing is that the democrats will not admit that they did anything wrong , why is nobody blaming the Obama’s for all the unlawful things they did for eight years . If people do not go to jail we will never trust the Government again & that is sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The seams of the mattress. They seem rather poorly woven. Also only one exclamation mark is necessary. Now what were you attempting to say again? People who can’t even spell should please refrain from speaking publicly.

    • You may want to re-think what you are using as facts to support your point of view that Obama was unlawful, Bill. And don’t forget that Hillary was investigated MULTIPLE times by the GOP (who even admitted it was all a show to discredit her when they realized that she would be a serious contender for the presidency) and yet, she still came out clean. Even the email stuff was a lot more innocent than most people realize. See this: Although she doesn’t come off clean, she is certainly smelling a whole lot better than Cheney when he destroyed 1.5 million emails that were subpoenaed. And yet, we never hear about that any more, do we?

      Bill if you think you know of crimes by Obama and Hillary that haven’t already been dis-proven as lies, you owe it to all of us to know what they are. In fact, you should call the FBI yourself with such important information. You owe it to all of us, Bill.

      If not, I suggest that you simply keep such thoughts on the InfoWars website where they most likely belong.

      • Anyone and everyone who violates their oath of office should be prosecute irrespective of party affiliation.

        • Doesn’t the office of the President require that he Defend and Protect the Constitution of the United States from foreign and domestic enemies? Not quoting exactly but that is what I remember. Well, I SERVED in the US Army doing exactly that – when Russia and North Korea were the primary enemies. Now, we have a President who refuses to even admit that the USA is under sttach by Russia – a cyber attack. And if you’ve ever thought through the large number of Americans that would DIE if a cyber attack against, for instance, our electric grid shut it down for a month, they you would understand how serious cyber attacks are. This one was to influence our society. The next one may be worse than a nuclear strike. Please advise why you do not see a threat in this President’s inability or unwillingness to listen to the nations’ entire intelligence and military community about this threat. WHAT IS YOUR VIEWPOINT?

          • I am sorry there soldier, but last I checked it was obama who failed to keep the Russians (and the Chinese for that matter) in check. I guess when he told them after his re-election he would have more flexibility, that was what he was referring to. Far as I know President Trump didn’t come on the scene until after 2014. obama knew what the russians were doing and allowed it because he, Clinton and the DNC colluded to steal the election from the American People. Sorry to burst your bubble there, but it was your commander in chief circa 2008-2016 that failed miserably.

      • Obama was very much unlawful, David. The fact that you want to cover up for him because of some twisted allegiance you hold to a man who trampled on the Constitution on numerous occasions while he sat in our Oval Office collecting a tax payer salary, does not make it any less so, By the way, as far as I know freedom of expression has not yet been deleted from the rights of Americans, much to the dismay of people like you.

        As for Hillary, you are really unhinged if you think Hillary Clinton was ever a formidable contender in the presidential race. Both times she ran, she was kicked to the curb, thankfully. There are zero obama crimes that have been disproven as lies, only in the mind of a liberal is that even a reality.

        Poor you.

    • Insofar as the Clinton are concerned the reward for being “Too Close” is death. Ask any actuary and you will find your odds for Winning the power ball are easier than the odds of being able to eliminate the Clinton’s from hundreds of deaths – deaths of people who could expose them.
      How long can murderers get away with claiming a suicide took the life when it was two bullets in the back of the head? Or two bullets of different calibers? The Clinton are the Deep state but now the left is going paranoid – this is the best time for “Unfortunate accidents and/or suicides – because any death will drive up their paranoia. America now operates in conflict with Natural Law and as the pendulum swings the backlash is imminent.
      Comey, Mueller, Ohr, McCabe, Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Clintons, Brennan, Clapper, Biden and even Obama not to mention hundreds of hand picked Leftist Marxist employees and associate Czars – It is now like the Cosa Nostra no longer has a leader and soon the feeding frenzy will begin.
      When yes men lack a leader that is when the Yes men try things on their own – that is when the yes men hjave to be eliminated.

    • typical ‘redneck’….blame anybody else. By the way America is South & North America, and U.S.A. is not the only America yet da CONServative hypocrite doesn’t seem 2 c that their crooked president is destroying USA, Canada, Mexico, and all South/Central America is one and will always b 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Really enjoyed this video! As Merle Haggard sang “ Stop rolling down hill, like a snowball headed for hell “ Things are so perverted & crooked in government law enforcement & the disgusting faggot, bush monkeys trans-perverts , all of whom worship satan & his minions. The whole world is falling deeper into the Jewish agenda, who already control all that’s wrong with MY country! I’m a law-abiding citizen & Support our 2nd Amendment & the constitution , I LOVE JESUS & know he is our ONLY Hope to get back to sane Christian values. Corruption has taken a foot hold in the Church as well. Love GOD,LOVE your family & stay ARMED! Support the National Rifle Association,Long Live the Republic!!!!!

