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Hey Media and Schools! Stop Forcing The Gay Agenda On Our Children

From the very moment your child is born, they are influenced by the world around them, and everyday parents across America take careful measures to shield them from the outside world.  But when your precious kiddos go to school and are more aware of the world, how do you continue to shield them from the ever-growing liberal teachers, schools, TV and video, and other influencers that are trying to turn our children gay?

Liberal activism includes children in their agenda, and thanks to a modernized Common Core Sexuality & Education program and one of the largest LGBT supporters, Planned Parenthood, a new “inclusive” sex education agenda is popping up in schools everywhere.  The liberal agenda is trying to force gay this, and gay that down our children’s throats to make it seem normal, when in reality only about 4% of the United States is gay, according to 2015 Public Religion Research Institute data.

You may recall when America was rocked by the controversy at a California charter school, Rocklin Academy Gateway, over a five-year-old boy who transitioned to a “girl” in front of a kindergarten classroom.  The teacher outwitted the parents and purposely didn’t inform them about the coming out classroom announcement, which turned into a heated debate over what part of the classroom agenda teachers must share with parents. There will come a time when kids will learn about these kinds of things, but school is certainly not the way for them to find out.

From 2009 to 2017 when Obama was in office, his team helped make the LBGT community a household name and supported them at a very high level.  As with every major political movement, the homosexual lobby is pushing a specific agenda. It is often called the “gay agenda.” At its core is a concerted effort to remove from society all traditional notions of sexual morality and replace them with the post-modern concept of sexual relativism. That is to say, when it comes to sex, there is never right or wrong, and if it feels good, just do it.

Ultimately, their primary objective is to fundamentally redefine the foundational institution of marriage between a man and a woman, and the nuclear family by unraveling God’s natural design for human sexuality, creating cultural and moral anarchy. Today glamorizing and normalizing homosexual conduct in our public schools is a full-time endeavor; however, schools only represent one field of battle in the war over America’s body, mind, and soul.

Mainstream TV, movies, and media (social media, videos, blogs, liberal news sites) are influencing America’s children at an alarming rate.  One the most popular, world-renowned companies that have the most significant following of young, impressionable children, is seated at the front of the liberal agenda train.  The Walt Disney company.  If you head over to their corporate website, you’ll see their mission is “to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information”.

Disney’s decision to include gay characters in children’s TV shows and popular movies can be worrisome for parents.  Watching cartoons may seem like an innocent pastime, however, animation can pose a risk for children and teens.  Compared with other genres, cartoons can potentially play down and bring humor to adult themes and contribute to an atmosphere where children view these illustrations as “normative and acceptable.”

There’s some hope on the horizon with the ongoing battle between the “gay” agenda and our national moral integrity. Concerned Women for America (CWA) is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with a long history of helping people bring Christian principles into all levels of public policy. As part of their mission “We believe marriage is between one man and one woman….and that God created the human race male and female.”  It’s no surprise this organization happily takes on the liberal beasts daily and fight and against the gay agenda’s destructive movement.

Children need to be given time to grow up, and not forced to grow up by our schools, TV, movies, and media.


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  1. I am not a Christian but “Christian Concern” (google it) is doing a good job regarding this.
    PLUS the Department of Education is taking views on sex education in schools. Probably a waste of time but many voices sometimes count. The link can be found on Christian Concern.

  2. you cannot turn people gay. you can’t make someone love another person. you can however “love god and love others as you would like to be loved. there have been gay people since the beginning of time. educate yourself about the many great gay people throughout history. don’t be afraid

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