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March for Life

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, words to be governed by. For decades abortion has been the cause of the death of almost 60 million unborn children. Their precious lives extinguished without a choice. Ironic isn’t it? The proponents of abortion use the platform of “choice” to defend their acts. Pro-Choice, My Body My Choice, and on and on, yet they deny the choice of life to their unborn.

As I listen to feminist talk about their power, and their rights, I laugh out loud. They believe themselves to be so powerful, yet they lack the courage to raise a child on their own, if need be. Easier to just abort, delete, terminate. Watching these broads march around in DC sporting their pink pussyhats, I wonder how many have used abortion as a form of correcting an oops, and yet they march for the very rights they deny to their unborn.

Founded by Nellie Gray, the January 22, 1974, March for Life was intended to be a one-time event which began on the West steps of the Capitol building with 20,000 in attendance as a way to protest the ruling of the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade. However, the march became an annual DC event and has since grown to 650,000 marchers during any given year. Interestingly, Jane Roe, whose name is really Norma McCorvey did not have an abortion; in fact, she gave birth to three children. Her third child, the one used in the Roe v. Wade case, was given up for adoption. Later in her life, McCorvey petitioned to have the law overturned, but her Petition was denied. McCorvey worked with many pro-life groups and regretted her actions that are now the center of the divide in America concerning abortion.

The March for Life group understands how precious life is and does what they can to promote life as thee most important issue of our time. As many as half of the marchers are under the age of 30 which is encouraging, and many converge on DC via religious institutions and schools, but more needs to be done to overturn the current law.

The question therefore begs, how do we get a generation of Americans who have become desensitized to death to embrace the sanctity of life? Death and sex are a constant streaming message in today’s movies and music. It’s ironic that sex and death have become so commingled, that the act of one at times leads to the act of the other.

As we raise our children, we must guide them to make good choices and to respect their bodies. We have to teach them the value of human life and the importance of respecting all living things. Our founding fathers looked to providence for guidance in establishing this great nation, which is why Thomas Jefferson chose the word Life, as the first word to describe the unalienable rights given to us by our Creator in the Declaration of Independence.

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