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Culture Vulture – Death of Decency

Vultures are scavenging birds of prey. These creatures eat dead animals. Interestingly, vultures found in North America are referred to as New World Vultures, while those found in Europe, Africa and Asia, are referred to as Old Vultures.  Kettle means the vulture is in flight, usually hovering over a dead animal it will Committee which stands for landing and being on the ground until it Wakes which means the vulture is actually feeding.

As I review our current situation in Hollywood, Washington and America as a whole, I can relate the life of the vulture to the purveyors of the misery that is afflicting our nation today, and especially our youth.  Recently, in Hollywood we have been witness to decades of sexual assault by powerful producers and directors on young and impressionable up and coming actors. For minors in the “business” parents bring their kids to auditions and expose them early on to these culture vultures. Turns out to be quite a pay day for the family if a child earns a part in a tv series or Hollywood movie. In exchange of their innocence, a fat check reaches the family sometimes making a significant change in that family’s lifestyle. These directors and producers are very experienced and usually can spot a vulnerable immediately, just as a vulture kettles over its prey.

In Washington, its no different, we hear more and more frequently about young interns being sexually assaulted or propositioned by these powerful elected officials. The most historic of course was Monica Lewinsky and then President Bill Clinton. For Mr. Clinton, the assault was just par for the course. However, for Ms. Lewinsky, a young and impressionable intern, having the attention and affection of a sitting President was huge deal. We saw how that whole thing turned out, and many of us had different opinions about what was going on, and who was really the victim and the victor in this foley. I remember thinking, well this has now perverted the office of President of the United States.

Its no different in average America, be it a boss who is sexually harassing his secretary, a teacher doting on a student, a coach on his/her player, and recently even a doctor being charge with hundreds of counts of sexual assault of gymnasts.

These people are vultures; they use the current culture of sexuality to prey on victims. Something happens to a young person that is sexually assaulted, molested or used with the promise of a benefit of some sort at the end of the ordeal.

One such actor is Reese Witherspoon. This woman was first introduced to sexual assault at the age of 16. According to her, the offender, which to date remains nameless assaulted her.  In furtherance of her career she put it behind her and has gone one to garner many incredible roles, whatever the cost. Apparently, her body and innocence was a means to an end. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have had to wait almost 20 years to hear about it.  So many of these actors suffered the same ordeal be it through Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, James Toback, Oliver Stone and so on and so forth. The list is clearly endless. It has only taken decades for women to garner the courage to bring this to light.  In all honesty what is otherwise known in Hollywood as casting couch sex, these acts have been going on for many many years.  This is the culture of death. Death of innocence, death of self-respect, death of purity, death of youth.

As my daughter, a film major, said to me recently, “what a time to be alive. No more do young women (or young men) have to subject themselves to these humiliating and atrocious forms of sexual abuse.” Not privately, although there are no shortages of roles of young men and women having sex on television. Sometimes, I, a full grown adult am embarrassed to watch some of these scenes, and much less in the presence of my adult children.

I don’t know how to change this as one mom or even a group of moms.  It will take a grand revival in America to undo this culture of death and sex.  This year there was a 20% drop in viewership of the Grammy’s.  I suppose that is a start, but there was no want of an audience tuning in to watch the so-called glamorous walk the red carpet, no absence of ooo’s and ahh’s of which singer was wearing what, and let’s not forget the disrespect we witnessed as one so-called musician after another attacked the sitting President.

Young impressionable mush-brained people laying down as prey awaiting the Culture Vultures to kettle, committee and wake.

About Candie Suarez

I have been writing stories and articles for years. I enjoy putting information and research links in most of my articles, except for those written from the heart. Books have been a part of my life since I was a child. I remember as a kid reading the encyclopedia and playing with a dictionary. Word smithing is definitely my thing.


  1. Well said, and it’s about time this stopped!

    But: disrespecting the President? A man who has admitted to assaulting women, and who paid off a porn star to keep quiet about an affair just after his wife had given birth?

    What is there to respect?

    • Hi Charles, it seems that only democrats are allowed indiscretions and extra-martial affairs. Even when proven, like Monica Lewinsky, Mr. Clinton denied on camera what he knew to be true. The difference with President Trump is that there is no proof. Much like there was no proof of any sexual assault with regards to Roy Moore. There are plenty of qualities to respect in President Trump. And of course, he is not perfect and there are human frailties in all of us. Let’s make sure we are squeaky clean before we come out against our neighbor.

  2. Bernadette Wilkes

    I enjoy your emails and thank you for your conservative point of view. I ageee with you on 99.9% of this article. My only issue is that Woody Allen was never convicted of sexual abuse. His relationship with Soon Yi Previn (never his daughter by the way) albeit we may find disturbing, has stood the test of time. I think it is unfair to lump him into the category of Polanski & Weinstein when all that there is was an angry ex accusing him of molesting a child whose story was investigated and he was never charged nor was it ever proven. I have no investment with Woody Allen, I only am a seeker of truth amd like to keep it thst way.

    • Thanks for the feedback. If you look at some of the actors coming out against Weinstein, you will see there are some actors coming out against Allen as well. Unfortunately, many of these actors are still hesitant based on future work opportunities. I do not purport to be “in the know” regarding the backroom happenings of aspiring actors and what they are willing to do and not do in order to get the role.

  3. I do not purport to be “in the know” regarding the backroom happenings of aspiring actors and what they are willing to do and not do in order to get the role.

    What about the girls lining up to do porn videos to pay for the useless studies they are taking at college?

    Or the ones going down to Florida, answering ads for to be Porno stars in the adult film industry!

    Plenty of these so called “prey” are more than happy to do what ever it takes to get into the film industry,
    knowing that which may be asked of them!!!!!
    Later they jump on the band wagon , and accused them, after they have regrets for doing what they did willingly.

    I take all those accusations with a grain of salt!!!!!

    • This is true. I am a firm believer that many of these young women put themselves in these situations due to inexperience, and sometimes to do whatever it takes to get the role. But not all of them, and not in every situation. To malign the victim and defend the offender is one of the reasons why this continues to happen. Respect is something we have lost for ourselves and each other. That is a sad statement.

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