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SOTU – Scowls, Frowns and Growls, oh my.

Watching Democrats at the SOTU on Tuesday night was surreal. I wonder what they are so unhappy about. Is it the low unemployment among black Americans and latino Americans? Is it the lowering of taxes for Americans across the board, and yes even rich Americans. These folks are job producers after all. I ask you, how many poor people have you worked for? Every employer that has written a check to me as a salary has been a wealthy employer. One that benefits from tax cuts and then invests those cuts back into their businesses, or they travel, therefore waiters, hotels, airlines and car rentals indirectly benefit.

I don’t recognize this country, we should celebrate every victory regardless of who the President is. Unfortunately, during that past 8 years we saw a severe decline in America. We saw jobs leave our country in droves. We, for the first time lost our credit grading for Pete’s sake. We bought into the rich-hating environment, while the very people who infused the hatred of rich, gathered and ate lobster and caviar, even in the White House.  Do as I say not as I do seemed to be the law of the land, and to some extent still is.  Quite hypocritical.

On Tuesday, as the President introduced Americans with real life stories of heroism and loss, the democrats sat on their hands with scowls, frowns and growls, making Americans across the land wonder, why are they so unhappy?  They should be proud, instead, they sat in their seats stone-faced, silently wallowing in their misery.  They never expected this man to win.  They wanted to continue to see American decline.  Because as America declines, their power increases, and after all that is what their positions are all about.

I have four adult-children.  Each of them working their way through school, and trying to support themselves.  They are professional in their work places, and supportive amazing kids. They have dreams for their future, and I want to inspire them to dream.  I want their country of birth to continue to be a beacon of opportunity.  Where their dreams can come true, and if they fail, they can dust themselves off and start again.


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About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. Candice Suarez is my new hero. She speaks to the point and I need say no more. Way to go Candice Suarez…thank you for voicing what I and millions of other Americans feel.

  2. You do that the largest exodus of US job loses occurred at a much earlier time, right? You do that when Obama took over the economy was in a tailspin from the previous government, right? You do know that under Obama the economy continually grew, right? You do know that Trump is a billionaire, right? That means he is the elite. Being that you can write well, you do know that you can call or write senators and ask them directly what they are upset about with regards to Trumps policies? My guess is that they will write you back.

    • Define growth during the Obama era. It was the slowest “recovery” ever, thus hardly a recovery. Ms. Suarez does write well. You do not. Reread your post.

    • you lost me at under Obama the economy continually grew. That is thee most uninformed comment I have read to date. Please please do your research before you cast these words out on the internet. obama’s presidency and his absurd policy produced nothing for the American people. Regardless of President Trump’s elitism as you call it, he is for the working class. You can see that in the one year shift from obama’s abysmal growth to Trump’s. Please.

    • And you do know the low unemployment rate for AA is in its 9th year. It’s contradictory to say celebrate no matter who the president is and in the very next sentence say only negative things about the past president. Thanks Tom! No one has issue with celebrating or honoring but if you feel there is a problem and have it all figured out then be the example no matter who the president is. Here I’ll start. Trump proposed 6 weeks paid maternity/paternity leave. That would be a good thing.

      • Obama oversaw the highest unemployment rate over minorities. GDP was abysmal and unemployment levels were highest under Obama. Our nation was divided by race and class under Obama. Obama oversaw the most corrupt administration in American History. The truth of which is coming out now, thanks to Trump having been elected. If Clinton would have been elected, the American people would still be in the dark.

        You may like to live with blinders on, the rest of us, not so much.

    • Tom you better recheck your facts none of what you say was true during the O- Bum-Uh administration. Check the unemployment rates, jobs reports, stock market, and company reports nothing was growing. It was either stagnant or declining. It’s all their in black and white. It’s obvious your another dim-wit democrap that’s bought into the media BS. America hasn’t seen growth like we have had in the last year since The I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman Clinton era. Wake up and smell the coffee and quit believing the fake news. Search for yourself and get the facts, don’t be another zombie 🧟‍♂️.

    • Clearly, repubs/conservtives are oblivious to anything outside party dogma…you know, like doing what they are told no matter what instead of following the road of morality by doing right no matter what.

      • Party dogma, sir there is evidence, texts, documents, and more to come. Please do not come on this forum and spew more lies. We have enough coming out from the past administration.

  3. You are aware that the Republicans did the same thing with Obama’s SOTU. Pay back time is what we deal with and oh yes remember ” You’re a Liar” during an Obama speech? I am sure this is just the start.

  4. According to the Labor Department’s latest figures, U.S. job growth continued to surge in the first month of 2018. Employment rose by 200,000 jobs, building on an addition of 160,000 jobs the month before. Meanwhile, average hourly wages crept up another 0.3 percent to $26.74, taking the total wage increase to 2.9% since Trump took office. People are making more money, ensconced in more gainful employment than they were at any point in the Obama tenure. As a matter of fact, January’s gains gave Trump the biggest annual growth in employment in more than 8 years.

  5. Candi,
    I believe if receiving both sides of an issue. However, I find that you unfortunately only buy into the Republican line. Too bad since the prevalence of social media only reinforces people surrounding themselves with people who think the same. Obama took over after the economy was totally destroyed. You and some of your readers like to ignore that.

    • Funny obama was a senator during the bush years and did nothing to move the economy forward. After we made the mistake of allowing him to become president, he doubled the national debt. Doubled it. You and your party are the ones that like to talk about your one-sided anti-American views and then get on social media and attack those of us that know exactly what is going on and speak about it. Your attacks do not scare me or sway me, because they are based on lies and propaganda. Try some middle schoolers they may just buy what you are selling.

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