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How To Discuss Donald Trump With Your Children

Talking about our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, with your children, can be a touchy subject.  Our current president is not like previous presidents. Most had previous political experience, kept composure in high-pressure situations, and didn’t use Twitter as their primary form of communication to release their thoughts, objections, and goals to the citizens of the United States of America.

Trump gets a lot of flak from the left-wing media, they stomp and degrade him every chance they get, raking him through the coals even if what they are reporting isn’t true. (fake news!) But what every media outlet can agree on is that Trump can be a loose cannon on social media and post outlandish tweets that sound like a 5-year old spoiled brat.   Although his tweets aren’t as shocking to us anymore it can be difficult to explain to a child why the leader of our country can get away with behavior we wouldn’t want our child to readily exhibit.

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At the end of the day, we have to respect Trump is our President, explaining that we don’t always have to agree or necessarily “like” his sometimes cringe-worthy remarks, but should support and respect him in his current role as President.

Depending on what your child is exposed to outside of your home your kids are probably getting mixed messages about Trump, especially if they hear and see a lot “fake news” on liberal media channels, where reporters want to make Trump look as incompetent as possible.  So what do you say and do to help your child understand Trump’s real message and goals?

To talk about the President and his actions, children should first understand the basic fundamentals of the President’s role and how his decisions affect us, and also the world.  For example, explaining his role as the Commander in Chief and how it directly affects the military, how he influences America’s and the world’s economy, and how the President impacts the laws for religious freedom, gun control and freedom of speech.

You can choose different topics to discuss each week or, heck, you could probably just wait a day or two because more than likely Trump will say something that may need a parent’s explanation when eating together at the dinner table.

Although today it may sound a little archaic, a visit to your local library can be a lot of fun.  You can check out books that explain the constitution and amendments, immigration, economy, military and other topics that may interest your kids.

As you’re explaining the role of the Presidency to your children, give examples of how Trump’s made a positive impact on the country already like the pending 20-week abortion ban, protecting Christian and religious freedom rights, rebuilding our military, protecting the country by better controlling illegal immigration, and why building the wall on the Mexican border to will help stop more criminals and drugs from pouring in.

As a parent, it can take careful thought on how to explain some of these things to a child in a way they will “get it”, and to be able to defend and explain their point of view to schoolmates or friends if they need to.

The role of President is not an easy role, and regardless if they are republican or democrat, will always have people opposing everything they do.  To learn more about how to explain the tasks and role of the President of the United States to your children, click here.  

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About Katherine Rez

For many years Katherine spent her much of her time journaling for fun, reading books, and writing several short stories for adults, and children. She eventually found herself in a career writing high-level processes and procedures for corporate and startup businesses. Combined with her love of health, American values, and family, she now writes for a variety of websites from health and entertainment, to news and politically driven websites.


  1. In reading your article “How To Discuss Donald Trump With Your Children”, I noted that you said the following:

    “Trump gets a lot of flak from the left-wing media, they stomp and degrade him every chance they get, raking him through the coals even if what they are reporting isn’t true. (fake news!)”

    Can you please clarify and give me a few examples of main stream media reporting that you consider fake news. Do you think its legitimate to report news stories about him if indeed they are accurate? Thanks

    • Robert F. Altman, AE1, USN(Ret.)

      John Nessel, the problem with your premise here is that 95%, or more, of what ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC–and, yes, FOX–and the vast majority of the major newspapers & magazines report as “news,” is by definition editorials. A NEWS article is virtually free of opinion. On the other hand, an editorial is pretty much completely the opinion of the writer/speaker. This is what I learned as a high school student in the mid-60’s, when there were still actual NEWS reports on TV and in the written media. Therefore, by definition, the majority of what passes for “news” today is, in reality, “fake news.”

    • I was about to ask the same question. However, unless she answers with Fake News we’re unlikely to get a reply.

    • Good day, in response to “Do you think it’s legitimate to report news stories about him if indeed they are accurate?” and also your question about fake news.

      No, I do not think it’s right to post and distribute political news that is not true. Gone are the days where news was a credible source sharing the world’s information, where we depended on news anchors and writers to filter out the bull and report on facts. It can be tough to discriminate through it today, which I think regardless of political views, we can agree on.

      I would say MSNBC is a good example of a “news” organization who likes to spread fake news, or at most, report on things, people and events they may not have vetted, thus becoming more like gossip. (i.e. running with a story before it’s deemed accurate)

      • What do you do for a”living”? You gave no example of fake news. Why is the. “about Res “ section inoperable? What degrees do you hold? Who are you?

  2. tell your children never to vote republican because they are spineless bastards who will sell our country down the drain for their own self interest just like the bad Germans did during the Nazi take over of Germany. We must learn from history and to remember who do you want to serve the devil or the lord?

  3. President Trump’s infantile, wildly inappropriate behavior has been documented on videotape, audio tape, and his own embarrassing tweets. His desperate and frequent complaints about “fake news” cannot hide what we see and hear directly. When you have a break from trying to explain to your children why the President is permitted to behave in ways that no self-respecting parent would permit, perhaps you can you help me understand what it is about his behavior and policies that makes you think he is a Christian? The man is a disgrace. After eight years under President Obama, whose family may well be the most authentic and functional ever to occupy the White House, it’s extremely difficult for me to confront the daily insults to decency and civil behavior coming from Donald Trump and those who defend him, no matter how deplorable his actions. Shame on you.

  4. What a disgusting e-mail I just found in my inbox. No, I would not discuss Donald Trump with my children using your advice. In fact, I would advise my children that most people do not act the way he does and that being president is no excuse to behave in such ways. No one is above the law and no one should be so disrespectful to people with whom they disagree. God help us if what you are spewing should become the norm with everyone.

  5. There is nothing cringe-worthy about Mr Trumps remarks. Many patriots and international people applaud his honesty. Maybe tell your kids that Trump often says what others are thinking, and that it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the deceit of past gov officials who smilingly remain politically correct while covering up abuse and corruption.

    But don’t tell them that Trump sends a lot of coded messages through his tweets, although true, that could be confusing .. yet exciting to them.

  6. Oh I forgot to mention that Trump uses his tweets strategically to deal with a deceitful hateful media. He throws them a bone that they all go into a frenzy over, and while they rabidly attack the distraction .. the ‘decoy’ .. he gets the important work done while they look the other way.

    Tell your kids to think ‘out of the box’ because that’s where Trump operates. Tell them that the MSM operate and are trapped within a bubble. So Trump feeds the bubble to keep them in there, while he gets things done outside of the bubble.
    Stable Genius.

    • Is this how democracy is suppose to operate, by misdirection and bullying? I am embarrassed that a minority of Americans elected this duplicitous weasel. Shame on us.

  7. I’m not at all sure that this site is run by actual conservative moms

  8. The delicate description of Trump in your article makes him out to be more like a rascally ol’ uncle than the bombastic bufffoon he is.

    On one hand you say we must respect his position as president and also blame MSM for painting him in an unfavorable light.

    His extramarital affairs and his misogynistic treatment of women coupled with the things he says about other peoples and other countries should be held up as examples of what is not a good person much less what we should want our leader to be.

    Normalizing such qualities is dangerous and reckless parenting.

  9. Silver surfer, I’m with you. Esp your remark about Trump often says what others are thinking, and that it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the DECEIPT of past gov officials who smilingly remain politically correct while covering up abuse and corruption. Maybe indeed one must be an adult with some political savvy to appreciate our current president. He’s not perfect, but he loves and plans good things for our country, and not lining his own pocket.

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