  3. I am really upset with Congress. Since when is it okay to do what is best for your party and not America. Let’s save the tax payer billions by cutting the number of elected officials and maybe thought that are left will work for the people they are suppose to represent instead of themselves

    • Why do you think they to allow all the illegals in? They don’t need to have the right to vote, their being here is enough to change the electoral map; and keep democrats in power into perpetuity. Its a sinister thing.

    • Bob, our elected officials don’t just do what is best for the party. Ever since the famous 1971 Lewis Powell memo (<–Google it if you don't know about it), the GOP has been hijacked by wealthy interests. You are right that they don't represent America. The GOP now represents wealthy interests, but use the cattle calls of anti-abortion, religion in the schools, trickle-down economics (using the euphemism of "tax reform") anti-immigration and other xenophobic rhetoric to sucker votes from the lower/middle classes to pass their agendas.

      The result is that the GOP has been able to demolish corporate pensions (forcing us to pay for themselves through such things as 401(k)s and IRAs, placed the burden of healthcare on employees (rather than encourage a universal health insurance plan like other countries more socially advanced than us), kept the poor in a cycle of poverty by passing usurious interest rates and other regressive policies for banks and pay-day lenders, opposed a "living wage" for workers by discouraging raises in the minimum wage, undermined the rights of employees by restricting the rights in the workplace, and worst of all, passed tax cuts that transferred the ENTIRE productivity gains of the past 40 years from the lower/middle classes to the top 1%.

      And yet, conservatives keep falling for the same rhetoric, as they did with the most recent GOP tax plan and bill to under-fund health care. Why do conservatives keep falling for lies? There is an interesting article about it here:

      You can see how bad it really is by watching this movie that you can download for free:

  4. Do not contact me again. If anyone should be in prison it’s # 45

  5. Spewing this right wing propaganda is what is wrong with our country. Or left wing for that matter!
    Nothing could be further from the truth than accuse Mueller and Comey as being anything but true Patriots and trying to uphold our constitution. Members of all of our security agencies are allowed to have and have ALEAYS had their own personal political views. Their does not disqualify them from doing their jobs. Those who try to discredit our DOJ FBI and CIA do MUCH more to harm our country

    • You obviously were not paying attention to the Bush years and those two’s involvement in one fiasco after another. There is a mountain of information regarding Mueller and his buddy Comey, and all of it is proven. This is not right wing propaganda bud, its the truth. The fact that you don’t like it doesn’t make it any less true. You have google right, look at the record during Bush years.

      The people that are discrediting these institutions are the very ones at the top of the institutions, and yes they do a lot of damage to our Nation.

      Do some research before typing a bunch of meaningless words that are not based on fact. Talk about propaganda, look in the mirror.

      • Actually, Candie, Mueller is about as solid a moral character as you will find in anyone. He has extremely good credentials if you actually look up his history — which is why he was trusted by both parties to do the investigation. Check this out:

        • Wikipedia really? Let’s try some real research on Mueller shall we. Let me know if you need some help with that there.

        • Wikipedia David? Really? Try to use Wikipedia as a reference in any educational institution and be prepared to be laughed at. Wikipedia is an extremely left leaning, liberal organization and it’s been proven they will change, delete or leave out facts that go against their ideology. He was not entrusted by both parties. He was entrusted firstly by people in the DOJ who have already been proven to be extremely anti-Trump. And anyone on the republican side who thinks he is ‘OK’ is also anti-Trump. But beyond that, for future reference NEVER use Wikipedia as a source of information.

      • You don’t remember the Bush years either. You weren’t paying attention to Comey and Mueller back then. You just read someone else in the last few weeks who dug up something from a Fox News show. Otherwise you could provide your source information.

        • The source of information comes from the historical record of the acts they committed during their tenure in the Bush administration. Nothing I wrote is false. If you need a more detailed education, let me know, I will be happy to oblige, although you could find the information for yourself. Its called research. Try it. The least that can be said about Mueller and Comey is that they are Patriots. I will let you figure it out for yourself if you can. Like I said if you need more information but cant be bothered to look it up and read it for yourself, let me know.

