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Why Don’t Pedestrians Look Where They Are Going Anymore?

When I was growing up, we took our parent’s hands, stopped, looked both ways, and listened for any oncoming traffic before crossing the road.  Nowadays the young and old keep their heads down, eyes on the pavement, without even a glance up as to what’s going on around them before crossing the street.  What’s wrong with these people?

Why would someone put themselves in danger like that, potentially risking their life?  What’s happening to our society and good old-fashioned common sense?  It seems today people have the mentality that others are responsible for THEIR safety.

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In 2016, 5,987 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, making up about 16% of all traffic fatalities, a 9% increase from a year earlier. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association 2016 data, Delaware leads the pack in pedestrian-vehicle deaths, followed by Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, and New Mexico rounding out 5th place.  The GHSA mentions potential factors to pedestrian deaths include a better economy, an increase in walking as a primary mode of transportation, and distractions due to the growing use of smartphones.

It’s true America is becoming a more health conscious “walking country” and it’s also true we are easily distracted by our little pocket computers, yet could there be a bigger picture here? More Americans are passing responsibility for their life and future to the driver (a complete stranger) rather than being accountable for their own life.

It’s no secret more American citizens than ever before are becoming increasingly dependent on society.  During the Obama era, large numbers of Americans faced hardships and became dependent on the government subsidies like disability, Welfare benefits, and food stamps. All of which leads to many being dependent on the government, giving up personal responsibility (and we wonder why the public seems so lackadaisical today).

If a large number of Americans depend on others (taxpayers) for their long-term financial well-being, then does it make sense more people would depend on anyone but themselves to keep them safe from harm rather than taking the responsibility for themselves?

We don’t want today’s children to think it’s ok to put their safety and life in other people’s hands, and most importantly their financial future. Set a good example for the next generation, and society as a whole, be accountable, responsible, and please…Stop, Look, and Listen next time you cross the street.

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About Katherine Rez

For many years Katherine spent her much of her time journaling for fun, reading books, and writing several short stories for adults, and children. She eventually found herself in a career writing high-level processes and procedures for corporate and startup businesses. Combined with her love of health, American values, and family, she now writes for a variety of websites from health and entertainment, to news and politically driven websites.


  1. Added to that people consistently fling their car doors open on the traffic side of their automobile. Most city streets are narrow and only have enough space for traffic. then they leave their door open wide and stand there blocking traffic. I had to slam on my brakes to prevent killing an idiot that flung her door open without regard for oncoming traffic. This is insane.

  2. What does during the president Obama era have to do with ignorant people not using common sense? I’m more worried about 45 getting us into war than getting hit by a car.!!!

  3. If we must talk about leadership comparing whatever your point was supposed to be about President Obama and safety crossing the street… You’d better be more worried about unqualified 45 getting out of the White House without us going to war. That’s my fear I’m fine crossing the street!

  4. Your factor comment is disjointed. What does conservatism have to do with crossing a street? Have you or a family member been sued for hitting someone.

  5. I think the picture pretty much sums it up; sheeple are so into themselves with their techno-gadgets and what not that they couldn’t care less about civility and manners – you can thank the Godless, bereft Left for the zombie-ization of AMERIKA, what is bad for America is good for them. The SOTUS just highlighted that; it is no coincidence that the out-going bitch from Hell-er just sabotaged the stock market as her last act – where was this years ago? Keep voting Communist Party USA and see where it gets you, you Leftist, suicidal useful stooges! The Dark, Deep State fake-news are jumping for joy at the bad news of the stock market – WAKE THE FUK UP!

  6. The reason for the problem is all the states and towns passing the yield to pedestrians laws. the people just walk out in front of cars just to dare the drivers.

  7. IMHO I think the problem is people have become so self-absorbed that they don’t pay attention to anything going on around them. Where my mother made a point of teaching me how to walk down the street on the right side to make room of people walking in the opposite direction, and reminding me that I don’t own the sidewalk, today’s mothers do not teach manners or respect. It’s all about little me. Cell phones mean people are listening, talking and texting and not paying attention to anything going on around them. And drivers are also distracted by the gadgets. This has absolutely nothing to do with party affiliation, or political philosophy. And definitely not about the welfare state. It has to do with people’s selfishness and lack of consideration for others. I would have recommended going to church, but even they don’t preach love thy neighbor any more. The prosperity gospel is all about me, myself, and I! Trump seems to think that a war or devastation would bring people together, but after the last hurricanes and wildfires, we see that didn’t happen, so I think we are doomed as a country.

  8. Your choice for the title of your article is linked right on with what has become the “phone zombie” generation of raw idiots that are totally dependant on whatever is on their cell phone and for almost everything. While it used to be that people would at least look at one another or even talk when searching for something, nowadays they would look for what they want only in their phone while ignoring those around them. A total alienated society of zombies!

  9. The number of pedestrian deaths have been on the decline in recent years according to this report:

    “The number of deaths in motor vehicle crashes maintained at around 43,000 per year between 1997 and 2006. In some groups, notably among motorcycle riders, deaths have been increasing. Meanwhile, the pedestrian crash fatality rate continues a long-term decline. Since 1997, pedestrian fatalities have declined by 10 percent. This is the largest decrease in motor vehicle deaths among any person category.” (pg. 11)

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