          • Stick to your guns Candie. You are absolutely 100% correct. I was deeply involved in politics at a state level in the 90’s. I am saddened, sickened and terrified by what has been transpiring in the government for many decades. The saddest part is that it is not something that can be drawn straight down party lines. Its “crooked politician vs non corked politician. It is coincidental that Trump is registered as Republican, the reason both sides hate him is that he is not an insider who will protect their schemes any longer. the crooks on both sides of the isle are in grave danger at this time and are at the verge of complete meltdown as the house of cards is about to fall. Anyone who argues w you based on the premise of democrats or republicans being solely to blame for whats happening is part of the problem. The money laundering and power scam that is our federal government, and more specifically deep state, MUST be cleaned out from bottom to top or this experiment in freedom known as America will fail.

  6. The Diamond Mothers of America need to link up with you – they have lost children to HMOs.

    Chuck Phillips, MD, FAAEP

  7. We are in a soft tyranny of our own making by not understanding our form of government, its laws (the US Code is on-line) or the Articles of the Constitution ( not just the Amendments, ((if they even can read and comprehend them)) and they are also on-line)…

    And elections have consequences for us in every level of government from the President on down, and Governor, County Executive, and Mayor as well…

    But, they are easily distracted…

  8. Like I say: we have become a third world (literally) banana Republic – the rule of law only applies to the dumb-(m)asses while the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls are untouchable; hence, REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed!

    • Or the majority of Americans could stop being so blatantly ignorant, learn to spell and shop with a conscious. Vote with your wallet, it continues to be the only vote that matters. You’d have to be really bonkers and short a few, to pursue a true color revolution before you tried boycotting. Exaggerate much? Spin lately? Learn to spell and punctuate correctly, that’s sort of a necessity before you lead others to war.

    • Nuff, it is true that after the terrible Citizen’s United decision, the corruption became institutionalized in a way like it never had. Until campaign finance reform and gerrymandering are seriously addressed, we will certainly risk a revolution, as you suggest. In fact, the Occupy Wall Street movement should be taken as a wake-up call for those who fund the GOP. Unfortunately, the malaise that caused the movement wasn’t strong enough to attract real leaders with the right message that would stick.

      But it did help pave the way for guys like Bernie Sanders to get a progressive message out. Now, we are actually able to talk about universal health care. That wasn’t possible until recently.

      We don’t have a “banana republic,” Nuff, but we do have a plutocracy. We just need to ensure that progressives get the polls next time. We have a man in office that is out to destroy our democracy, but the majority of Americans don’t want that. He will be vote out, but he can certainly do a lot of damage in the interim.

      • Occupy Wall Street. you mean those filthy people who raped women in tents; who engaged in group sex and defecated out in the open…yeah.

        By the way genius, last I checked we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC; not a democracy. If you are looking for a democracy, go live somewhere else.

  9. You’re all fucking mad.

  10. You are falling for all the lies pushed by Fox & Friends. Sad. Please remove my name from your mailing list. Thank you.

    • I most certainly am not. I read the news and research the background of those I write about. I do not make things up or visit television shows for talking points. That’s usually what the MSM does, but whatever, remove yourself.

  11. I am a fan of yours Candie. More precisely a huge(sic) fan. I came across an article you wrote in The Conservative Mom, and immediately shared it with my friends. When I tried to write my own views about the questions my children are asking me, Facebook blocked me from some airing of my anti-BHO sentiments as to his complicity in this big mess with the Justice Dept. First time for me to have this sort of thing happen. I was furious, but regained my composure quickly and found a way to finish my commentary.
    The more I think about this sabotage, the more I worry about media types and the obscene power they have over free speech. I want to encourage you to keep up what you are doing, because you are a champion for Conservatives if there ever was one.
    Will be looking for more of your writings in the future with great anticipation. Pastor Larry Dean

  12. Your screed is so full of inaccuracies and disinformation, it is not worth commenting on its content. If you think the FISA warrant against a Trump campaign aid was based solely on the Steele memo, you are beyond hope. Where do you get this junk info, Fox ? Try some independent research and wake up. You are a sheep being led by people not really interested in the country’s best interests.

    • you are so enlightened? Please I did do my research, I just don’t check in with the Clinton News Network for my information. I actually research facts. I am no sheep bud, can’t say same for you.

      I know exactly what is going on. Clinton lost, and you can’t deal with it. Obama is a criminal and you can’t deal with it. The FBI and DOJ were turned into political arms of the DNC, and you can’t deal with it. You think we are sheep, but we are wolves, and you can’t deal with it.

      Trump will have two terms, and he will undo the damage obama did to this country, and you can’t deal with it.

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